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(upbeat music) – Good morning. (students in the crowd conversing) Thank you. I’m John Miller and I’m the principal of Stonewall Middle School and it’s my pleasureand honor to welcome you to the seventh, the seventh annual Battle of the Brains between the IBM YP schoolsof Prince William County. It is a pleasure to have you come and get a view of ournew, renovated auditorium. It’s just beautiful and this is really the first big event that we’ve had here, so we feel honored that you’re here. I would like to welcomethe students from Hampton. Welcome. (audience cheering) The students from Fred Lynn. (audience cheering) They are, of course,the defending champions, and the host school Stonewall Middle. (audience cheering) And I have been told that Beville is on the road here coming. So, it’s my pleasureto introduce the emcee for today’s games, andthat is Mr. Bill Bixby who is the Associate Superintendent for Middle Schools forPrince William County, so please, let’s have agreat round of applause for Mr. Bixby. (audience cheering) – Thank you, Mr. Miller, and I’d like a round ofapplause for Stonewall for hosting this event all these years. Thank you, Stonewall. (audience cheering) Mr. Brewer. (audience cheering) Mr. Miller. (audience cheering) Hold it, Mr. Miller. Ah, Mr. Keenan! Beville Middle School. (audience applauding) I know that the Hamp… I know that the Hampton principal is at professional development, and Miss Hendricks, would you stand up? (audience cheering) Stay standing. Mr. Miller, please stand up. Mr. Brewer. Hold it, hold it! These guys don’t need this much applause. (audience laughing)- Hey! – I wanna warn them. Miss Hendricks is standingin for Miss Mitchell. I would like to remind our administrators,

brain teaser questionsI would like to remind our administrators, any time I see bad behavior, the first time it’s a yellow card, then there’s the red card. Mr. Keenan, you’re late. Yellow card immediately. (audience applauding) Mr. Keenan, if you get a redcard before your bus gets here, they go home. (people speaking in the crowd) All right, you’re well behaved. For those of you new to this, sometimes the principalsmisbehave, seriously, and I’ve had to create rules, and to be honest, most of the misbehavior has usually come from Mr. Miller. (audience applauding) I’d like to recognize our judges. Our judges will be involved anytime we have an answer that we’re not sure if it’s correct, so our three judges, and I just ask them to stand and wave, and they’re very brave people. Mrs. Crane. (audience applauding) Mrs. Violaski. (audience applauding) Miss Kayazo, please. (audience applauding) So, I’ll consult them if we’re not sure of an answer, if you give an answer that may be different from ours, but may also be accurate, I’ll consult the judges. So with that in mind, I’d like to bring our first teams down and then I’ll go over the rules when our teams are down here. So, the first round is going to be our sixth graders fromHampton and Fred Lynn. Fred Lynn, to my left, Hampton right here. Come on down. (audience cheering) (people conversing in the crowd) Okay. So, here are the rules. The question will be revealed, I’ll read the question, I’ll read it when you’re seeing it, you’ll have 30 seconds, confer, write your answer down on the white board. If you don’t know the answer and you wanna do a shout out, still write down the best answer you have, and then put shout out. So again, if you have the answer, you’re just gonna write the answer,

brain teaser questionsyou’re just gonna write the answer, if you’re not sure andyou wanna do a shout out, you still write down your best guess because you don’t knowwhat kind of shout out you’re gonna get, okay? If you put a blank slate up, that’s your answer, nothing. Okay? So, it’s always good to guess if you don’t know, right? Any questions? – [Woman] There’s only one shout out. – For the round. One shout out for the round, and how many questions in the round? 10 questions. So, be careful with theuse of the shout out, okay? If you wanna bribe me to geta second shout out, cash. Okay?(audience laughing) Just kidding! I see the principals coming up with cash (audience laughing) Miss Hendricks, behave. Behave! (audience laughing) Okay. So, I’d like our teamsto introduce themselves. I’m gonna start with Hampton. You’ll press the button. You’ll press the button, it’ll go red, and you’ll bend the microphone. Tell us your name. – Hi, my name is Samuel Wiswanse. – Hi, my name is Jamori Rodriguez. – Hi, my name’s Patrick Almeto. – Hi, my name is Andre Ventura. (audience cheering) – Now, we’re gonna go toour defending champions, Fred Lynn Middle School. Please, introduce yourselves. – Ariana Oliver. – Kiara Arguetta. – Hi, my name is Monica. – I’m Hami Nam. (audience cheering) – Are we ready to play? Yes! All right. Question number one. Number one, math, no calculator. Simplify negative eight times seven. So remember, you’regonna hold up one answer, not multiple answers. Answers locked in. You ready. Reveal your answers. We have negative 56, negative 56. The answer is negative 56.

brain teaser questions The answer is negative 56.

brain teaser questionsThe answer is negative 56. (audience cheering) Okay. Here we go, second question. The point of highest tension in a story, the turning point of the story, is commonly referred to as the? You guys good? You guys good? They’re quick. Let’s see the answers. Climax and climax. The answer is climax.(audience cheering) Okay, moving along at warp speed. Question three, whatforce keeps the planets in motion around the sun? Answers, please. Gravity, gravity. Answer is gravity. (audience cheering) Question four, please. The Declaration of Independence states that the governmentgets its power from the? Answers, answers, answers. The people, the people. The people. (audience applauding) I just wanna point out that Hampton Middle Schoolhas some lovely cheer posters. Well done! Well done! (audience applauding) Next question, please. Number five, what inequality statement is represented by the graph below? Okay, we have our answers locked in. Let’s see what we have. Show our answers. We have X is less than two, we have two is greater than X, and the answer is, they are right. (audience applauding) I wanna welcome Beville Middle School. Beville Middle School in the house. (audience applauding) Okay, next question, please. The common root, struct, is used in words such as construction,destruction, restructure. The root struct means? Answers are locked in. Let’s see our answers. Build, to build. The answer is to build. (audience cheering) Question seven, please, judges. What are the two mostbasic forms of energy? You guys good?

brain teaser questionsYou guys good? Okay, answers please. Kinetic and potential,kinetic and potential. Answer is woo! (audience cheering) Question eight, please. The United States gainedthe Louisiana Purchase from? Audience, I can hear yougiving away the answers all the way up here. Okay, let’s see the answers. France, France. Outstanding, and the answer is France. (audience applauding) Okay, before we go to the next question. Mr. Miller, what U.S. president purchased that from what French leader? Oh, we have a Bevillephone a friend next to you. – Napoleon and Jefferson. – Outstanding answer, Beville. (audience applauding) I think that answer removesMr. Keenan’s yellow card. It’s been taken away, Tim. (audience applauding) Next question, please. Math. If negative 25 equals X minus 40, what is the value of X? (school bell buzzing) 10 seconds. Two seconds. I need an answer. Okay, answer, answer, answer. 15, 15. Answer, 15. Woo! (audience applauding) Number 10. The flaming oil splashed onto her apron and suddenly Ma was a column of fire, is an example of what figure of speech? Metaphor, metaphor. Metaphor. (audience cheering) Tie breaker? This is tie breaker, right? – [Woman] Tie breaker. – Tie breaker. So, the rules of tie breaking. – [Woman] We’re askingabout the shout out. Maybe it’s not there. – Oh, okay. – [Woman] It’s just straight out. – It’s sudden life. Okay, you get the answer right, you win. If you get the answerwrong, it’s sudden death. Let’s go with sudden life. Okay, you can’t shout out, okay? Ready? Okay, good luck. Let’s go. Find the unit rate, 60 feet in four minutes. Unit rate. So, that would be (speaking off mic) Okay, answers locked in. We have our answer. Okay. Answers are up. 25 feet per four minutes and 15 feet per minute. The answer is 15 for Fred Lynn. (audience cheering) I don’t ever remember such a quick round with both teams having such quick answers and having it to come downto a tie breaker is tough. Let’s here it for both teams. (audience cheering) Both teams leave? – [Woman] Yes. – Both teams, go rest. Coming up next. (people speaking in the background) Beville sixth grade,come on down to my left. Stonewall sixth grade, to my right. (audience applauding) (people conversing in the audience) Let’s hear it for ourBeville sixth grade team. (audience applauding) And so that we’re fair, Beville wasn’t here for theinitial round of applause, so some additional lovefor Beville Middle School. (audience cheering) And some love for our host school that has invited us tosuch a lovely facility. (whistling and cheering) – Woo! Go —-. – We have some issues backstage, so if you see some uniformedpolice officers come in here, they will be going backstage. Okay, so you heard the rules. I think you were here. I’m gonna read the question, you’ll see the question, you have 30 seconds. The only answer that counts is the one on your white board. Do not show the answer until I ask you because you don’t wannahelp the other team. You get one shout out throughout the 10 questions. Use it carefully. If you’re going to use a shout out, make sure you put the best answer you have on your white tablet and write shout out, because if the shout outisn’t something you like, at least you’ll havewhat’s on your white slate. Okay? Are we ready? So, we’re gonna start with introductions. We’ll start with Beville. You’ll press the button, a red light will go on, you’ll press the button now, and you’ll take turnsintroducing yourselves. – Hello, I am Kai Minsky. – I’m Jeremiah. – Chris McGuinn. – Chloe Bookerson. – Welcome. Now, you’ll depress the red button. (audience applauding) Stonewall, same thing. – Hello, I’m Aiusha. – Hi, I’m Addison. – Hello, I’m Miguel. – Isaiah. (audience cheering) – So, I wanna give a littleadditional directions. If the numerical response calls for units and you don’t put units and there’s a tie, I’m going to award the correct answer to the one with units. For instance, you put five feet and you guys put five, I’m going to split that and award the full, complete answer, okay? All right. Okay, good luck. Let’s go. In the expression six N plus eight, identify the coefficient. Answers in. Six and six. Here we go. (audience applauding) Question two, the use of pronouns I and we by a narrator indicate that the story is written in blankperson’s point of view. 15 seconds. Answers are locked in. Answers, please. First person, first person. First person. (audience applauding) Next question. Approximately what fraction or percentage of solar energy striking the Earth gets absorbed by the Earth’s surface? Answers, please. 51%? 51%? Half or 50%. It’s a tie, right? – [Woman] It said approximately. – Yeah, both have the right answer. (audience cheering) It’s not like we can reallyconfirm that exactly, you know? Question four, what document stated that the Civil War was foughtto preserve a government of the people, by thepeople, and for the people? 10 seconds. Okay. You want a shout out? Then, write that on there. Just S.O. Okay, so we’re gonnahave a shout out here. At Stonewall, we’re gonnahave an answer here, so they both reveal their answers, is that right judges? Do they reveal them ordo we go the shout out? – [Man] Do the shout out. – [Woman] They have toput their board down. – Put your boards down, and we’re gonna go to Stonewall is doing a shout out. So please, our Stonewall experts. Hello there. (people speaking in the crowd) Okay, while we kill time. – [Woman] Here we are, here we are. – Oh, all right. (audience laughing) Okay, the answer is goStonewall Middle School. (audience laughing). No, no. So guys, we need your answer to the question. – [Woman] There they are. The dead? – The devacl. You gonna take the devacl or what you have? – [Woman] You can onlytake what you’ve written. – Correct, correct, correct. What are you taking? That or the devacl? – The devacl. – Okay. Stonewall has locked in the devacl, you’ve locked in, your answer please? The Gettysburg Address. The answer is the Gettysburg Address. (audience cheering) Next question, please. At Lowe’s you can purchase maple wood for six dollars per foot. If you purchased five andthree quarters feet of maple, how much would it cost? – [Woman] Work it out you guys. Pencil and paper for you. Work it out. (paper rustling) (people conversing in the crowd) – 10 seconds. Okay, I need answerson those white boards. White boards, now. Okay, locked in? Whoa, whoa, whoa. Marker down. Answers, please. $34, $30. And the answer is 34.50. So, no one, no one, no one. Right? – Right.- No one. Next question. If you were reading two different passages about similar topics and wanted to examine theirsimilarities and differences, you might use thisorganizer to blank the… – [Woman] Blank and blank. – Blank and blank the two passages. Yeah, okay. (paper rustling) 20 seconds. You guys good? Okay, they’re good. They figured it out faster than me. Answers up. Compare and contrast,compare and contrast, compare and contrast. (audience applauding) Question seven, what is the name of a body of water wherefresh and salt water meet? Okay. Five seconds. Markers down, answers. We have estuary, the answer estuary. Answer is estuary. Point for Stonewall. (audience cheering) (people conversing in the crowd) Oh, five to five, question eight. Ho! Six five. Six five Beville? (people discussing the scores) Okay, we have some controversy backstage about the score. Mr. Miller. – [Miller] Score is six five Beville. – Mr. Miller says six five Beville. (crowd conversing loudly about scores) Okay, okay, okay! – [Woman] It’s five five. – The judge.- Yeah, what’s been missed and what’s been gained? Everybody has two questions a piece. Five, five, five. – What? I’d like the principalsto come onto the stage. Yes, they’re gonna… (audience cheering) – [Woman] Do I get to be principal too? – Yes. (people conversing in the crowd) That was blank. What they held up was. It was. (people conversing loudly) No, no, there’s was blank. No. – Yes. (people conversing loudly) But we all heard you say estuary, estuary, answer is estuary. – I asked that.- No, that’s what we heard. – Right. No. – So, it’s five five. – Yeah, that’s a point to both. We heard that, but they didn’t. – All right, we’ve cleared it up. I am giving myself a yellow card. So, I can see the answers and you can’t, so the confusion on the last one is Stonewall had estuary, Beville’s was blank, but you all heard estuary, estuary. That was simply me talking to myself. So, it is five five. (audience applauding) Here. – Bixby. A round of applause for the sportsmanship from Beville who owned their answer. – Yes! (audience applauding) (Bixby trying to speak) I’d like the three amigos to behave. (audience laughing) Miss Hendricks, thank you for being here. (audience laughing) Question eight, thecanoes, bows, and spears made by American Indians are examples of what type of resources? Our teams have their answers. Answers, please. Man-made resources, man-made capital, man-made resources. And the answers are? Okay, whoa, whoa, whoa. Yes, yes, that’s why I’m coming over. I’m gonna go over to the judges here. This has man-made resources capital, that says man-made resources. I’m thinking Stonewall with a point. (audience cheering) Question nine, use the table to solve what is the ratio of tigers to all animals in the zoo? Five seconds. Markers down, markers down, markers down. Answers up. We have six to 26 at Beville and we have six to 32 at Stonewall and the answer is 6:32. 6:32. So, the point’s to Stonewall. We go to question 10 now. Antonio’s beans hadfluffy, purple blossoms that stood out againstother drab, white blossoms. When Antonio’s beans began to form, they were large, flat, and wide, unlike the pencil-thin beans that dangled from the fence. To which sense do the imagesin this passage most appeal? Seven seconds. Three, two. Answers. Answers up. We have sight or imagery, we have sight, and the answer is sight. (audience applauding) So, Stonewall wins that round. (audience cheering) That was a tightly fought contest. You guys can go back to your seats, and our next group coming up (audience cheering) – Stonewall, you stay. Stonewall, you stay. – Stonewall stays. Stonewall, I’m sorry. Stonewall, back up here. No rest for Stonewall. Fred Lynn, please. Fred Lynn. (audience cheering) (people conversing in the audience) Since we’ve already met you, we’re gonna get right to work. So, here we go. Question one. Oh! Okay. Okay. I was just checking. I didn’t know if you were having them run laps or something. They have to go run laps, huh? Okay, we’re ready. Good luck, guys. Same rules. Question one. What is the quotientof one and five eighths divided by three quarters in lowest terms? – [Woman] Might wannaremind them, no shout outs. – Just wanna remind youthat during this round, there are no shout outs. 10 seconds. Okay. Okay, we’ve got our answers in. Stonewall, Fred Lynn, answers up. Answers up. We have 52 over 20, and we have two and one sixth. Two and one sixth.(audience cheering) Fred Lynn. I see Fred Lynn has a poster. Excellent. (audience cheering) Question two. Oh, oh! – [Man] Sudden death. It’s over.- It’s over. All right, Fred Lynn. (audience cheering) All right. So, what happens now? – [Woman] We start back upat 11 with seventh grade. – So, I also could keep Fred Lynn here and bring the principals down. Principals versus Fred Lynn. – Yes!- All right. Okay, you guys at Stonewall,you guys are good. Fred Lynn, you’re gonna stay here. Principals, up here. (audience conversing excitedly) Okay, so this is sudden death. (audience conversing excitedly) Where’s… Miss Hendricks? Miss Hendricks? Miss Hendricks? (audience cheering) (principals conversing off mic) So, what we’re gonna dois this doesn’t count towards anything but bragging rights. (audience shouting their disappointment) So, we’re gonna use the sudden death questionsthat we haven’t used yet. Ah ha, ah ha. I guess, the prize could be if you win, you could beprincipal for the day. (audience gasping excitedly) (laughing) Okay, so let’s just, we’re running ahead of schedule and let’s have some fun here. The principals are good sports. Let’s hear it for them. (audience cheering) For some of them, it’sbeen a real long time since they’ve taken a middle school class. – Mr. Bixby, as the host school, I would request ahistory question, please. – Mr. Miller, you canrequest all you want. (laughing) I have no idea what thequestions are that are coming, so here we go. Same rules, no shout outs, and here we go, question one. Oh! Blank is a form of figurative language that assigns human qualitiesand characteristics to a nonhuman object or animal. (audience laughing) – [Woman] Science? (audience laughing) – [Man] Can we go to the shout out? – [Bixby] No! (audience laughing) – We’re ready.- They’re ready. Let’s see our answers. We have personification,we have personification. (audience cheering) All right, all right. All right. I wanna remind the principals, they’re not allowed touse their Google machines. Next question. What provides most of the energy that causes motion in theatmosphere and oceans? – [Miller] I have no idea. (audience laughing) – [Woman] You want a shout out? – [Man] No. (principals conversing off mic) – 15 seconds. Fred Lynn, relax. They’ve got no idea. (audience laughing) – [Miss Hendricks] Words. We’re just writing words. – If you make up answers, I’ll only take one of them. (audience shouting) Okay, answers. Convection. What do you guys have? Let’s see it. Solar energy. – The sun. – The sun. (audience cheering) – The sun. Solar energy. Judges? We’re gonna take both. – Oh, no!- We’re taking both. We’re taking both. We’re taking both. (audience cheering) Listen, principals. Sun starts with S, solar starts with S. That was close. I would’ve taken softball. Starts with S. – Snow shoes and hand grenades count. – Next question. Blank was the document that was written during the AmericanRevolution and established the powers of the new national government. – [Miller] I know this! (principals conversing off mic) – [Miss Hendricks] Yeah, decoded them. (laughing) – I’d like to remind the principals that I need to be ableto read what they write. (audience laughing) Answers. Answers, here are the answers. We have Bill of Rights and Articles of Confederation, and the answer is (audience cheering) Hold it. We have an appeal. – Oh, no. – Fred Lynn has asked the moderator for me to actually have the principals read out what they wrote, so please hold up what you wrote and read it out. – He just erased it. – You erased it! So, there’s no evidence. (laughing) – Go to the video tape. Go to the video tape. – Go to the tape. – No.- The tape! The tape! – I’m playing. Mr. Miller had it correctly. – Woo hoo! Sudden death? We won? We won? – Double or nothing. Double or nothing. Yeah, they wanna take you on now. If you win, you get two daysas principal of the year. (audience gasping) – Are you serious? Come on. – We have time to kill, guys. We could do this for hours. (laughing) Do we have a couple more minutes? Are we good?- Yeah. – Couple more minutes. Okay, here we go. Next question. – Oh, no! – Yeah. In what quadrant is seven comma negative three located? Don’t show them! (students giggling) (Bixby sighing) What quadrant? I didn’t ask the answers! (laughing) The answers are now, please. The answer’s fourth. Quadrant four, quadrant four. (audience cheering) – We doing a picture? – It doesn’t have to be – Does it have to be vertical? – No, no, it doesn’t have to be. – I’m accepting both answers. – Oh no, I didn’t want them to get this. – Next question. I am so hungry I could eat a horse is an example of which literary term? (people conversing quietly) (laughing) Are you guys good? – No, we’re not. (laughing) – Okay, answers please. Now. (laughing) I know what it means. It looks like his answerlooks like hush puppy. (laughing) But it’s hyperbole. It’s hyperbole. And it’s hush puppy! Yes!(laughing) All right.(audience applauding) It’s a tie. – So, we’re gonna sendall eighth grade students to lunch through the side door. – Okay. (upbeat music) Welcome back. It’s now time for our seventh grade round. Let’s welcome for the firstround of seventh grade Beville Middle School. Come on down. (audience applauding) Competing against Hampton. Hampton, come on down. (audience cheering) (people in the audience conversing) Yes. Yes. – Good morning. (people in the audience conversing) – Wait, wait. You got that wrong. (people in the audience conversing) – So, we have somedisruptions on the stage. No, I wasn’t thinking of Mr. Miller. (principals conversing off mic) I actually don’t know whythe principals are here. I know, Mr. Keenan. (laughing) This is an opportunity for me to remind the principalsof our warning cards. Yellow cards is the firstwarning for the principals, red card and the principals go home. Teams stay, but principals go home. So, before we introduceour seventh graders for this round of competition, it is my great pleasure to introduce our superintendent ofschools, Dr. Steven Walts. Dr. Walts, come on down. (audience cheering) – Thank you so much. (audience cheering) How’s everybody doing today? – [Audience] Good. – Good? Brains cooking? You’re not brain friend yet? – No.- Not yet. – Good.- Boo. – Boo. No cat calls from the cheering section. All right, so you’re gonnagive them some rules, right? – [Bixby] Yes. – Okay. So, I’ve got one rule for him, since he’s Mr. Boss Man. I’m the boss man, right? (audience cheering) Do not ask me any questions. (laughing) Because you guys are smarter than me. I’m telling ya. I have come to this event before and I’m like, oh, my gosh. They know all that stuff? So, thank you for all your hard work in preparing for this, and I wish you much success when you actually do your SOLs and thanks to all the teachers and staff and our awesome, amazing camera crews, our judges, everybody who’s participating, our great leadershipteam with the principals, and have a great experience, have fun, and have agreat spring break, too. (audience cheering) Covered, covered, and televised by the best, mostawesome-est technical team. They’re all back there. (audience cheering) – Stonewall, let’s clap to show Dr. Walts our appreciation for this fabulous auditorium. (audience cheering) I’d say that if we havea sudden sudden death, we should bring Dr. Waltsback for the competition. He’s ignoring me. Okay, let’s get to work, guys. Hampton, Beville. Rules, you get 10 questions, one shout out, right? If you want a shout out, you need to write shout out on your board and write what your best answer is, because you’ll get to pickbetween what you wrote on your board and whatyour shout out is, okay? – [Woman On Speaker] Please,pardon the interruption. Would seventh grade students that are doing the shout out please report to room 2003? Seventh grade studentsthat are participating in the shout out, please report to room two zero zero three. – Okay, here we go. You get 30 seconds. I know, it’s okay. We’re going to start over here to my right with Hampton Middle School. Press the button. Tell us who you are. – Hi, I’m Gracie. – Hi, I’m Torian Hill. – Hi, I’m Paulina Ericko. – I’m I’m Zara Zubai. – Thank you. Beville, press the red, tell us who you are. – Hi, I’m Michael. – Hi, I’m Jessica. – Hello, I’m E.K. – Hey, I’m Leo. – Welcome. Best of luck to your two teams. Question one, simplify negative 72. Hold the… Answers are locked in. Answers, please. Answer 72, answer 72, answer 72. Congratulations. (audience cheering) Question two. The following sentencescontain an example of conflict. Is this conflict internal or external? I charged him again and shoved him. He stumbled back and once more toppled from the rock and into the water below. Another quick working set of teams. Answers are locked in. And the answers are, we have external and we have external, and we have external. Points to both teams.(audience applauding) Question three, what is the chemical that can trap or absorblight energy in plants? 10 seconds. Okay. Don’t hold your answers up. Are we good? No? You’ve got no time, so you’re good. Okay, don’t show the answers because we have a shout out over here. So, we can’t reveal our answers. The only answers that will count are the answers you wrote down or if Hampton goes with their shout out. So, we need a Hampton shout out right now. Remember, you get one shout out across all 10 questions, so Hampton has used it today, right now. – [Recorded Feedback]So, Hampton has used it today, right now. – All right, guys. (students laughing) – Thank you. So, you had chlorophyll to begin with, so show your answers. Chlorophyll and chlorophyll. Both teams, correct answers. (audience cheering) Question four. What industry is Pittsburghmost well-known for in the early 1900s? What industry, Pittsburgh? We have our answers locked in. Before you show them, I may need a ruling fromthe judges on this, okay? Answers up, please. We have steel, and steel and textiles. So, my question would bedo we count the question that has steel and textiles? The judges say yes. Both are correct. (audience applauding) Question five, question five. Find the volume of the rectangular prism using the formula length W height. 10 seconds. Okay, you’re locked. Both teams are good. The answers are? We have 36 and 36 centimeters. So, the answer is it’s36 centimeters cubed, so I would say neitheranswer is acceptable. Is that correct, judges? Correct. So, neither team will getthe answer there, okay? Next question. You are reading a manual forconstructing a model plane. You see the transitional words first, next, and finally embedded in the text. This leads you torecognize that the author organized the manual usingwhat organizational pattern? (laughing) Answer, answer? Answers locked in? We have process and we have sequential. Sequential and process. The answer is sequential. So, the point goes to Hampton. (audience cheering) Question seven. What type of relationship is present between two or more organismsof different species who live and work together? Seven seconds. You guys good? We have our answers. Let’s see our answers. We have mutualism and… Oh, I didn’t see that. Okay, so what did you write? Just show me. Okay, good. Go ahead, let’s go. Shout out. Shout out to Beville. We see excitement there. Okay, there he is. Look at that. Look at that intensity. (student screaming) (audience laughing) Is it the right class? Okay. We have two answers. – Mutualism.- Mutualism, and you guys have? What are you going with? – Mutualism? – You’re going with mutualism? You have mutualism. And the answer is? Symbiotic. So, we move on. Next question. Nobody got it. Question eight. What was the name given to exaggerated newspaper accounts that ledto the Spanish American War? Beville’s writing, Hampton’s writing. Both are locked in. Answers, please. Yellow journalism, yellow journalism. Points for both teams. (audience applauding) Question nine. How would you write the verbal expression: five less than half a number Y as an algebraic expression? Beville’s locked in andHampton’s locked in. Let’s see your answers. We have one half Y minus five and one half Y greater than five. And it’s going to be, theanswer’s gonna go to Beville. (audience cheering) Okay, now here we are, tied, going into question 10. The root, circum, as used inthe word circumference means? Okay, our teams are locked in. Let’s see our answers. Hampton has around slash circle and we have circular. So, we have circular, around, and circle, and the answer is around. So, my judges, do I acceptthose sets of answers, judges? – It’s around. – It’s around. The answer is A-R-O-U-N-D. So, the point here would go to Hampton, and it would not go to Beville. (audience cheering) So, who’s? Congratulations. Tight game. Go back to your seats. We go on to our next contestants. (audience cheering) (people in the audience conversing) – [Woman] And we’re gonnasend sixth grade to lunch. – At this time, we’resending our sixth graders to lunch please. Sixth graders to lunch. Do not bring back any food or water. (people in the audience conversing) I’d like our Fred Lynn seventh grade team to come on down. Fred Lynn seventh grade, Stonewall seventh grade. (audience cheering) We see Stonewall has some banners. Excellent. (audience cheering) I’d like to encourage our spectators to cheer in between answers to show your appreciation for your teams. Okay, you know the rules. You get one shout outper the 10 questions. Write your answer downif you have a shout out. Make sure you have an answerand put the shout out down. Make sure that I know youput the shout out down. Now, it’s time to meet our contestants, starting with Fred Lynn Middle School. Push the button and tell us your name. – My name’s Jakayia. – My name’s Amara. – My name’s Ossias. – My name’s Travis. – Welcome. (audience cheering) Let’s meet our seventhgrade host team, Stonewall. – Hi, I’m Melanie Remaro. – My name is Elton. – I’m Troy. – My name is Arrison. (audience cheering) – Good luck to our teams. We’re gonna have question one. If two point five centimetersis equal to one inch, how many inches if 15centimeters equal to? 10 seconds. Five. Three, two, one. Answer locked in. Let’s see our answers, please. We have six inches and we have… Is that eight point five inches? Two point five? Two point five, and theanswer is six inches. (audience cheering) Stonewall gets the first point. Question two. In this sentence, whichof the italicized words has the most positive connotation? The cautious studentacknowledged his teacher with a respectful nod. Answers locked in. Let’s see our answers. We have respectful and respectful. The answer is respectful. (audience cheering) Question three. What happens to a speciesthat cannot adjust to survive changes in its environment? Answers are locked in. We have extinction and extinction. Both teams, extinction. Extinction. (audience cheering) (laughing) I apologize. I’m having some difficultywith the backstage crew. Question four. What was the name for laws that made discriminationagainst African Americans legal in the South following Reconstruction? Our teams have their answers locked in. We’re gonna see those answers now. Fred Lynn has Jim Crow Laws, Stonewall has Black Codes, and the answer is Jim Crow.(audience cheering) Next question, number five. No calculator. Turn those calculators upside down. Thank you. Arrange the following in ascending order, four ninths, point four, four percent, four point two time 10 tothe negative second power. 10 seconds. Two, one, zero, pens down. Okay. You got yours? Let’s hold them up. This is going to be… I’m old and I can’t see, so… So, we have here four percent, four point two. So, they only had timeto write the first part, so now, we go over here and we have… So, you have two sets of. (students speaking off mic) Judges? They used the top of thewhite board as scrap paper. – [Woman] Well, which one’s the answer? – They’re saying thebottom one’s the answer, but the answer was revealed. – [Woman] But they were holding their board up the whole time. It’s up to you guys. – So, am I taking that? They’re taking it. It’s four percent, four point two, four. Correct. (audience cheering) – [Man] Say it in the microphone. Say it in the microphone. – Stonewall correct. Okay, four to three. Next question, which comes first in a narrative story? The rising action or the climax? And our answers are in. Rising action, rising action. Answer, rising action. (audience cheering) Question seven in this very tight game. Whoa! (people speaking off mic) – [Woman] I’ll just check on this board. – Question seven. What do we call thepassive transport of water across a cell membrane? 15 seconds. Don’t show your answer because it looks like they have a shout out. You have a shout out, too. We’re gonna have dueling shout outs. So, please, don’t. Who do you have first to come up? Fred Lynn, your shoutout will be first, guys. They have diffusion. So, diffusion. They don’t have to tell me now, right? Or do they? – [Woman] Well, they either have to take what’s written on their board. – I know, I understand. Do they have to tell me that now or do they wait til they get to go, too? – [Woman] They have totell you what they want. – Which one are you taking? – Diffusion. – You’re going with diffusion? Thank you. Shout out now to Stonewall. Stonewall has osmosis up. What are you going. You’re going with osmosis. So, osmosis, diffusion. The answer is osmosis. Stonewall.(audience cheering) Question eight. What happened on December seventh 1941? (school bell buzzing) 10 seconds. Are we good? Okay, Let’s see our answers. We have the Japaneseattacked Pearl Harbor, attack on Pearl Harbor, attack on Pearl Harbor. Yes, both teams, a point. (audience cheering) Okay, question nine. Triangle ABC is similar to triangle QPR. Which angle is thecorresponding angle to angle C? You guys good? Okay, we have our answers. We have angle R and angle R, and it’s angle R. (audience applauding) Question 10, providing clues to hint at coming events in a story is known as? 12 seconds. You ready? They’re ready. Here we go. Foreshadowing and tension. Foreshadowing, tension. Answer is foreshadowing. Who had foreshadowing? Fred Lynn gets the point. And that’s it for this round. Eight to seven.(audience cheering) – [Woman] Stonewall stays. – Stonewall stays up here, Hampton comes back up. This is sudden death, right? (audience applauding) – [Woman] Gotta get a question right. No shout outs. – Hampton. Hampton. Hampton. Stonewall may be competingagainst Mr. Miller. (laughing) Oh, here comes Hampton. – Whoever gets this? – Yeah, first of the questions. Okay, to remind you of the rules, it’s whoever gets the first question. So, if I ask the first question and they both have the same answer, we go on to the next question. If I ask the first question and only one team gets it right, it’s done right there. No shout outs, okay? Are we ready, guys? You ready? Let’s go. Determine the rate of change, slope, in the following table. (school bell buzzing) Okay, answers locked in. We have two, we have two, and the answer is 12 50. I would take your two dollars. Okay, so next question. – Yeah.- Okay. All right. What form of figurative language does the following sentence contain? We hunkered down behindthe jumble of stone blocks with our hearts kicking at our sternums. Answers are in, it looks. Let’s see our answers. We have hyperbole andwe have personification. So, this looks like it’s gonna do it here, and it’s personification. (audience cheering) Hampton takes the round. Congratulations. And that wraps up seventh grade, correct? (woman speaking off mic) – [Woman] We’ve got a long intermission. – [Bixby] How long? – Half hour.- 28 minutes. – [Bixby] So, we might. – [Woman] Play. – Play. So Hampton, you guys are done. You can go back to your seats. Do you guys wanna playagainst the principals? Mr. Miller’s here, Miss Hendricks is here. – [Miss Hendricks] Theother two abandoned us. – Okay. (people in the audience conversing) Do we have a parentwho wants to come down? Do we have a parent whowants to help the principals? (people in the audience conversing) – Can we just get science questions? – Huh? – We need help. (people in the audience conversing) – Is this Miss Hill? Is this Miss Hill? Miss Hill, outstanding. I have room for one brave parent. – Miss Bosine. Miss Bosine. – We need some friends. – Here come Miss Kidwell. – Miss Kidwell is coming down. (audience cheering) (people in the audience conversing) Okay. (people in the audience conversing) So, I’d like our adult team toidentify themselves, please. – I’m Tara Kidwell, assistant principal at Stonewall Middle School. (audience cheering) – I’m Lisa Sill, the mathcoach at Beville Middle School. (audience cheering) – Mary Hendricks. Mary Hendricks, eighthgrade science at Hampton. (audience cheering) – And Mr. Miller, principalof the best middle school in Prince William County. (audience cheering) – You’re not intimidated at all, are you? (laughing) Okay, here we go. These are the leftoversudden death questions. Which type of biome is found in the far north and far south? What type of biome? (teachers conversing) – Then if it’s wrong, I’m in real trouble. – We got it. – The adults are simplymaking things up up here. (laughing) – She’s a science teacher. – Okay, I’m sorry. Are you guys ready? – Can we call a friend? – [Bixby] No, you can’t. – [Tara] Oh, okay. – Do you guys wanna shout out to someone, a student in the audience? Any student wanna quietly come down here and help them? Go! – You’re from Stonewall. (audience laughing) – What? (shouts and cheers from the audience) – [Miller] Boo! (laughing) – Okay, okay. Let’s see the answers. We have polar and we have tundra. Polar, tundra. (audience cheering) Okay, okay. The adults got lucky. Next question. What event during the Cold War brought the United States to the brink of a nuclear war? Okay. (people in the audience conversing) Our fearless leaders havetheir answer locked in. (people in the audience conversing) Do you wanna phone a moderator? (people in the audience conversing) Answers please. Cuba Missile Crisis, D-Day. The answer is Cuban Missile Crisis. (audience cheering) Next question. No calculator. What is five point seventime 10 to the negative third written in standard form. (laughing) (people in the audience conversing) – Negative.- Oh. – Negative. – Ah! (people in the audience conversing) So, it’s negative 57. – Okay, if you didn’t know the answer, Mr. Miller was saying it out loud. (laughing) – It was wrong though. – Oh, was it? The answers, please. We have point zero zero five seven, point zero zero five seven, point zero zero five seven. Okay, here we go on. Both teams right. Which one of the following words comes from the Latinroot meaning to break? Contradict, fracture,eject, circumnavigate? Answers are locked in. Answers? We have fracture and we have fracture and we have fracture. (audience applauding) Next question. Excuse me. – [Woman] The kids are one null. – [Bixby] Where do most plantsget their required nitrogen? (principals conversing quietly) – Let’s just say that. (principals conversing quietly) – Okay. – Answers are locked in. Let’s see our answers. We have bacteria in the soil and we have the sun. – [Tara] Ooh! Soil. We got the soil. – I think the adults get the point. – Woo hoo! (audience applauding) – What’s the score? Any idea?- I don’t know. Our scorekeeper left. – Our scorekeeper left, but I think the adults are up. I think they’re up bylike three points, maybe. So, we might need to have athree point bonus question. (laughing) What was the peace organization that President Wilsonurged the United States to join after World War One? (principals conversing quietly) – She’s a science teacher. – I’m a science teacher.- She’s a science teacher, don’t listen to her. – Well, and that answer pointed that out. (laughing) And we need our answers, please. I think that one may havestumped our Hampton friends, and Mr. Miller is holdingup League of Nations, which is correct. It isn’t fair. Mr. Miller was a history teacher. Next question. Okay, this is good. What is the value of three C to the second power minus D when C is four and D is negative five. (people conversing in the audience) (people shouting from the audience) Yeah, it says. Seven seconds. Markers down. Markers. Whoa! – I got it. – [Hendricks] You were justerasing the extra step. – It’s there. And I did this. (laughing) – [Student] What is that? – It’s a 53. It’s a 50. – I think it’s a 53, but it looks like a poor sketch of an Easter egg or the Earth. 53 and we have 53. – Nice job.- But hold it. Don’t erase that. Hold yours up. (audience laughing) – [Miller] Just give me a red card – Do you need to go home? – I think this is our last one. This is our last question, then we’re gonna take a lunch break. Here it goes. The following sentences containand example of conflict. What type of externalconflict is represented? Cole stared down at his chest. The bear’s claws had rake him open. – That’s disgusting.- So wonderful before lunch. (laughing) ♪ Let’s go Huskies, let’s go ♪ (Mr. Miller muttering) – They got it.- Okay, and our answer’s please? Man versus nature, individual versus nature. – Oh, they were more specific. – They were more specific.(audience cheering) – Oh, they win. Woo hoo! (audience applauding)Congratulations. – Because of the precision of the answer at Hampton, they get the points. (audience cheering) And by the way, that was a four point bonus question. (laughing) So, thank you, Hampton. Good sports. Thank you, adults. Good sports. Thank you for helping us. Most of them were good sports. You’re right. (upbeat music) Welcome back. I’d like to invite down oureighth grade Hampton team and our eighth grade Stonewall team. (audience cheering) (people conversing in the audience) So, I welcome you allback for our last round. Can we bring the scores back up? Can we bring the scores back up? So, going into the last round, this competition is by points, so there are 10 possiblepoints in this round. Do we get extra pointsin tie breaker rounds? No. So, we have 10 points up. It’s still everybody. Everybody’s in the competition, and we’ll see where westand at the end of this. If we have a tie, we’ll go to sudden death, and we’ll explain that. I do wanna give a shout out to Spark, the school division’seducational foundation who paid for your T-shirts, so applause for Spark. (audience applauding) And a shout out to ourmedia production crew that’s making this possible. (audience cheering) I’m just so happy they work for pizza. (audience laughing) Okay. So, we’re gonna start with introductions, and then I’ll remind them of the rules, and we’ll start with Hampton. If you’d tell us who you are. – Brian Lar Ayola. – Hi, my name is Joseph. – My name is Omri Abraham. – Tamia Watts. – [Bixby] Welcome. – Thank you.(audience cheering) – And our host school, Stonewall. – My name’s Alex. – My name’s Lucy. – My name’s Irwin. – My name’s Christine. (audience cheering) – So, remember the rules, 10 questions, one shout out, if you use the shout out, you write shout out on the board, plus your answer. You’ll have to choosebetween the shout out answer or the answer that you wrote. Wish you the best of luck. You have 30 seconds per question. Here’s our first question. What is the measure of angle one in the figure below? We have our answers in. Let’s see the answers. We have 60 degrees, we have 60 degrees, and the answer is 60 degrees. (audience cheering) So, keep in mind, if there’s a tie, I’m gonna give the most complete answer, the one that is most precise with units. You saw that both of thosewere labeled with degrees. That was well played. Good job. Next question. One day, Isabel went to the movies. She went to see Beauty and the Beast. Isabel thought she shouldpurchase a plate of nachos, a soda, and a box of Skittles, but her friend thought she shouldn’t. Isabel purchased the food anyway. This person is toldfrom what point of view? If third person, you mustinclude its designation, limited or omniscient. Seven seconds. Answers are in. Let’s see your answers. We have third person limited and we have third person omniscient. And the answer is third person omniscient. Hampton. Clear those white boards. Question three. What type of property are density, melting point, and boiling point? Seven seconds. Four, three, two, one. Okay, so both have answers. No shout outs, right? Okay, let’s see our answers. We have chemical and we have physical. Physical.(audience cheering) Hampton. (audience cheering) Question four. State two of the freedoms protected by the First Amendment. Five seconds. We good? We’re good. Answers are in. Let’s see our answers. We have freedom of speech,freedom of the press, we have freedom of thepress, and the petition, the right to petition, and the answers are. There we have all, both, they’re all in there. Well played. Well played.(audience cheering) Both teams, good job. Question five. Simplify 12 minus two X plus five plus X. 10 seconds. Get something down. Two seconds. One second. Markers down, markers down. Let’s see what we wereable to come up with. Okay, no answer. We have two minus X. Hampton. (audience cheering) – [Student] Way to go, Hampton! – Okay, here we go. Question six. You are reading andarticle expressing the idea that pizza is the mostdelicious food ever made. The purpose of this article is to? Answers, please. We have persuade and we have persuade. Both teams, points. (audience cheering) Question seven. In what type of chemicalreaction is energy released? Remember, if you’re doing a shout out, you might as well guess something. Four, three, two, one. Markers down. Don’t. We have a shout here, you have a shout out. So, we have dueling shout outs. (woman speaking off mic) – Who am I gonna go with first? – [Woman] Yeah. – Hampton needs to pick there’s during that interaction. Okay, we’re gonna go to Hampton first. In what type of chemicalreaction is energy released? – [Man] Look at the concentration. – [Bixby] Help me here. – [Man] All the way. Keep going. (laughing) – Radiation. They’re gonna go with radiation. Now, we do shout out Stonewall. Here we go. (audience laughing) Exothermal. Exothermal. – [Woman] It said exothermic. – Exothermic. They’re gonna go with exothermic, you’re gonna go with radiation. (audience cheering) Wow, that was exciting. Woo! Okay, here we go. Number eight. How can Congress pass a bill into a law without the President’s approval? 10 seconds. Okay, judges, laser focus here. Okay, Hampton, what’s your answer? We have two thirds vote from both houses. We have two, okay, that’s two third. When I originally read it, I read it as 213. That’s why I called on the judges. Okay, two thirds of Congress approve. So, it’s two thirds of Congress and yours is two thirds of both houses, and two thirds in each house. (audience applauding) We’re giving a point to both teams. (audience cheering) Question nine. What? Question nine. Using the triangle pictures, what is the measurement of the length of line segment P Q rounded to the nearest tenth? (laughing) Okay, markers down,markers down, markers down. Okay. Well, let’s see our answers. We have, what’s that first number? Seven? Seven point six inches, six point seven. Six point three. No one gets the points. Question 10. The word said is oftenoverused in student writing. Which of the following synonyms for said has the most negative connotation? Shouted, told, expressed? 10 seconds. You have it locked in? Locked in? Okay, let’s see what your answers are. We have shouted. Shouted. (audience cheering) Both teams with points because remember, points are what matter, and I think we’re end ofthe preliminary round A? – [Woman] Hampton is thewinner of this round. – Hampton is the winner of this round. Hampton stays. (audience cheering) No, no. They don’t stay. – [Woman] Fred Lynn and Beville. – Fred Lynn and Beville to the stage. (audience cheering) So, I disagree with adolescence. (people conversing in the audience) I shouted my lines. (people conversing in the audience) (laughing) (people conversing in the audience) Who’s? Who’s supposed to be down here? Oh, here they come. (people conversing in the audience) – [Student] Come on, Jordan! (audience cheering) (people conversing in the audience) – So, we’re very pleased to welcome up Beville and Fred Lynn to the stage, and we’d like our Bevilleteam to introduce themselves. Press the button andlet us know who you are. – My name’s Mead. – My name’s Kiannah. – My name’s Aribella. – My name is Timmy. – Welcome. Fred Lynn team? – My name is Adam. – My name is Zenub. – My name is Christopher. – My names Walthi. – Excellent. Welcome. Let’s hear it for our teams. (audience cheering) Okay, now remember, one shout out per 10 questions. If you’re gonna do a shout out, you might as well guessan answer, too, okay? Don’t show your answers if I ask to see them. Good luck. We’re ready. Let’s go with question one. Solve for M. Negative three is greater thannegative three M plus six. Eight seconds. Get something on the board. Two, one, markers down. So, let’s see our answers. Fred Lynn, what do we have? Fred Lynn, M is greater than three. M is greater than three. Three is less than M. Same answers, right? M is greater. Both teams, points to both teams. (audience cheering) Question two. The plot element is the incident that introduces the centralconflict in a story. What is this plot element called? (school bell buzzing) – [Woman] That’s just the bell for us. – Okay, our teams are ready. Let’s see our responses. We have initiating event, we have initiating event. Both have the same answer. (audience cheering) Both teams scored. Question three. What is it called when two or more waves overlap and combine? 15 seconds. Shout out? Now, if you’re gonna shout out, remember you can put something else down as a guess. Like, Mr. Keenan can be your answer. Okay, here we. We have a shout out for Beville, so we gotta go to Beville. It looks like she’s writing. Intercepting. You’re gonna go with that? They’re gonna go with intercepting. What are we gonna go with here, Fred Lynn? – Interference.- Interference. Intercepting, interference. Interference, Fred Lynn.(audience cheering) – [Student] Come on, Fred Lynn. – Wow, these shout outs this afternoon. Woo! Question four. Registering and voting are examples of what of citizenship? (students discussing quietly) Okay, we have our answers locked in. Beville? Responsibility, civic responsibilities. Answer, responsibilities. Both teams, both teams. (audience cheering) Question five. What is the slope of the given line? (students discussing quietly) Oh. You guys ready? Okay, let’s see the answers. Okay, zero and zero. Zero, okay. (audience cheering) Both teams earned a point. Now, we go to question six. After all this time, I still ask myself: Was it my fault? Maybe, maybe not. This passage is toldfrom what point of view? Okay, so our answers are in. Beville, Fred Lynn? (school bell buzzing) First person, first person, first person. (audience cheering) Question seven. What do we call the measure of force due to gravity acting on a mass? You already used a shout out, right? No? They haven’t used a shout out? No. No shout out. Okay, I’m losing my mind, which is typical this time of day. So, we have a shout out here. You’re gonna gold your answer. We’re gonna go to FredLynn for our shout out. All right, Fred Lynn, your team is counting on you. Okay, they went with weight. What are you gonna go with? They’re gonna go with weight. And they have weight. And it’s weight. (audience cheering) I have to say, these shout out groups have been very good. Very good. Points to both teams. Next question. Courts resolve two kindsof legal conflicts. What and what? You guys good? – Yep. – You guys good? All right, answers are in. Let’s see them. Civil and criminal, civil and criminal. Civil and criminal.(audience cheering) Question nine. A bag contains four greenmarbles and three black marbles. One marble is randomlyselected from the bag. The marble is put back in the bag, then a second marble is randomly selected. What is the probabilitythat both marbles selected will be black? (students discussing quietly) Four seconds, three seconds, get something down. Okay, let’s see our answers. We have nine 49ths, wehave three sevenths. Three sevenths, nine 49ths. Nine 49ths, Fred Lynn.(audience cheering) Okay, question 10. The words cheap and affordablehave a similar denotation. They refer to somethingthat does not cost a lot. However, their connotations are different. Which of the two words hasa more positive connotation? Answers look to be in. Answers, teams? We have affordable, we have affordable. The answer is affordable. (audience cheering) Well fought match, especiallyour shout out people. Congratulations for winning competition with Fred Lynn. What’s our next step? – [Woman] So, we’re gonnahave Fred Lynn stays here, Hampton comes back. – Fred Lynn stays, Hampton, come on down. (audience cheering) ♪ Let’s go, Fred Lynn ♪ ♪ Let’s go ♪ ♪ Let’s go, Fred Lynn ♪ ♪ Let’s go ♪ ♪ Let’s go, Fred Lynn ♪ ♪ Let’s go ♪ ♪ Let’s go, Fred Lynn ♪ (laughing) – It’s the eighth grade. (people conversing in the audience) – Hampton. (people conversing in the audience) (audience cheering) – [Student] Let’s go, Fred Lynn! – [Students] Come on, Huskies! Let’s go, Huskies! Come on, Huskies! Let’s go, Huskies! Come on, Jordan! (audience cheering) – So, we’re checking the scores to see we’re sure that FredLynn’s 30 are accurate. We’re trying to see ifHampton is at 27 or 28. We’re doing a double check. So, this is to win the eighth grade round, and to win the eighth grade round there are three bonus points. So actually, this is for the whole deal, and here, the scores have been corrected, and I thank all of you for yourextraordinary sportsmanship. It was actually Fred Lynn that brought to our attention that Hampton didn’thave the accurate score. (audience cheering) So, just before you put the question up, this is sudden? Okay. So, it’s three points. There’s no shout out. If the answer has units or whatever, the most complete answer will get it. Now, if it’s centimeters and you put CM, you don’t have to spell it out to try to be more complete, but I’m gonna go with themost complete answer, okay? We good? Let’s hear it for them. (audience cheering) Not to raise the pressure. (audience shouting) ♪ Fred Lynn ♪ ♪ Fred Lynn ♪ ♪ Fred Lynn ♪ ♪ Fred Lynn ♪ ♪ Fred Lynn ♪ ♪ Fred Lynn ♪ ♪ Fred Lynn ♪ ♪ Fred Lynn ♪ ♪ Fred Lynn ♪ ♪ Fred Lynn ♪ ♪ Fred Lynn ♪ ♪ Fred Lynn ♪ (audience cheering) – All right, here we go. – [Student] I’m gonna startto get points for that. – Here is the question. The pyramid shown has a square base that measures threecentimeters on each side. The height of the pyramidis nine centimeters, and the slant height of eachside is five centimeters. What is the volume of the pyramid? And then, you’re given the formula, V equals one third B H. (students discussing quietly) (people conversing in the audience) Seven seconds. Get something down. Three, two, one. I need your answers. Your answer is locked in right there. Okay, here are the answers. Let’s see them. We have 15 centimeters square, we have 18 centimeters cubed. (students shouting) Round two. (audience cheering) All right, here we go. Next question. A word or object that is used to represent something else in literature is known as a? Okay. You guys good? – Yeah.- Okay. Answers. Symbol, symbol. Symbol. (audience cheering) Round three. The record is 57 rounds. I just made that up. Okay, third round. In what form is energylost to the environment during energy conversion? 15 seconds. Make something up. Three seconds, two seconds. Okay, answers in. Here we go. We have chemical and thermal. (audience cheering)Thermal. Okay. ♪ Hornets ♪ ♪ Hornets ♪ ♪ Hornets ♪ ♪ Hornets ♪ ♪ Hornets ♪ ♪ Hornets ♪ ♪ Hornets ♪ ♪ Hornets ♪ ♪ Hornets ♪ – So, we’re gonna do some wrapping up here, I think, with the points. – [Woman] Got it. – The points are up. Fred Lynn 33, Hampton 28, Stonewall 22, Beville 20. Let’s hear it for all of our teams. (audience cheering) A special thank you for Stonewall for doing this. Stonewall. (audience applauding) Stonewall! (audience applauding) Stonewall? (audience cheering) Beville! Thank you, Beville! (audience cheering) Hampton! (audience cheering) It’s my pleasure to present this trophy to the Fred Lynn Middle School team. Is this the third? Fourth?(students shouting) – [Man] I’m sorry what? – Fourth consecutive year. Congratulations. (audience cheering) – Fred Lynn, everybody. Everybody on Fred Lynn’steam should come up. Fred Lynn’s team. (people conversing in the audience) Good job, you guys. Excellent. (people conversing in the audience) – [Student] You guys saved us. (people conversing in the audience) – Mr. Patterson, come on back. (people conversing in the audience) (laughing) (people conversing in the audience) No, you don’t drink out of that. No. (laughing) (people conversing in the audience) – Ta da! – All right, so now pick it up. (laughing) Hold it up high. – Over your head, over your head, over your head, over your head. There you go.- Yeah! (people conversing in the audience) (upbeat music)