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Well Prism, ya really did it didn’t you! I guess it’s time! Edge Transit is a grenade launcher with thecapability to decimate entire populations of enemies! With this gun you can not only cure diseases,but inflict them t.. All Footage in this video is from playersaround the community, their links will be in the description of this video, as wellas all music too! I want to give a HUGE thank you to TravelDanielle and Datto for helping me with this video. Please, if by some miracle you know aboutme and not both of them, then go follow them, there links will be at the top section ofthe description! Anyways, enjoy! This story is layered, this story is shroudedbehind ARG puzzles, Math Wizardry, references to guns of old, and it perfected the secretsof Destiny. This, my dear viewer, is the story of OutBreakPrime & OutBreak Perfected, two weapons that would cement how to do a secret the rightway. So let’s start with their stories becausethey are phenomenal. Our Story begins with none other than the Gjallarhorn? An exotic that would make every other exoticfor a WHOLE YEAR irrelevant. Aside from being a powerful rocket launcher,Gjallarhorn had this perk called Wolfpack rounds on it which meant that when you shota target they would not only get hit by the initial rocket, but also a follow up of miniclusters that tracked aggressively to that target and did heaps of damage. Add on the fact that this weapon could firemore than one rocket in the magazine, had the perk speed reload, and that the rocketitself had tracking and you had a weapon that would redefine exotics in Destiny forever. Bungie gave us a year of abusing this weaponin PVE then they didn’t allow it to even be infused come time for the taken King, somany players, myself included got used to new weaponry. Fast forward to Rise of Iron though and theGjallarhorn came back, this time, a slightly weaker, but still dang strong version of itself! So why did I even bring up Gjallarhorn inthe first place? You’re just gonna have to find out :). This is Wrath of the Machine raid, the raid thatcombined elements of those before it and added its own touch on encounters, a raid that madeclose combat the focus instead of mid to long range and the raid that made you have a MadMax like encounter riding away in victory. Players generally love this raid and oncethey defeated this raid, they were in awe of something… something in the depths ofthe final encounter. A hallway of lasers blocking the path to achest, with a monitor?? What could this be about? Players were quick to find other hidden monitorsaround the raid with a fuzzy screen that allowed you to “Activate the Monitor” then a Sivasymbol popped up upon activating them. There was one in the Vosik encounter whichwas already full of monitors, the second was right after that encounter in the Splicersden, then the third monitor which wasn’t found until a few days later was literallyhanging off the side of a cliff and underground, you had to shoot a hatch off the side of thecliff too! So now that those monitors are done AWWW CRAPTHERES ONE MORE?!?! Yes, not only was there one more hidden monitor,but this monitor would take BINARY to solve! As it turns out, this fourth monitor was hiddenbehind what can only be called the most elaborate binary puzzle this community has ever seen. It all started with Bungie releasing an ARGpuzzle for the community to solve, many speculations of what this waswere had, but it turned out to be a map. A map of a room in which players would findthemselves cracking away at the final monitor. After you descended the cave down below, saidhello to Randal the Perfected Vandal, you reached a room with a giant diamond for seeminglyno reason at first glance, BUT the final monitor was within this room. This diamond, Rasputin looking, was surroundedby canisters on all sides.The canisters were divided into 4 sections that had columns androws. Seems innocent enough, until you realizedthat in the previous room, the two monitor

brain teaser number and math puzzle hard math puzzle forSeems innocent enough, until you realizedthat in the previous room, the two monitor screens that had binary codes displayed onceactivated, and the two players in your 6 player fireteam that were programmers had to be inthat room had to call out their codes for the 4 players in the canister room. Players would jump onto the canister thatcorresponded to the column and row called out, so for example if I was on side 4, Imay hear 4,3, that meant I had to jump to the 3rd canister in my row, of course the4 players were not the ones reading binary on the monitors. No, it took some teamwork to do that, in fact,In the Server Room 2 people needed to stand on the two platforms on the left and rightsides by the 2 monitors (Left and Right side determined as you enter the room). Once everyone is in place the 2 people inthe server room would see an ‘activate monitor’ prompt.Each monitor would then flash to anumber. This could be 0000 like the starting sequenceor a different number. Rows and Columns start at 0 meant the ‘first’one,Left monitor is the column, Right monitor is the row. These two players would then need to convertthese numbers to decimal with their big brains or using an external website. For example, if the number shown on the monitoris 0101 that meant it was 5. The first person in section 00 then stepson his canister using the prior 2 numbers for the Row and Column. Think of it as a map with grids. Column X, Row Y. After they step on the canister, it will lightup from below. A new number will show on the screen for bothpeople. Convert these numbers. The person in section 01 needs to step ontheir canister. Keep doing this for all 4 people. Once Math Class completed this, SOMETHINGSPECIAL HAPPENED! The Diamond shaped object in the center ofthe room opened wide, with the last remaining monitor AND a chest with a GUARANTEED EXOTICinside! This monitor would now allow you to bypassthe lasers at the end of the raid. And just like that Outbr.. Oh what the #%$^ there’s more? After you opened the final chest, the questhad just begun, now it was time to Channel the Corruption and hone whatever it was youjust picked up into something useful for you. The first step was simple, Complete a nightfallstrike, 3 public events in the plaguelands, 3 crucible matches/ strikes, and.. 50 pulse rifle kills? Foreshadowing?? Step 2 is where things got weird though, Synchronizeyour fireteam? This meant that you needed 3 fireteam membersincluding yourself, no more, no less, but here’s the REAL kicker! They had to be one of each class, so one Warlock,one Titan, one Hunter! So if you did the quest with 6 warlocks, itwas time to restart, man Destiny 1 was kinda relentless with these quests sometimes! Anyways, the goal of this was to change onenumber at the beginning to a different one by the end and that meant adding, subtracting,multiplying, and dividing. Titans would not be getting this one donefast. This also meant all 3 fireteam members hadto help each other balance out these numbers properly because all 3 of them needed to beon the same steps to progress the quest. This was also the perfect quest for Dattoand Math Class to solve, go figure huh. So after you did the first equalizer, therewas another one, this time, 4 x 5 grid with all 3 classes starting at different numbers. Now, just beat the raid again, AND SOLVE ANOTHERPUZZLE. This time, a 5 x 5 grid. AND NOW ANOT.. nah this time Datto and MathClass walked over to Shuro- 4 and claimed the world’s first! Outbreak Prime!

brain teaser number and math puzzle hard math puzzle forOutbreak Prime! Absolutely bonkers for Bungie to test playersthis way, but I loved it so much because for me personally, this is what an exotic questis all about, giving it impact and making players wonder how you got the weapon andsharing your stories. What was your favorite exotic quest in Destinyhistory? Would love to know in the comments. Outbreak prime was a weapon that was a primaryversion of Gjallarhorn, with Siva nanites popping out of dead targets heads and trackingother targets, just like the wolfpack rounds before it. This weapon was full of Siva and was harnessedto be one of the best exotics of all time in Destiny, a true achievement for Bungieand the Destiny Community and was a nice spiritual successor of the Gjallarhorn before it. Now, on to perfection. The year is 2017 and the place is Titan, yesthat moon of Jupiter. Destiny 2 is brand new and each new placehas an exotic quest to do through adventures. Titans adventure and still my favorite ofall time is called “Enemy of my Enemy” and has you fighting the hive and fallen whenall of a sudden this captain traps you away from him and then just runs away, almost likehe doesn’t have any plans to try to kill you and actually may be working with you. By the end of the quest adventure the captainwhose name is Mithrax is fighting a Hive Knight and if you kill the knight, Mithrax won’tattack you, instead he will go away, maybe asking for your help one day later. Well.. that day is none other than May 7th,2019 at 10 am Pacific/ 1pm Eastern. Players start the weekly reset with a simpleto do list for powerful rewards as usual, so they start playing the heroic adventureof the day which happened to be on Titan, the very same adventure with Mithrax involved. In this mission there is a door and a hallway. Previously players were forced to go downthe hallway as the door was locked, but now… the door was able to be opened. Not only that, there was something insidethe room for players to find. A fallen transponder was inside and it hada wall of a code to decipher. Players quickly jumped on destiny as soonas they caught wind of this secret fallen transponder. What could it mean? Why was there so much code, what would wehave to do next? The code did immediately start ringing somebells however and players started looking to Datto, Math Class, and Raid secrets redditfor some answers. While the code would take some time to breakthe other slots in the transponder were still missing. Players started looking everywhere in thegame for the next steps or just something, ANYTHING that could help them solve this. Players checked lost sectors and found thatfallen lost sectors on Nessus and Earth had the other transponders, but where to nextand how do we solve this code? Thanks to reddit user ‘TheFerntuckian’we would know where to next. He found that the code was a string and ashe describes it: “I’m thinking the beginning single numbers are the sentence numbers orsome sort of way to divide up the text. I see 3 different types of text ’blocks’.”TheLone (3000), the lone block of 4 letters or numbers ex (TZOX), a (3000) followed by lowercaseletter and a smallish number. Ex. ((3000)a14). Fern with the help of other members from raidsecrets would discover that the code was a puzzle to draw a map, this is starting tosound similar now right? Except the difference is that this was nota map actually, no, this was a symbol, a symbol of a place most players hadn’t been to sincethe Red War campaign, we were about to go back to THE FARM! Once the code was broken and players wentto the farm, something was off, nobody was above ground, instead everyone was under thehangar, in the basement? That’s weird. Players would walk down the stairs and noticethis long shadow, but this looks like an enemies

brain teaser number and math puzzle hard math puzzle for Players would walk down the stairs and noticethis long shadow, but this looks like an enemies

brain teaser number and math puzzle hard math puzzle forPlayers would walk down the stairs and noticethis long shadow, but this looks like an enemies shadow, not a friendly one so then you juststarting blastin, I mean investigating and it was Mithrax there, with the transponderin hand. When you walked over to him, he had a missionfor you to start. As you loaded in, 2 VERY familiar things stoodout! #1 The 20 minute timer, one that only theWhisper mission had before this and #2 you were BACK in the old tower! But this wasn’t the social space haven thatwe had come to know it as, no, instead this was a rusted, beat up, destroyed mess fromthe Red War that had taken place. Take a moment to realize how epic this missionis about to be, from just waking up on a tuesday to play the heroic adventure to now beingflown to the Old Tower by what’s supposed to be your enemy! I mean this is how Destiny storytelling isdone and we will talk about storytelling in another video, but for now, let’s get backto this mission. So, you start off where you left off at theend of the prologue of Destiny 2 and this time you work your way back from the routeyou started in the prologue moving through the area where the speakers old workshop was,into the courtyard of the tower, and into the hangar to fight through hordes of tough,shielded fallen enemies similar to how Whispers enemies were set up! Fun fact, if you turn up your music volumeand stand next to the door where the old music room was, you can actually faintly hear “Hopefor the Future” really hope everyone is at least jammin out down there. Anyways, this mission was a trip through theold Tower of Destiny and when players were past the areas they were familiar with itwas time for the underbelly! It began with this ship and a vent to theright, players looked for a while to find the route to go and kept thinking it was thevent up top, but actually it was a vent below. You see, just like whisper that came beforeit, this mission was not without its platforming and puzzle escape type rooms either. In fact, this mission was even more in depthwhen it came to escape room type parkour puzzles from the many vents and small corridors tothe tricky paths this one was going to be phenomenal. But then, you made it outside? Yes, with the sound of wind in your face,you were outside of the tower, on the walls surrounding it, held by some mere scaffolding,it was time to take the leap of faith. One thing this mission also did well to expandon Whispers mission was add buttons that allowed a player who was ahead to extend platformsand create checkpoints so if players died they wouldn’t spawn very far back. After the outside jump it was back to morepuzzle escape rooms and then onto the spinny fans of death. These fans would chop you dead if you weren’tcareful and the only path through was in the red lit areas of them. After that there was some parkour and.. Wh… WHAT THE F*&K IS THAT THING?!?! MEET TR3-VR or TREVOR! This was like stepping into a first personhorror game and this had players needing to hit 4 buttons to escape the room, only problem? Trevor moves fast, fearless, and these electricitywalls will block any plans you had of escaping. I am not joking when I say this is legit terrifyingthe first time you play it, I actually challenge you watching, go face Trevor with your soundcranked and your HUD off, it adds another level to the sheer horror of this. Once you failed 6 times to this point andare finally through, up the elevator, down the slippery slide of slips, and into thevent, players dropped down into the towers vault? A room filled to the brim with gold bars;I guess this is where all the eververse money goes! Anyways, that is it, that’s zero hour, noother paths to go down, just gold in a room, pretty cool homage, maybe not what peoplehad ho..

brain teaser number and math puzzle hard math puzzle forpretty cool homage, maybe not what peoplehad ho.. Oh that is a secret wall. Welcome to the secret vault in the secretmission apart of a secret quest! Yes, once past these tiles on the floor therewas a room with secret objects from the games world like the cat statue from the dreamingcity, a strange coin from destiny 1, a pyramid ship like the ones we have been teased withtill this point, a dead ghost, that helmet from the original opening trailer of destiny1, and much much more. This room to me is not only cool for in gameteasers, but is also a room full of easter eggs for long time players to pick up on. There’s also these weird dials and emptycanisters in 7 side rooms, probably nothing. And finally, a laser cut glass with somethingmissing, what could the item missing be? Players would follow the trail of seared objectsas the floor was cut open too, something was trying to escape and these cuts looked fresh. Players quickly ran down and finally wereput into a room with a captain in there, Siriks, Loyal to Eramis. This captain was trying to steal whateverwas in that case and we were not going to let him. Just like the Black Spindal mission that wecovered, you were not only going to need to kill the boss, but all the ads too! These ads were two giant servitors, two spiderwalker tanks, fallen turrets, shielded shanks, vandals, dregs, you name it, it was probablythere! ZupahDupah, one of the two names I had mentionedin my 999 power level video was Worlds First to defeat Siriks and his ads, Zupahs prizewas seeing Mithrax thank him for the help and then fly away AND.. HIS PRIZE WAS…. OUTBREAK PERFECTED! Yes, Outbreak Prime, but this time even betterof an exotic! Perfected took what prime did and made iteven stronger. Instead of the Siva nanites proccing on killsto an enemy, now it procs with consistent hits which means it can be used for strongerenemies and we haven’t even gotten to the real reasons why it became perfected! Outbreak Perfected was a remaster done aswell as anyone could have ever hoped for and pushed the secret mission in Destiny evenfurther, but what it also did was give us a heroic version that was pushed even furthertoo! Not only was there a solar, arc, void burnon the heroic version, there was also a whole new route inside of the mission. Remember when I said players thought the ventat the top was the correct path when it was the ship under, well as it turns out Bungiethought the same for heroic mode. Players would need to go a whole new route,this time with more escape room puzzles, some extra fun gimmicks in place, and just overallwhole new sections including the pipes with the buttons, the gaps to jump, a new outsidearea, this time much harder and your teammate dies every time and MAN GET OUT OF MY WAYI’M TRYING TO JUMP THE CORNER OH GOSH WERE BOTH DEAD NOW! Anyways, once past that it was time to hita newer and cooler slidy slide of sliding and finally back on the normal path to thefans. I think it was super well done for you totake a different path and still end up in the same area for the heroic, it forced playersto master the route if they had any chance of beating it. Once you prayed your way past Trevor and madeit back to the vault you ran across those tile… oh I got scorched now! Yes, the tiles were now activated and dependingon the week of the burn, the tiles changed floor patterns, this was cool and remindedme personally of a mission impossible type scenario! What was new was the weird canisters werenow lit up with gemstones inside of them and the dials were lit up too. We will get to that in a bit, but other thanthat, the fight was the same for the boss except stronger enemies and those turretswere just as annoying, but…. The Outbreak Perfected Catalyst would dropfrom this! Just like how the Whisper Catalyst dropped,so did Outbreaks catalyst! The catalyst was an homage to the old Outbreak,making more Siva nanites spawn on killing enemies with nanites attached but additionally,it increased the nanite damage! This was very strong for a while, especiallywith the well of radiance auto reloading your outbreak, that it was even used to clear aWorlds First raid! But also like Whisper, it was going to taketime to get it and there was some other way to speed this progress up! Remember that room in heroic Zero Hour withall those gemstones, well, of course they had a purpose too! Players were quick to find a keycard scannerat the beginning of the Heroic zero hour and 3 hidden key cards throughout the rest ofthe mission! With these in hand, it gave players accessto solve a configuration puzzle in the gemstone room! Now, this is where the puzzle went from perfectedto not so much perfected quickly! You would think with how many big brains areinvolved in the community we would be able to solve this quickly, problem was, and maybestill is? That we had no clue where to even start, howto break the code, etc. Nothing really was working so ultimately,everyone just brute forced it! Another problem? The keycard would dissapear from players inventoryfor reasons nobody could understand! Was this intentional? Was this a glitch? How many runs was it going to take to eventest the puzzle configurations since all 3 players needed all the keys to even start?! This was driving players mad and we haven’teven begun with the puzzle itself. The puzzle begins with anyone starting theencounter by hitting the use key in the room. There are 3 consoles numbered 1 through 3in the main area of the room and the objective is to have players read off a two number pairfrom each console. Having all three console pairings grants usa sequence. We can then use the sequence to lock in toone of 49 computer terminals in each of the colored rooms. The sequence of three pairings correspondsto a colored room and a specific terminal in the room that we need to lock in a sequencewith and repeat covering all 49 terminals to successfully complete the puzzle. For example, Let’s say the puzzle starts withan initial first readout of 4-3 (for Console 1), 2-4 (for Console 2), 2-9 (for Console3). If we look at 4-3 from Console 1, the firstnumber in the pairing, 4, is from the left dial and the second number, 3, is the rightdial of the same console (they are essentially two clocks when you view them in-game). The example above is a complete sequence (X-Y,X-Y, X-Y). Each sequence is tied to a specific terminaland each sequence has three pairings of two digits. Once we know the sequence, we can match itin to go find the matching terminal in the matching colored room and lock in the sequenceto continue. It’s a matching game and all about quicklytraversing the spreadsheet table full of found sequences. Yeah this was brute forced not only the firstweek, but the puzzle actually changed both weeks after that too, so brute force was theway and thankfully we had very helpful external websites to help us along our journey too! What was also cool was every time you inputtedthe correct panel, time would add to your overall timer. So you could actually end with more time thanyou started the puzzle with. On the flip side, if you failed too many times,you had to run the mission back! So, what was your reward for all 3 weeks ofdoing this puzzle full of nuance and memories? Well, you…. Are… looking at it! Yep, other than the amazing catalyst, thisrust bucket was all yours, congrats, now go get it waxed. In general, I applaud the puzzle still eventhough it never really made any sense and the ship was ugly, at least we had somethingnew each week of the puzzle! This mission was truly a masterpiece! Outbreak truly was special, it reinventedthe secret mission again and was trending on reddit and twitter! Here is where I talk about where the weaponis today! This is normally the part where I tell youabout this weapon not being as good anymore or the mission being easier and conqueredall over, but Outbreak Perfected was different, this weapon and everything that came withit was truly special! Outbreaks lineage expanded far and wide, frombeing a spiritual successor to Gjallarhorn, to breaking ARG maps, using binary, testingour brains to the fullest, making us connect with the enemy and telling us a story throughthis amazing missions environment, Outbreak truly was perfection! I want to thank you all for watching and hopefullyenjoying the story of one of Destiny’s most challenging exotic quests! If you enjoyed this video a like would begreatly appreciated as well as a subscription! If you want to tell me about your storiesplease leave me a comment or hop on over to my Twitch, link will be at the top of thedescription! I want to again thank Travel Danielle andDatto for helping me with this video and until next time, stay perfect!