brain teasers in english

I will not leave this house look at her, how she argues with her husband you’ll argue with me? leave her now, take a side… what if any loss would happen? mom, be quiet! let this wish of her come true she says, that I… leave her don’t you feel ashamed, are you a human or an animal? what you’ve done to my sister? at least, look at her condition hey, leave it Miss… you should have made her understand earlier, that she shouldn’t argue in front of her husband why? a husband is a human? right? he isn’t a God, that my sister cannot speak in front of him and you! you should also be ashamed you are getting her beaten up in front of you hello, hello! here… come on, get out of here this is my family matter, who are you to talk non-sense? this isn’t your family matter, it’s my sister’s matter & now I will not stay quiet you’ve to answer, brother Zulfi Aiza, what are you doing? for what you are here? go from here what do you mean? I will not leave you here, you have to come with me… they will kill you she had gone to your house, then why did you guys sent her back? go & ask your dad, why did he dropped her back here? I don’t want to go anywhere I’ve said, I don’t want to go anywhere already, such a drama is created of mine, don’t create more drama Faiza, listen to me did you see? have you listened, what did she just said? she has insulted you on your face, as you came to take her side go, go.. go on your way, she is here to take care *sarcastic* we’ll see it ourself yes, you have to see that what I will be doing for my sister’s right also, you listen to me carefully if you even dare to look at my sister, then you have to regret a lot yes, yes… go, go… huh have to regret! I don’t have time to listen to any of your non-sense get up quickly, I’ve come to pick you I’m saying to you No I’m fine here, I don’t want to go anywhere don’t talk non-sense, how can you stay here? the same way, as everybody lives sigh all this isn’t new for me, I have become habitual why? why will you live in this condition? what’s your fault? mistake is yours, Faiza don’t consider yourself so weak, that anyone can do anything with you what’s right? what’s my fault? isn’t my life, not my own life? haven’t I got the right to live my own life? I’ve become a football in between my in law’s house & my parent’s house there isn’t much more difference between dad & Zulfi, both of them are same the rickshaw in which I was thrown away from this house, in the same rickshaw my father dropped me here again and now you’ve come you didn’t even bothered to ask me you should have asked at least, what I want! dad got angry because of brother Zulfi, as he isn’t fulfilling his responsibility

Default brain teasers in englishbecause of brother Zulfi, as he isn’t fulfilling his responsibility when dad doesn’t get angry? is there any day, when he hasn’t insulted you, me or mom? is there any one day? no there isn’t any difference between dad & Zulfi both are same mom has also compromised, she has also spent her life my life will also be spent but now I cannot tolerate more insult Aiza, you have asked Zulfi won’t you ask me? that, whether am I a human or not? what do I want? how do I feel, by getting humiliated again & again? for God’s sake, don’t say this once, you get fine, then we’ll see I promise you nothing wrong will happen with you no I’ve decided now, I won’t go anywhere from here even if I died, by getting beaten up still, I won’t go anywhere from this house do tell dad that, when Zulfi use to beat, then I use to feel so much pain it use to hurt a lot so much… but today, what dad has done after that, the beating from Zulfi doesn’t hurt a bit I feel, now I can tolerate Zulfi’s beating it won’t even hurt because my dear dad has told me that, what real pain is I’ve seen the last stage of pain’ I’ll talk to dad keep this money for operation and don’t worry everything will be fine I’m with you when Zulfi use to beat, then I use to feel so much pain but today, what dad has done after that, the beating from Zulfi doesn’t hurt a bit hello! is everything fine, Aiza? nothing is fine, Ahad… Faiza didn’t come with me, I’m just coming from there means? but wasn’t she at your place? yes, she was at home OK, I’m going to my home… will talk to you after reaching home alright, dad has gone to perform prayers, I’ll come upon his return and.. I’ll come along with mom, I’ve also taken the money from dad I’ll bring that as well alright everything will be fine, we’ll do something… don’t worry Ahad, I’ll talk to you upon reaching home OK, do message me when you reach home bye! did you see? her sister’s tongue is so fast in doing the argument and how does she gets to know?

1 brain teasers in englishand how does she gets to know? she must be telling her for sure that’s why, she came here so confidently am I afraid of someone? if she talk rubbish, then let her do! OK, now tell me… what needs to be done? if she died then? there are three children, who will take care of them? talk to her father is this the way, that he came & dropped her at our house like a thief talk him on the phone say him, whatever is the expense we’ll distribute it half & half I will not talk to him, mom the misbehavior Aiza has done with me he should get to know, that it’s not that easy that anyone should be coming & saying anything Faiza will go there only, now they’ll bear the whole expense oh! my son I was the bad luck, that I got you married in such a low class family don’t know, what sort of people they are?they are doing this with their real daughter like this don’t know, whether she is the real daughter or not? the way her family is behaving, I doubt that… your parents have given this upbringing to you? God forbid, she is such a small girl with a log tongue, also she talked non-sense in front of her brother in law we were always taught that the big brother in law is just like a father even though if we had a really big fight, but still our mouth will never open now don’t know, what sort of people you are? leave it, mom… she won’t be able to understand these matters she must have seen all this, since her childhood, right? how to talk to somebody, it’s not taught by teaching it’s learnt by seeing you said right a human, really learn by seeing Taimoor is suffering from very high fever, take him to the doctor maybe, he has got worried after seeing her mother got beaten up wow! now she is insulting us God forbid, the God has given such a long tongue that it doesn’t fit int he mouth don’t shift your blame on us the weather is changing, you must have taken care of the child Zulfi dad has given these keep them to yourself I don’t need a favor and by giving the money like this, what does your dad wants to prove? give me son, what sort of favor? he has given to his daughter are they paying our utility bills, so it will be a favor to us? don’t know, what not does the parents give to their children but they’ll give something, if they will have may God bless your grandfather, he had given huge amount of money on your birth on the day of birth ceremony, he arranged the dinner for so many people what’s this? if he has given such a less amount, does it mean that the burden has lessen? it’s ten thousand only, what will happen with this? this is so shameful mom, you take care… I’m not interfering in this matter Zulfi, Taimoor is suffering from a very high fever yes, yes… I’ll take him what sort of luxuries are these? to run to the doctor in such a small matter go & give a syrup for fever to the child, he will get fine and you’ve given birth to such a weak children

brain teasers in english and you’ve given birth to such a weak children

2 brain teasers in englishand you’ve given birth to such a weak children they are boys, & tomorrow they’ll become man, so will they become such a weak men? what sort of talks you are doing, mom? have some God fear he is suffering from a very high fever take him to the hospital, if something happened to him then? God Forbid! how can you say this? nothing will happen to our child her grandmother is alive I’ll take him to the doctor, myself my blood was boiling, seeing all that I feel like, burying him in the ground right away but the problem is that we have accepted that he is husband, so he will beat it’s husband’s work to beat, what’s new in this? the girl has to adjust, this is the basis of all fuss stop it, everybody doesn’t face this… some people are like me I’m not talking about you, I’m talking about Faiza’s husband not of yours & of your husband’s? I mean to say, husband to be Ahad, you stay my friend… never try to become my husband, even after marriage a husband can never become a friend really! and girls? what is your point about them? they do get change as well yes absolutely, they also get changed marriage is the name of killing the inner girl within oneself, this is asked to learn by forgetting every other thing Oh! look! you’ve burnt all your hand it’s ok, I’m fine… it’s a little injury that’s why I say to you, not to be so angry it’s just a little steam, no major burns if it was a major burnt, then you would have got to know and I’ve heard that giving the punishment to oneself due to others fault is called anger in this the person forgets everything also, sometimes the person forgets that mom has to go home early & she has asked somebody to bring the tea let me prepare it quickly leave it, let me prepare… give it to me, again you’ll burn your hand you’ll make? so? I’ve seen you many times in this kitchen while making tea, that now I know how to prepare tea, furthermore, once I had prepared tea for mom she says that it’s the tea just like how Aiza prepares have you learn from Aiza? I said, no! no! … I’ve just seen her while making the teas, so I got to know how to prepare tea and this happens that when two people love each other, & they live together then after some time they resemble each other and yes you had said wrong I will be a good husband along with a good friend and we’ll change this concept, that after marriage the love ends I will always love you so much till the last breath of my life this is real life, not your drama set here, only pretty words won’t work… put the sugar in the tea Mr. Haji was being so worried he said that he’ll talk to brother Gulzar sister, please keep them if Mr. Gulzar will get to know, then he’ll be so angry also, ask Mr. Haji not to talk to him about anything hey, what is this? if in difficult times, our own people will not help, then who will help? Ahad had talked to his dad, so he has sent he will talk to brother Gulzar right now, you need this money

3 brain teasers in englishright now, you need this money the God has blessed you with a big heart & money sorry ladies, you’ve to wait so much… but after tasting this tea the sorrow of being late will get over may God bless you son Amen mom food have you guys eaten? nobody has eaten they want to eat with you so cute… where is Janu? Janu, come here child go & wash your face mom will make you both eat the food with her own hands mom, when you cry.. I feel so angry I will beat father after growing up, you’ll see Sshh…. No child don’t say like this, this is bad he is your dad, its a sin he isn’t my father God has willed it your son has handled all the accounts may God bless my sons, if they would have been alive today, then they must be standing next to him say what, Mr. Haji? whatever is the will of God, Mr. Gulzar we are just the servants not child, but God gives a responsibility and those people are blessed, who are given the responsibilities of daughters yes right but Mr. Haji, when a person becomes a responsibility while fulfilling the responsibilities then we feel the need of son so much he way I am feeling nowadays if any two of them would have been saved from the three, then would have stood up with me, I wouldn’t have been in this difficulty then oh God! what are you talking, Mr. Gulzar? son are like a test everybody thinks that Mr. Haji is very lucky & fortunate he has got only one son & every thing is in his hands there won’t be any distribution in between the parents just look at Mr. Ahad now he is involved into artistic activities he doesn’t stops, even after I asked him to stop may God help him now yes, Mr. Ahad as per your activities, I have heard that there is a lot of money in this field nowadays yes uncle, but I think that more important isn’t making the money, but to invest the money a person should try… enough, leave it! leave this topic you tell me Mr. Gulzar, is everything alright at home, how about your elder daughter? what was her name… yes, her name is Faiza by God’s grace, she is very happy in her house we have just taught her to live happily in her house therefore, at least don’t tell us any matter of that house else, there are so much issues & problems that’s good, Mr. Gulzar… but God forbid, if there is any problem or issues do let me know, it will be my pleasure oh, Mr. Haji you are my own, if I’ll not tell you then to whom I will tell? come on, get up princess… get up don’t you have to cook to anything today, or we’ll starve? come on, get up and here we don’t get food, even after asking for it again & again mom, I’m not feeling well I am unable to get up I was the one who went to the hospital & got tired my legs are hurting, due o running after the kids for the whole day also, you’ve done that sort of upbringing of the kids, that they don’t sit peacefully in the illness as well my feet has swollen, running after them get up, when Zulfi will ask for food after returning home, then what will you reply? mom I think there is something wrong there isn’t any movement since afternoon wow! this is such a nice excuse by the girls, nowadays we never use to know the whole day we use to make food, then use to wash clothes, but we never felt any problem and here you are… if you’ll not move yourself, then how come the child will show any movement? just take me to the doctor, I am so afraid oh! what shall I do with this girl? nothing will happen, God will keep everything fine don’t say wrong words at this time it isn’t your first baby, that you are creating a drama like this when Zulfi will come back, then do ask him to take you, then he will take you as per your desire and make me a cup of tea, my head is hurting badly… come on, get up enough! I won’t listen to a single word, understand! I won’t listen to a single word haven’t you got any call from Faiza? but, shouldn’t we be calling her? nothing can be done with you these wordings are for your type of women, that these people doesn’t have brains you are right, Mr. Gulzar woman doesn’t have brain maybe, that’s why we women take the brain’s work from heart you also do this for once our daughter’s life will be saved yes, I’m her enemy right? just think, I’m her father whatever I’ve done, I’ve done for her betterment and if she hasn’t called till now, it means that her mind has got back on track now you also stop this drama don’t spoil my mood you know that I’m going to a marriage ceremony I’ll be late, so stay awake I shouldn’t have to beat the door four times, like I did previously a lot of problem will occurI’m leaving now, bye bye fashion shows it’s written in this if you’ll put it here, then it will look so good No, no I want ketchup, Ahad… Ahad, I’m telling you to give me ketchup let me clean it it’s Ok, I’ll do it No, no… I will do it and… I will always love you a lot till the last breath of my life my daughter hey brother, make it fast receive the phone hi! is the doctor there? take a side come on, let’s take her be careful she has got hypertension, & pregnancy of 40 weeks also, there isn’t any movement is Dr. Rakshanda here? No, she isn’t…call her yes, let me do it now… isn’t doctor there? No, she hasn’t come till now please call her quickly yes, let me call her… don’t worry doctor isn’t here yet… till when she’ll come? she’ll come in a while please hurry up a bit, my sister’s condition isn’t right you’ve just told yourself, that there isn’t baby’s movement look! we’ve informed the doctor she is in the hostel, she has gone for having dinner now, whatever is there she’ll look herself, just wait! here, my sister isn’t fine & doctor is concerned about having her food make me talk to her, let me talk look, we aren’t allowed… we cannot make you talk to her, you go & sit, the doctor is about to come ok, then let me take my sister away from this hospital, no need to call anybody ok, you can decide if you want to take her then you can, we will not stop you hello! Aiza, what happened? Hello Ahad, where are you? I need your help as soon as possible Faiza’s condition has worsen, we need to take her to a good hospital yes, yes… tell me, where are you? I’m just coming I’m in the general hospital, just come as soon as possible, we have to shift her from here, I don’t know to which hospital we shall take her to? who else is with you? for God’s sake, don’t take my interview… come soon, I’m just taking her to any good hospital OK, I’m just coming mom where is patient’s husband? call him quickly he hasn’t come, I mean to say that he is out of city OK, how are you related to her? I’m her sister look, patient need to be operated her blood pressure was very high, we’ve made it to normal by giving her the medicine but surgery will be done, please check these documents doctor, I hope there isn’t any danger relax please you come with me hi! aunty hi! what happened? is everything fine? Faiza’s condition has worsen don’t worry God will keep everything fine, all will be OK aunty, where is Aiza? doctor has taken her let me see look! I want to inform you that the baby has expired and patient’s condition is very critical what! how is this possible doctor? see, the patient is telling herself that she has fallen down from the stairs in the afternoon due to which the situation is very critical if she had came here before, then we would have done something we are taking the patient to the operation theater, if you want you can meet her thank you Aiza come, let’s meet Faiza why are you crying? because, I won’t die? crazy… I had died long ago this is just a breath, that is not leaving the body for God’s sake, be quiet every time I feel, that now the time has come what has happened to you? nothing will happen, everything will be fine and if it didn’t happen then? promise me promise me, that you’ll take care of my children promise me, that you’ll never let them feel needy for anything? I just trust you only, Aiza treat them like a mother for God’s sake, be quiet what are you saying? nothing will happen to you God will give you a long life this isn’t a major surgery what has happened! please, promise me you’ll treat my children like a mother teach them everything they shouldn’t feel needy for anything teach them everything yes I’m with you it’s just that you get well once, then we’ll do everything together I’ve said to you, promise me yes I promise but you… you’ve said, all the three children will not learn from Zulfi all three children will learn from you you teach them & make them learn do they upbringing and yes make my Shehzadi learn one thing for sure make her learn how to refuse, Aiza tell her the importance of refusing make her learn that, refusing isn’t a bad habit her mother hasn’t learn to refuse therefore, there wasn’t any importance of her acceptance do tell everything to my children, please for God’s sake, be quiet! I cannot hear all this

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