brain teaser games for adults with answers

brain teaser games for adults with answers, brain, teaser, games, adults, answers

[Starts at 1.30] Hello everyone, we’re WayV Magic Magic Magic Hello I’m the owner of the stone castle, Magic Hello My stone castle is visited by so many handsome young men today Welcome Hi everyone, I’m Reina Hi everyone, I’m an expert in poems, Lee Boting I’m 8 years old, from Shanghai So today, you shall protect Lee Boting and Reina Did you prepare any special weapon before coming to my escape room? Of course To be honest, every one of us is good at a certain escape room Then I’m really looking forward You have to work hard today The winner will be chosen after the games The winner will be able to receive a mysterious prize from 51Talk App Now, I’ll introduce my friend, Yang Benben Boting, help us take a look at where will we be going next Floating escape room The members going to the floating escape room will be Huang Xuxi Qiankun Li Yongqin We’re looking forward to it I’ll help you Jiayou! Floating escape room Isn’t this too high? It’s too deep This floating board is a little float This is my floating escape room Why are you so calm when you’re standing on my floating board? It’s actually okay It’s quite stable It’ll become a huge swing later Really? Magic, let me tell you, we’ve someone in our team Li Yongqin, he is really flexible I’ll show you Let me see it Wait, we can show it to you, but can our questions be simpler? I’ll have to see first, there’ll be a small benefit if I’m satisfied Be careful Impressive How was it, Magic? Alright, I can’t do this move I can’t do it too Ten is too impressive, his balance is unbeatable His legs are stable We’ll start the adventure now Okay Jiayou Wait, the stone bridge Come on, we’re ready [Floating escape room starts now] Wait It’s loosen

brain teaser games for adults with answersIt’s loosen It loosens Wait, stand properly Lower yourself Stop moving We have to do this You don’t move! WAit Stabilize it, it’s really shaky just now Don’t shake it! I’m not shaking Ten isn’t afraid at all, because his balance is good Don’t move We’ll swing it You doing it on purpose No, stop He’s running on it Too confident He’s gonna drop down first [First round starts, complete commands to answer four questions in 100 seconds] [Q1-command: Three legs, two hands] What if I throw Kun ge down? That’s good If you throw me down how are you gonna answer the questions later? Stop lazing around, faster Three legs Then you carry him Then I’ll do this Two hands It’s doable The question Correct position Which of the above picture has a different use? Use it differently? The teacup He is too smart Q2: [Two legs, one back] Do it like this What does it mean? Two legs and one back You piggyback him and I do this Okokok correct position [What is the hidden character shown?] The hidden character? You have to do this I don’t know “Fun” – as in funny [Q3 – two legs] Two legs [30 seconds left] Carry them all You step on our feets How to? You step on our feet and we lift up one leg each Lucas can lift both of them [20 seconds left] Quick, step on it He’ll fall like this Ok I know

brain teaser games for adults with answersOk I know You step on us WE can do this But this body The body doesn’t count right? No no no Listen to me, stand up Carry them I’ll carry you How do I step I’ll hold you Kun ge, you do it [10 seconds left] The strongest one carry two of them Lucas hold me Faster faster, get up Faster, no more time Noooo [Times up, first round challenge failed] Too difficult [The ropes will be loosen] How to loosen it? How to loosen it? Wait It became even more shaky It’s more shaky [Round 2, you draw I guess] [Answer four questions in 80 seconds] [Qiankun please move to the area to answer questions] [Huang Xuxi and Li Yongqin, please move to the area to give questions] We’ll give the questions Careful [Start answering questions now] [A handful of mucus and tears] There’re six words Look at me One What’s that? One handful [Revealed the question, change questioin] You can’t say out the keyword [Water ballet] Swimming One word Water Very simple Water ballet Yes [China martial arts] Where are we now? We’re at Crazy Magic show No I love…. China Then Martial arts China martial arts [Tarzan] Me

brain teaser games for adults with answers Me

brain teaser games for adults with answersMe huang Xuxi What are we? [30 seconds left] Tarzan Tarzan is right This is like in the past I’ll let you see a chinese character Tarzan Okok, Kun ge is good Kun ge is a vocab bank [Big eyes staring at small eyes] Me He Big eyes Big eyes staring at small eyes Yes [Answered correctly] It’s so difficult [Round 2 challenge success] Success We’re good Actually I didn’ quite get what they were acting It’s hard on Kun ge Normal people can’t get it Thanks to Kun ge’s brain Kun ge is a good person Let’ see what’s the next question [Final round, form the Chinese character with your body] [You have to answer four of it] This is too simple What is this word? Ding No Yea, this is “Ding” Yea yea, Ding I’ll do the 口 You come here Lie horizontally Like this This is too hard for Kun ge He has to give commands for them to arrange the character He has to use his brains and fit in the word himself Why? You have to move here a little more Am I in the wrong position? 口 口 is like this I can do it, I’ll do it You do this Ok, nexxt Qi, as in strange You do 可 You be 大 [40 seconds left] You be 大 What do I do? You be 口 Is this okay?

brain teaser games for adults with answersIs this okay? Li Yongqin move in a little, Li Yongqin gege Is this okay? Impressive King of flexibility 忆 Yi as in memory I’ll do the 忄 I’ll do this You have to be here You be the thing at the bottom This? Yea, like this /yes yes yes Ku as in cry Two 口 Come here 口 Shoe for the dot Look at their sense This is not 口 It’ll do LMAO Kun ge go! It’s like this, wait Faster The dot is wrong Why? Don’t move The dot is not there Yea yea yea The dot is there Why? Because of you [10 seconds left] Your body, like this Faster faster [Congrats, you passed the floating escape room] Magic magic magic Indeed impressive You guys are the first group to succeed REally? No one else passed this? Yes Yongqin’s flexibility is really good Open the treasure box You obtained three trophies Will it light up? Take the trophy Hold it up Thank you Our flexible king You guys were really good just now He said we were the first to succeed in this challenge You guys really showed your chemistry in this escape room Of course Where are we going next, Yang Benben Boting help us choose the next escape rooom Stone escape room This is our ace escape room The members heading to stone escape room will be Huang Xuxi Dong Sicheng and Li Boting Teacher Li Boting, jiayou for your geges Boting, your pronunciation is good Because I’m learning from 51Talk Learning through one on one teaching Download 51Talk App for free trial Are you ready everyone? WE look forward to your performance Let’s go [Stone escape room] This is the second challenge It’s okay, not very steep Be careful It’s so deep So high Hi Magic Welcome to my stone escape room It’s not so easy to conquer my stone For this challenge what special talent do you have? Look at me Even though it’s not big, there’s still a little of it I practised javelin in the past So I have a bit of strength My arms are quite strong He has a nickname, you know what is it? Shatin area javelin prince You can throw me over later Yea I can throw you over My legs are quite good too Very flexible He is called Chinese dance prince WHat about you? Since your arms and legs are good Then my brain is good Slowly What’s his Prince of brains First stepping stone rise up We have to stand here Help Take care of him Little stone, you can wake up [Stone rising up to 30 degree] This is so deep This is not very steep It’s still okay Kabrita milk is cheering on you *lolz Jiayou [Stone escape room starts now] [Please move to the next stepping stone] Who do you think should move over first? The youngest one should go first Because the youngest one is light Gege your split is good, you go over first After you go over you can pull us up See he is instructing them on what to do He is really clear on what he has to do Why not you throw me over Ok, that works Actually it’s quite high Don’t be scared I’ll hold you Xuxi will push, then he’ll cross with his legs I’ll throw you over You fly there, it’ll work Wow, your strength Woah, he really pushed him up Javelin His strength is good Next they should let Boting cross Give me your leg Didi you crawl over Okay SLowly You crawl over Hold onto me It’s okay, I’ll pull you He crossed You hold onto me I’m coming, don’ let go I won’t let go You’re smart Come up [Second stepping stone, answer the question] [Three questions in total, the stone will get steeper] [What is the fruit shown in the picture?] Dragonfruit Wait, we’re not done [What is the weather of the picture shown?] Storm Wait [What is the sport shown in the picture?] Javelin [Done with the questions, stone stops getting steeper] [Please move to the third stepping stone] It’s quite steep How to cross It’s 45 degrees I guess We’ll go with our original plan Okay? Okay Wait, you move up It’s slippery Just catch that thing there I’ll push you over Wait wait wait, I can’t I have to move up a little more Are you ready? You step on my hands It seems like Sicheng is the spear and Xuxi is throwing him over It works Hold the rope tight Sicheng’s power is good Power But I think it’s because of Xuxi, both of them together Didi, you go over first I’ll help you over first Slowly I’ll hold the rope It’s okay Slowly I can’t get hold of it Gege will carry you over Believe in your gege Okay It gets difficult now Wait wait, we’ll switch place Winwin’s strength must be.. His flexibility Hang in there Nearly fell down Wait wait This is like a cliff Wait wait His strength is good, very good Let’s switch places, I can save some space I can do this Splits like this Good good Help us save some space [Third stepping stone, two questions in total] [The stone will start getting steeping] [What do you do to keep warm in the winter?] Heat generated by friction [What is the blood colour of the snail?] White colour White? not red? [Done with the questions, the stone will stop getting steeper] Teacher Li you’re good Why are you so smart? How do you know it’s white? I can’t do this They’re doing well They have their own roles Two of them using strength and one using brain Teacher Li, look behind We’re at a cliff now I can’t It’s almost 90 degrees [Please move to the fourth stepping stone] How do we cross this time? Do you think you can cross with your power? I think we will stick to the method just now The old method should work It should work I’m thinking if they still have enough strength They are covered in sweat Should we climb higher and biu over Okay, that should be safer You have to jump over, jump harder Okay, I’ll jump harder Our mission is to protect him till the end Even if we fall we can’t let him fall Ok let’s do it Hold this Jiayou Be careful Impressive Super fun, super scary I want to do it again You can jump back andd try it again Come up Careful, slowly Boting, Jiayou Is it okay? Okay Gege you’re good You know what is this method called? Holding with the face Human made bridge Jiayou, gege you can do this This rope is really short Impressive Teacher Li is good If not for him instructing, can both of them do it? Maybe not I think so too We got till here This is too tiring We got to the fourth stepping stone, still going well, we must conquer it We must carry on We’re like Romance of the Three Kingdoms Liu Bei, Zhang Fei and Guan Yu Success is right in front of us [Fourth stepping stone, question] [Stone starts getting steeper] [What is the name of the dwarf shown?] Doc [Correct, stone stops getting steeper] Teacher Li I guessed it, I really guessed it You’re good Teacher Li, you;re good You’re good, don’t be so humble [Now to the final challenge] [In the past, why are the girls known as “Yatou”?] 1. In the past, there is a working procedure for the girls known as “Y” 2. In the past, the girls have “Y” shaped hairstyles 3. In the past, the girls were called “Yatou” since young Firstly, A is definitely wrong Because the maids have to do sewing, cross stitching There isn’t a procedure known as “Y” A is incorrect B is possible, the two hairbuns are in a “Y” shape But there are still people nicknamed as “Yatou” till now What do you think? We don’t know We can guess it Let’s ask our teammates Is it b? Yes B then, let’s go Ok we’ll believe in them Push me there The yellow one How do you cross? You hold onto the rope I’ll have to jump over and catch the rope Just hold onto a part of it and climb up Then wrap the rope tight around your wrist Then you stand up and take the thing in the center Then you push against the wall and jump here This is stunt actor, Jackie Chan okay? Okay Woah, Teacher Li Making full use of their strengths Indeed our Teacher Li Do you believe in Xuxi gege I believe I believe in Xuxi gege too Then I’m gonna succeed Ready? Okay Hold it Our sports champion Take B You’re good, put in your bag Put it in your bag How to put? Help! How do I put it? Hold it with one hand and put it in It’s not open He didn’t open his bag Hang in there You have to jump there Everyone please cheer for me Jiayou Ready? [Can he succeed?] [Commercial, skip to 32.30] Jiayou [It’s a pity, Huang Xuxi failed to escape] Just a little more Just a little more Then it’s us now What to do? Teacher Li You can jump over and try holding it It seems like Xuxi can make it, just a little more He already held on it Then I’ll try We’re depending on you What if I can’t catch that Impossible Impossible, don’t think like this Okay, let’s do it Winwin jiayou, be careful Sicheng gege Jiayou You can do this This is very tiring Wrap the rope around your wrist You won’t fall down like this Be careful Slightly swing over We’re depending on you, please please Try to lightly slide over I can’t do this You can do it, don’t think of it Sorry, okay Jiayou jiayou, you can do this You can do it Swing over jiayou, you can do it [Let go late] [It’s a pity, Dong Sicheng failed to escape] It’s okay, we believe in Boting We have unlimited potentials [Two geges fell, can Boting succeed?] Both geges fell, what do I do? How do I cross? Show your bravery Real man, Jiayou I have to be like gege, I have to be brave I gotta try 3 2 1 Oh no TT [It’s a pity, Li Boting failed to escape] [Adventure failed] The correct answer is B In the past, the girls have a “Y” shaped hairstyle, hence they are known as “Yatou” Even though we did not succeed But you did very well in front Everything went well okay, we will continue to work hard Let’s open the treasure box You obtained three trophies we’ll open it together Three brothers you’re good You were really good in front But it’s a pity, just a little more at the end I want to praise Teacher Li After both of them were eliminated, he wasn’t afraid at all, very brave Applause You’re really good Magic you’re here We have to continue, let’s have Yang benben Reina, reveal the next escape room Roller escape room The members challenging my Roller escape room will be Liu Yangyang HuangGuanheng And Xiaojun Everyone are you ready? [Roller escape room] This is really high up This is my roller escape room These three rollers are my pets Oh, theyre your pets How is it? They look really special Very special Magic is reminding you that you have to answer the questions correctly within the given time If not, my roller will speed up to a scary speed Our chemistry is good, we’re young and strong Our secret weapon is our unity And our brothers are cheering for us too Rollers, show them I’ll see how fast you are I’m sorry It’s quite fast How do we split? I’ think I’ll take the middle one Why? Because I’m strong I’m strong too I think you should take the first one, you know why? Because you can answer faster I believe in him And you like pink Then I;ll go here Remember what’s our secret weapon? It’s us If it spins very fast I’ll start running I can’t see you guys You guys got to help me [Roller escape room starts now] [Everyone has to answer two questions as fast as possible] [After 100 seconds, the roller will reach its maximum speed] Time is really important [Countdown starts] After how many seconds? 100 That’s fast I’m here, don’t be afraid [Huang Guanheng, please answer the first question] [In Andersen story, what is the name of the small girl who came from a flower?] Snow white I know it’s Thumbelina Thumbelina [What is the name of the mirror that concaves and convex, forming weird images] Convex mirror The one in the carpark Haha mirror/distorting mirror It’ll make a person look weird and it’ll make them laugh So It’s called haha mirror [huang Guanheng roller will stop] Jiayou [Liu Yangyang, first question] [What is the toy known as the China puzzle?] I dont know Tangram You guys hang in there [Besides I, which letter cannot be used in China vehicle plate?] I don’t know, I don’t drive ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ The correct answer is O This works too Do you know why it is O, because O is very similar to 0 [Liu Yangyang roller stops] It’s tiring It’s my turn, help me I’ll help you look at the questions I’m exhausted [Xiaojun, first question] [Where is the origin of pug dog?] The UK, I raised one before Help us China China [In Journey to the West, who is known as “Ping Tian Da Sheng”?] Easy I don’t know What isit? “Six ears monkey” Bull Demon King Luckily I read it before [Commercial, please skip to 43.08] What’s wrong? I’m done answering [It’s a pity, Xiaojun failed to escape] You fell down? I thought you got it right? Why did he fall? It speeds up a little, then he fell I thought you got it right? Bull Demon King Xiaojun is gone This pit is bottomless, can’t hear him I think we can’t let our guards down even if we got it correct Hi Magic, you are here again [You are going the enter the final challenge, and you’ve lost one member] You got to work hard Ok, we’ll Jiayou It starts right away [Final challenge starts now] [Memorize the characters in the picture and form an idiom] It’s easy You memorize those in front, I’ll memorize the ones behind Ok I’ll memorize the front The first six Ok ok, my turn What are they doing? Form an idiom I forgot the first six Jing Tian what? I don’t know Shi Po Tian Jing [It’s a pity, Huang Guanheng failed to escape] What’s the answer? Shi Po Tian Jing [Correct, congrats, you passed the roller escape room] Success Congrats for your success Open the treasure box [You obtained four trophies] it’s heavy [Let’s continue] It’s so tiring My legs are jelly now It’s like you climbed 10 mountains Its like I climbed 10 floors I got it at first, but it was slippery But you guys were great You have fully shown your chemistry in this escape room Of course Next, all members will go to the cliff escape room Skechers kids wish that the two babies will have a great time Let’s go Woah, this is really high This is scary Only this bit of space Welcome to my cliff escape room I’ve split you up into two teams Let’s walk towards the cliff Don’t jump in before we start It’s better if she stands in the middle Be careful of my stone pets The cliff escape room starts This is so scary Did you get a shock? Yes The stones from the left will start coming out Stones from the right, come out Wait, mine became like this Game starts, Jiayou [Cliff escape room starts now] [Qiankun, please answer] [What is the model of Skechers kids shoes that lights up with seven colours and is chargable?] Skechers S-light [Correct] [Dong Sicheng, please answer] [What is the previous phrase of “Qin Zei Xian Qin Wang’?] She Ren Xian She Ma [Correct] What? Teacher Li is so impressive Say it *Reciting the poem omg Don’t fall down I won’t fall [Reina, Please answer] [Which fruit is also known as “Mi Wang”?] I don’t know It’s okay Watermelon Peach Skip Say the lines Quick quick, Reina I’m going, I’m exhausted Xiaojun *lmao [It’s a pity, Xiaojun failed to escape] The correct answer is mango [Next, you will get to pick the members to answer] [Huang Guanheng, please answer] [In the lullaby, “I’m a painter” what is the first spot that he painted?] House Roof Wall [Correct, Roof] [Huang Guanheng, please choose the next person to answer] Li Boting, please answer No, it’s too easy for him [Li Boting, please answer] [In China, what is the largest region?] An Hui Xin Jiang [Correct, please choose the next person] Qiankun gege You want to make me fall [Qiankun, please answer] [What kind of fish is used to artificially breed ornamental fish?] Carp Dragon fish Shark Tuna Crucian carp [Correct, please choose the next person] Liu Yangyang [The earliest stamp came from which dynasty in China?] Tang dynasty Ming Dynasty Qing dynasty [Correct, please choose the next person] Qiankun We have to eliminate Kun ge After eliminating him, I’ll see how the two of them answer Qiankun [Qiankun, please answer] [The dish “Ants on tree” is related to which historical figure?] Who’s there? Liu Bei Zhu Yuan Zhang [It’s a pity, Qiankun failed to escape] [The correct answer is “Dou Er” [Dong Sicheng, please answer] [Which two colour can a frog distinguish?] Red and blue, red and green Blue and white, black and red Black and white [Correct] Woah, I guessed it I think Don’t pick Ten If I pick Ten he’ll lose immediately If not, Guanheng first You guys be kinder Guanheng first, then we’ll keep Reina to the back [Huang guanheng, please answer] [Some people have X as the last letter in their identification number, what does X represent?] I’m falling [It’s a pity, Reina failed to escape] [The X represents 10] I’m sorry Why is it 10? If it’s ten, it’ll become 10 If it’s X, it’s 10 [Huang Xuxi, Please answer] [The famous drawing, Mona Lisa, which feature is she lacking?] Mouth Ears Adam’s apple Eyebrows She doesn’t have eyebrows [Correct] [Huang Xuxi, please choose the next person] You guys be kinder I’ll pick Guanheng Come on [Huang Guanheng, please answer] [The phrase “Si Liang Bo Qian Jin” relects which rule?] Principle of leverage Don’t hi five, I’m going to fall [Please pick the next person] Yangyang [Which book from Wang Xi Zhi is known as the “Number one book in the world”?] Lan Ting Ji Xu You guys are too good There are only two people left Li Yongqin then [Li Yongqin, please answer] [What is the tribe that lives in this house as shown in the picture?] Liao tribe,Li tribe, Zang tribe [Thai prince China tribal tour] Han tribe Wei Wu Er tribe Tai tribe I don’t know what other tribes Wa tribe, is there a Wa tribe? Li tribe [Li Yongqin, please choose the nexxt person] You picked me? Teacher Li, Jiayou [Li Boting, please answer] [The phrase “Xuan Ran Da Bo” came from which period?] *The commerical lines to skip this queston [The correct answer is “Dong Ting Hu”] [Li Boting please choose the next person] Huang Guanheng gege [Next is a brain teaser question] [How many brothers does Aladdin have?] 3 2 12345678910 [Correct] [Huang Guanheng, please choose the next person] Didi Teacher Li [“Shu” is also known as what kind of plant?] Vegetables Garlic You try garlic GArlic, onion Cabbage [It’s a pity, Li Boting failed to escape] The correct answer is beans [Huang Guanheng, please answer] [What are migratory birds known as?] Crow, wild goose seagull Greenfinch Sparrow Woodpecker Vulture What birds? He is becoming a bird “Hou Niao”/migratory birds [Correct, Huang guanheng, please pick the next person [It’s a pity, Huang Guanheng failed to escape] [What is the name of the mysterious creature in the Chinese mythical legends?] What’s that thing called “Pi Xiu” Lions, tigers, say everything Orangutan, rabbit, dog Dinosaur Dragon Rat, cow, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake , horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog, pig All not Bye didis [It’s a pity, Dong Sicheng failed to escape] The correct answer is “Tao Tie” a mythical creature [What does “Ren” in “Peng Ren” (Cooking) means?] Go down [After a century…] Please go down I beg you I’ll not fall Forget it We won [It’s a pity, Li Yongqin failed to escape] Congrats to Huang Xuxi and Liu Yangyang The correct answer is “cooked food” Both your strength and brains are good Congratulations, you obtained three trophies Open the treasure box I think you should hold two of it I’ll just take one Take all three I’ll just take one Lets go to the treasure escape room [WayV the strongest, conquering the challenges Li Boting ends up with nine trophies Reina obtained four trophies Lets enter the treasure escape room You have finally reached the treasure escape room We have to make your angels appear The door Let’s open the door Magic magic magic They’re inside Let’s go in You’re finally in treasure escape room Each of you has 65 seconds to hunt for treasures Okay Countdown starts 65 seconds Go! Upstairs Take everything It can’t fit anymore Give me this I’ll take this bag You go up Have you taken everything? Countdown 30 secods The stone gate is coming down Faster Let’s go Faster faster The treasures he obtained The treasures she obtained You took all of my treasures The winner for today is Li Boting He will receive lessons from 51Talk App Say Hi to your teacher Your stone castle adventure will end here