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Attention! In this video, localized variations of translations of words and names like “Flowey”, “Papyrus”, “Hotland”,etc, and characters Chara and Frisk are mentioned in masculine gender (that’s not about the subtitles) There are no “sinless” works, and finding sins lets you to look at your favorite thing from a new side. If the work is really good, there are no sins, that can make it bad. The author of video didn’t select his voice and diction, and in this video you will only hear successful doubles from more than 4 hours of voice. The author of video spent a lot of time for this video, so he doesn’t want to spend even more time on arguing about if he is right or wrong. Instead of criticism, you should better help him to find sins he didn’t notice. ALL SINS OF UNDERTALE ALL SINS OF UNDERTALE (Spoiler alert) Humans and monsters are different biological species, not races 7 children have already gone on the Ebott mountain, except protagonist, but instead of searches and missing investigations, it was written as a legend and forgotten. Civilized world doesn’t work like that. And how could this actually turn into a legend, if the first fallen human was Chara, who fell there not really long ago, according to the year. Other people fell after them. Where did the legend come from? Moreover, why children suddenly started to go on the mountain and fall in it one by one? No one fell in all the last years after all. And yes, it’s impossible, that no one but 8 kids ever tried to explore the mountain from legends. Do you want to tell us, that all 8 children absolutely identically stumbled stupidly and fell down? A child fells down flat from a huge height, but, of course, doesn’t get a scratch. There cannot be two Sanses in the game. But there easily can be two Gersons. The room where the main hero appeared absolutely doesn’t look like one from the intro. Who stole the pillars? Flowey wants to kill us, but for some reason he decided to explain gameplay elements first Flowey can easily kill us with a cool attack, but instead of this he throws little pellets and gets angry, if we don’t let them hit us. Cliche: the villain draws time, until the hero is saved at the very last moment. And if Flowey knows, that we talked to him, but then quit the game, then why does he repeat everything again? If determination fills us for any reason, then why can’t we save game at any place? Puzzles are an important part of underground’s life, and that’s why they all are one-time. No one will restore them for the whole game Except these holes on the floor, which somehow can self-restore. And many of these “puzzles” can be easily completed by blind – deaf – dumb person, because it’s impossible to make a mistake at all. The dummy has flown away, but it still stands on it’s place. Some of locations have different light level and light sources, while it’s bright in others locations just for no reason. We can commit our first kill in front of Toriel, but she won’t see or hear anything. We found Toriel behind the pillar, but she still pretends that she’s not there That’s good, that the developers have foreseen the moment of expectation, and Toriel will call us sometimes. What is bad is that she will never come, even if you stand on one place for a year You should finish the idea, or not to do it at all, because it looks like Toriel thought for a while and decided to cast us aside. A little child can flirt. Weird… In the same room some characters can be seen, while others appear from nowhere. You feel like the scum of the earth, because you took a candy. Killing monsters without conscience torments? Fine! Taking 3 candies? That’s a real crime! Froggit offers us to spare other monsters, despite they try to kill us with no mercy. Then why are they better, than humans? What should potential murders be spared for? Do you think they don’t know what they’re doing? But Ignorance does not relieve responsibility!

brain teaser for adultsBut Ignorance does not relieve responsibility! A weak child can kill monsters with a stick. Sometimes even with only one hit even on the first level of violence, when this just physically has to be impossible. We get a message that nobody came, And then this “nobody” keeps not-coming again and again. Annoying! A sign hints to push 3 rocks, except the fourth, alive rock, but in fact, 2 other rocks are just decorations and touching them makes no sense. Even if we have already started genocide and murdered everyone in ruins, a conversation with the rock doesn’t change, and we didn’t even try to kill it. Even if we have already acted to peacefully spare monsters, they will keep trying to kill us. Reluctantly, but still. Even if we kill everyone on our way, monsters will keep appearing in front of us with no reaction on everything we did. Even at the end, when we will have a maniac reputation. Monsters are so selfish, that they have no reaction on their comrade’s death. Except some couples. You mean “it’s neither my headache nor my piece of cake!”? If monster’s health decreases enough, they can be spared. For some reason, they don’t flee even if they’re close to death. Bravery and stupidity. And they’re just civilians, not soldiers, they have no reason to fight till the end. The ghost want’s to be alone, and that’s why they lay down right on a thin trail, blocking everyone’s way. Hypocritical asshole! “Flee” button disappears whenever developer wants. It’s an anti-social ghost, why cant we flee them? The ghost told that they are incorporeal, but somehow they could block our way with their body. Items of murdered kids are everywhere, like some sort of garbage. Nobody took them, or threw them away… And that’s habitable territory, where citizens are everywhere. Froggit tells, that Toriel come out from here with some groceries. From where? This little balcony? Despite the ruins are full of monsters, here they look absolutely empty. Could they at least add some light to the windows? And yes, ruins are just a long corridor with few impasses. There are neither high buildings, nor some locked doors, nor inaccessible passages. Where did all this town come from? And also, why is this place called “RUINS”? There are no wrecked buildings, monsters do live here, everything here is like the rest of underground. It’s not even abandoned. Toriel notices our injuries, while other monsters don’t. Or they don’t want to notice? They definitely are villains! Leaves always fall down. Forgot to say, why. Needles don’t fall from pine trees in the forest like this. Toriel doesn’t wear socks, but has a full locker of them. Caring mommy puts food right on the floor. What furniture is made for then?

brain teaser for adultsWhat furniture is made for then? Toriel’ll be angry at us and getting us from basement instead of just going there and destroying the exit. The most stupid excuse I’ve ever seen Ask any child if they will refuse tasty food just because it’s too big. You just don’t want to give us more medkits Toriel tells us, that Asgore will kill us, like other kids. If Asgore kills them himself, then why their items are dropped in all the underground? Was he really running through all these corridors with his pitchfork? That’s especially about a ribbon and a knife in ruins. Did Asgore get there too? So where were you, Toriel? And if Asgore really killed all of the previous kids, then why is he just waiting for us at the end of the underground this time? It’s all too controversial. Toriel had to send to death 6 kids to understand, that it’s better not to do it. Toriel attacks us with her back. Other characters turn around first. Toriel has visible injuries on her face, but when she falls on her knees, they disappear Only on the seventh attempt Toriel understood, that it’s a bad idea to limit child’s world by one poor location. Toriel talks about her loneliness, but she lives at a place with a lot of monsters, and sometimes even whispers to Sans. World’s best mom asks us not to come back. Yeah, so we didn’t come for help in case of something bad. And this is the character we have to empathize with? Even pacifist hero looks detached, and prefers to look at the wall, but not the one who the scene goes with. Well drawn and full of details locations are always diluted by awful, empty, monotone corridors. I wonder, how these saves with determination work? Does the underground exist in a separate dimension, and saves doesn’t exist in the rest of world? And if all the world resets, than why could Flowey do it all the time, when we already existed? Why did our power activate only after getting to the underground? Why did we intercept Flowey’s power only now? That’s why gameplay elements shouldn’t be put in the plot. Flowey naturally falls through the earth. Doesn’t even leave holes. This exit door from ruins is a complete mystery. If it’s always locked, what other monsters say, than how could we just go through it like this? And then why did Toriel try to seal it, if it was already locked? And if it WASN’T locked, than why Toriel communicated with Sans through it instead of going out and talking normally? This is not a door, this is a complete fail. There’s a snowy forest in the underground cave. How and what for? And, of course, forest is an impassable wall. Favorite trick of game – designers: we don’t wanna make big open spaces, and that’s why we’ll make any dumb reason to not to let player leave a thin trail. What did Papyrus tried to block the bridge for, if it wouldn’t let him get humans, who came from ruins. Papyrus told about Sans’s puzzle’s recalibration, despite only one of them doesn’t work: the word puzzle. What he had to recalibrate? * Just a dark cave, filled by skeletons and scary monsters.* Sans would be good at searching sins What’s the use of camera behind the checkpoint? Is it so interesting for Alphys to look at Sans’s butt and his bottles of ketchup?

brain teaser for adults Is it so interesting for Alphys to look at Sans’s butt and his bottles of ketchup?

brain teaser for adultsIs it so interesting for Alphys to look at Sans’s butt and his bottles of ketchup? And this will be like this again and again. Something tells us the exact amount of monsters we have to kill Despite there are definitely more of them here. We didn’t decide anything: the game made a decision instead of us. So we can kill a lot of monsters, or even destroy the world, But calling stranger’s number is such an extreme, that the game doesn’t allow us to do it. Characters like Snowdrake are unique, but for some reason they attack us again and again. We kill bosses with one hit, but regular monsters are killed as usual. Don’t we want to kill monsters as much as bosses, and that’s why we deal less damage? In the pacifist route there can be turning a monster with hands and legs into a motionless, disabled piece of ice. Why does Doggo hint us how to defeat him? What’s the use of fighting then? And yes: you have to move, to pet Doggo, to hit him or to play with a stick, and that’s why he couldn’t just skip us. You can kill a monster in front of Sans, but he will have no reaction. Getting absolutely identical pieces of snow does nothing with snowman in the pacifist route, but for some reason, he dies on the genocide way. Why Papyrus’s words don’t let us go? Who will actually agree to be electrocuted by some freaky skeleton’s wish? For some reason, Papyrus leaves traces only in this place. Even if it’s because there’s a maze here, he had to leave traces when he came here from left to right. Electrocutions deal no damage. Can’t he really see, that he showed the solution of his puzzle himself? A snowball melts, rolling in the snow, while it has to be vice versa. And yes, we walk like it’s snow, but a snowball rolls, like it’s ice Monsters hate Jerry. OK, that’s their choice, but why do we run away from Jerry, like we hate him too? And again someone lives far away, but in the main part of the forest, where we walk, there is nothing like a descent to that valley. Monsters turn in the dust with their clothes and other things, despite they are definitely not parts of their bodies. Before this we just came through the puzzles, But on the last one we just stand still and wait. And if weapons and armor are items of the fallen kids, than how can we buy an unlimited amount of them? * Please, spare my family. * I wonder how can we hurt the shopkeeper’s family, if they evacuated with others. And if monsters started to escape in advance, then why didn’t they take these guys with them? Forgot to tell them about the evacuation? It would make much more sense, if we didn’t have to meet these monsters as usual, but had to search everywhere, to take them out of their shelters and to kill them. Did monster kid’s parents cast them aside while the evacuation? We’ll never find out the answer. For some reason, monsters don’t attack us in the towns. If battle is something like a game for most of them, then safe places are not supposed to be in the whole underground for us. Wait, did the workday of all of these guys finished right after we entered the town? What a coincidence! And how can Doggo and lesser dog be here, if they left behind, and had to get through us? Can they teleport like Sans? Best traditions of JRPG:

brain teaser for adultsBest traditions of JRPG: decorative buildings are blocked buy each other and walls. So it was impossible to enter or leave. Yes, we know, that the sign is misspelled, but we’ll do nothing with it. We are so busy! These gates have no physics. Papyrus can see the dust of monsters on us, but other monsters can’t. Even Toriel, who actually touched us. Monsters, and some of bosses have schematic background instead of black screen, but looks like others don’t deserve this. What’s the poimt of threatening by a special attack, if we can’t give up or flee anyway? Papyrus turns into the dust only partly, while other monsters can’t do like this, including his brother. There are so few moments, when we can say something or even to express our discontent. At any other cases, we will have to listen to everything silent, and endure everything what is told to us and done with us. For few seconds, we get an ability to run very fast, and then it disappears forever Papyrus lives in this town, But he doesn’t care about the fact that all citizens fled because of us. I wonder: if Papyrus didn’t offer to be just friends now, would there be a bedroom scene? If it’s okay not only to flirt for child here, but even to date. Papyrus picks the phone, and says nothing. Killing monsters in the forest, we make Snowdin’s citizens to flee, But if we spare Papyrus, Waterfall’s citizens won’t flee. Where’s the connection? Did they look and said like: “Oh, they didn’t kill that skeleton, so everything’s OK, cancel the evacuation? The only time in the whole game, when we can see the door we can’t enter. What for is it there then? If our target is just killing everyone, then why don’t we touch the monster kid every time? Here they are: just hit them! Nothing special: just the cycle of huge rocks in nature. Do you want to tell us, that kids climbed on the mountain in a tutu and ballet shoes? By the way, what made kids to leave their outfit? You mean, that girl took off her tutu and went away just in her underwear? Or Asgore undresses children and drops their outfit after their death? An idea with changing illumination would be cool, If the only reason of it wasn’t only Undyne’s presence nearly. Where did the light from the side go? Did Undyne take a floodlight with her? Undyne and Papyrus are good friends, but here she acts detached and cold, to not to spoiler that. For some reason, in some places Papyrus and Undyne don’t answer our phonecalls. Flowers are on a huge distance from each other, but the dialogue didn’t stop, like the interlocutors stopped their conversation until the next flower. COMBO: a useless and annoying character in a boring and monotone corridor. We kill Shyren, but we don’t touch her agent. When we walk, we shake up and down a little bit, but our reflection doesn’t. Somehow, Asgore’s castle is seen here, but uncertainly, we can’t just go there straight. If Undyne can easily get to our road, then why does she attack us from distance, instead of just jumping to us? Undyne penetrates the trail from below, but her spears fly from above again. First 2 times with the light like this we had a long shadow under our legs, but this time we don’t have it. Who and why built here a trail, which goes to nowhere? Finally, we met face to face, so what will Undyne do? Of course, she’ll cut the bridge! I wonder, how was she going to get our soul? To get down and search it in the junk? Of course, when you fall from a big height, your first reaction is saying your name. And of course, we survive thanks to rubber flowers, which absolutely accidentally grow there, where we fell. Moreover, Undyne doesn’t go down for us. She’s just moving on. Was she 100% sure about our surviving? Why did she cut the bridge then? If Napstablook didn’t want to interrupt us, then how and why did they drop their tears in the dummy? Do they cry 24/7 for no reason? The dummy wanted to fight us forever, but now, when no one can interrupt them, they, of course, changed their mind. The ghost is incorporeal, but they can easily use real things. Is there a megaphone in Napstablook’s player, so the music could be heard on such a big distance? An old cheapskate tells about a discount he didn’t make even at the end of pacifist run. Shopkeepers know who is in front of them, and what’s their target, but they still sell us items, and don’t even think, that we’ll destroy the world thanks to them. What the idiots! This fish definitely puts floodlights everywhere and controls the light level, doesn’t she? Before this Undyne was just trying to kill us, but now she decided to talk. This passage wasn’t here a moment ago. It appeared from the air. The ones who put the signs with the history of monsters, looks like thought, that someone will jump from a bridge to the scrapyard, and keep going, to read all this in the right order. We are warned about unfinished monsters only once and only here. And in other locations – guess it yourself. We can hear monster kid’s voice, but we can’t hear Undyne’s voice. An epic fail: If Undyne planned to fight exactly here from the beginning, after telling the story of her people, then why the hell was she trying to kill us so much before this? Even if we suggest, that first 3 times she was just making us to get there, than here she was definitely going to fight with no stories. What’s wrong with her? *WHY SHOULD I TELL THAT STORY WHEN YOU’RE ABOUT TO DIE!?!* Despite this, Undyne would be good at finding sins. *WHY SHOULD I TELL THAT STORY WHEN YOU’RE ABOUT TO DIE!?!* But no, a question to her: what for do you fuss in front of the one you are going to kill? It’s a dumb cliche! Even if we kill somebody in ruins, which were locked for a very long time, Undyne will know about this somehow. And she is 100% sure about our motivation. Even if we only fought her guards, who are actually warriors, not citizens, and some of them tried to kill us purposefully. But no: in Undyne’s opinion, we still commit evil, and the ones who attacked us with no mercy are innocent victims. That the members of other families won’t go back home is bad, but that we – someones child – won’t go back home too is OK. Deaths of other monsters is our wish, but our injuries and pain is not a wish of ones who attacked us. HY-PO-CRI-SY. In the monologue about murdered Papyrus, Undyne doesn’t take her helmet off, but the dialogue window changes like she took it off. Undyne knows, if we kill a little frog in ruins, but she doesn’t know, what we did with her best friend, like it’s not obvious. Moreover, she makes this speech about Papyrus, regardless of how many monsters we killed. That looks especially weird, if we stopped the genocide on a monster kid, and left 3 empty locations behind, what Undyne knows about, but still, she only talks about Papyrus. And, finally, Undyne knows about ones we killed, but she has no reaction, if we helped everyone and showed us as a very good person. And this is the character we have to empathize with? What, damn it? She wants to kill us, why does she give us a spear, so we protected ourselves from her? What the women’s logic is this? So that’s the reason! She wanted a fair fight! So, dropping spears like at us from a distance, or cutting the bridge is a fair fight? She also wants to show us, how strong are monsters. Of course, defeating a little child is a huge achievement for a big and cool warrior, isn’t it? Somehow, Undyne guessed our intentions, but we didn’t show, that we’re planning to destroy everything and everyone, not only the monsters. And if everybody thought only about stopping us, they wouldn’t hide, but would get together and crush us. Here we definitely wouldn’t have a chance. Even after close to death Undyne understood the danger and transformed to defeat us and save the world, she still gives us a spear for the self – protection. Undyne talks about consuming 6 souls by Asgore, but when we get to him, he definitely didn’t use them and didn’t become stronger. So, it’s all Alphys’s fault, who didn’t even call Asgore? After showing all of their attacks, defense of some bosses suddenly decreases. It was told in the library, that they don’t want to fight, so they get weaker, but it’s not so: they keep fighting with all their power forever. If you kill Undyne in front of Sans, he… will just disappear somewhere. Logical. Every time, when Undyne gets us, she tactically gets back, so you can push her out of the room. no matter, how many monsters you killed, Undyne turns around on this moment, and leaves, forgetting about her holy mission. But nobody bothers her to take her armor off and continue fighting. So this is how she “never gives up”. I wonder, what can’t let Alphys put those barriers everywhere, turn off the lifts, and cut our road with any possible way? But no, instead of this she will close passages we don’t need, and will put a shortcut until Asgore’s castle. So, Alphys evacuated everyone? Yes, except those guys. What an irony, that after the “evacuation” we have to kill the biggest number of monsters. Why does Mettaton worry, if his armor makes him invisible, regardless of our LV? Mega epic fail: Alphys was spectating us, but she has no reaction about ones we killed. Even if we were on the genocide way, making everyone in Waterfall and Snowdin flee, and stopped on a monster kid, Alphys will keep acting friendly and carefree. WHY? Damn it, in her ending she will say, that she saw, how we hurt people. Why she has no reaction now? And this is the character we have to empathize with? We can find out, that Alphys has feelings about Undyne. But she also has same feelings about Asgore. Then why do we have help her to be with Undyne? What’s the point of informing us about the double love, if it doesn’t affect anything, doesn’t give us any choice and won’t even be mentioned in the future? Developers had to make Alphys’s hitbox bigger, so we didn’t fuse with her while talking. ALPHYS updated status.* just realized i didn’t watch undyne fight the human v. v Why can’t Alphys watch recordings? ALPHYS updated status.* just realized i didn’t watch undyne fight the human v. v Or her cameras don’t have such a simple and required option? Right, if we killed Undyne, Alphys would see that, and developers had to make alternative scenes in Hotland. Laziness is power. For such a number of Hotland’s citizens, you could make at least something like houses. Now a little child is also a great psychologist: understood, that this couple has mutual sympathy and easily guessed how to put them together. What the super power is this? Doing so easy that, what not all of adults can do? And also: it’s just gameplay, but those two really try to kill us, so they fight for real, unlike many other monsters. So these actions, like “whisper” or “clean armor” look really dumb. Just imagine, how somebody is trying to kill you, and you are cleaning them and whispering. ALPHYS updated status.* oopswait how’s the human doing And again Alphys “didn’t see” our battle. What still makes no sense, because we could kill Hotland’s regular monsters all this time, and she won’t comment it. Or she turns around from cameras absolutely accidentally every time? Alphys offers us to call her, but we have neither this option, nor internet access. Guards realize, that we killed Undyne and stuff, but for some reason we can still put them together, spare, and they forget about our crimes. LOGIC. Bosses, who want to kill or hold us, have problems with their motivation. Sans gave a promise, Papyrus is all so friendly, Undyne with all her determination just gives up, and for Muffet it’s enough, if we don’t hurt spiders. And they all know about worth of our soul, and that it’s the last one of 7 required souls. So, if they understand it, why do they stop on a half-way? When they don’t kill us, they don’t show themselves as good people, they only prove their weakness, that they can’t work for everyone’s good, and prefer to rot with everyone in the underground. They have enough of willpower to hit the child half to death, but not to finish everything. We are trapped in the web on a distance from Muffet, but we still can hit her, like we have 6 ft long hands. EXP for Muffet’s death is given only after her spider’s scene. After Muffet’s fight, sticky web turns into a normal road. Sans can teleport. Why couldn’t he get througn the door and have a normal conversation with Toriel? Authors decided not to explain, what can EMPTY gun shoot by. Poor girls want a glamburger so much. How bad, that we can’t sell it to them, or even to give it for free. Papyrus and Undyne call us to farewell, but they have no reaction, if we come back from the core. That’s especially weird, when we come back after battling Flowey: suddenly, Undyne asks us for a favor like we didn’t go to the final. Two shadows appear, but only one monster attacks. *Wh. . . why are there so many monsters here? One monster in the core is a lot, but the crowd we came through before is OK. Cooling system of the core is based on 2 things: wolf, who throws the ice, and a lot of vent valves. When the wolf stops dropping the ice, nothing happens to the core, it just keeps working. Then why was he there, if everything’s OK without him? And here everything is vice versa: one shadow, but a lot of people. What’s wrong with your arithmetic? Somehow, Mettaton can differ a fatal hit of the one, who want’s to destroy the world, from a fatal hit of the one, who doesn’t want to destroy the world. We supposedly need monster’s soul, but in fact we don’t: Asgore’s soul is destroyed, but we can still leave the underground. Another lifeless town. And why is it so grey? There are normal monsters here, there is a colorful Asgore here, who has a colorful garden. What’s the point of these 50 shades of grey? And again, there is no the road to this town. Do they all fly or teleport here? These tiny buildings in the black gulf look very weird. Why did Asgore put padlocks here, if he wrote, where the keys are? This is not what they’re made for. And how could he lock them from that side, if the keys are here? Suddenly, monsters decided to come and tell us a sad story. No matter, how many of them we killed, just like with Undyne: talking is the most important. Here we suddenly find out, that there are a lot of Snowdrakes, Shyrens and dummies. So what’s the point of their performance as unique ones before, if they are not unique? According to the phrase “you’re going to be free”, narrating monsters don’t know, that we are a human too. But actually, all the underground has to know about it, at least thanks to Undyne. You have the internet, TV, and the mobile network there. How can such an obvious fact can be not known by everyone? And if they think we’re a monster, then why do they tell us a story we already have to know about? The light falls from one exact side, but unlike Undyne’s meetings, the shadow is not drawn for us here. Sans tells us about the pain we can deal to others, but he says nothing about other monsters, who really wanted to kill us. He judges only us. And this is the character we have to empathize with? You refused to hurt anyone, – said Sans, but we could actually beat everyone to half death, and sparing them after this, technically staying a pacifist. “It’s time you learned the truth”, – said Sans, but a normal player will understand nothing of that what they see at his room and working place. Sans knows, that this is not the first time we fight him, but he keeps repeating his speech again and again. So, Sans knows about the resets, and that’s why he’s so lazy, and that’s why he doesn’t revenge for his brother, etc. But all this had sense earlier, before we came to the underground. An appearance of a new thing, especially the last, seventh human, actually had to wake Sans up, and make him to try to change something. But no, he’s still a lazy guy, despite that routine will be over after our appearance. Only genocide makes him to move a little bit. Sans tires up to dodge, but we don’t for some reason. We get an invisibility for no reason. Why Sans doesn’t let us to move left, like he knows, that we will move the frame and get fight button? Moreover, how does he do it? Can he load saves too? He didn’t show anything like this while fighting. Sans has a perfect logic: We’re almost dead, we need just one hit to lose again, but instead of dropping one more bone, he just stands and waits. That’s what “useless talking” cliche brings to. Sans is like walking away, but it looks like he stands on one place, and we turn to another side. *(It’s as comfortable as it looks.) Yes, when Chara was dead and lied in this coffin, they could define it’s comfort level. Asgore pours the flowers, but he has no watering can. Suspicious. Should i say, that Asgore, like Alphys, has no reaction about monsters we killed, even if we stopped genocide at the end of the game, leaving monsters of the core. But it’s even worse with Asgore, because if we killed Undyne the undying, than Alphys had to evacuate everyone, and tell Asgore about everything. Dang it, even at the end of genocide run we find out, that Asgore was warned by Flowey, not by Alphys or others. Developers, where is the logic? What an irony, that Asgore compares a genocide maniac with a monster, unseeing human in them, despite that humans and their cruelty made Asgore to collect the souls. On some bosses we leave huge visible injuries, while we don’t leave them on other ones. Are you serious? Flower, that dives into the earth and can flee far away any second, just stands in front of us and asks for mercy instead of fleeing? And if it’s because he doesn’t want the world to be destroyed, how can you seriously ask it from the one, who just walks and kills everyone? He had to fight at least, not to surrender. Where did his determination go? Where did that wish to live go? Chara’s motivation makes no sense. What means “erase world and move on to the next”, if there’s no “next”? The world’s destruction causes that nothing lefts. So what’s the point of doing this? And if Chara brakes the 4th wall, and wants to say, that we should move to other games with the same target, this won’t make sense too, because if we leave, Chara will leave here, in the void. The point of screamer is in scaring. Why does the game switch to the window mode? All the impression is ruined! To destroy the world, we just need to hit the screen. Wow! How reasonably! And if the world was destroyed and erased, then where did this howling wind come from? So, not everything was destroyed! If we re-complete, Chara will “destroy” the world again, but they say, that the other way would be better. So what’s the point of hitting the screen again, if it causes nothing now? And, finally, for a character, who talks to the player themselves, and takes their soul in exchange for game’s restoring, Chara is to naive, and doesn’t even know, that it’s enough to delete the save file to undo this deal. Yes, letting characters to brake the fourth wall is funny, but you shouldn’t make it seriously, not only in jokes, it looks too silly. Asgore has too weird definitions of honor: What would he do, if we tried to hide somewhere or drown ourselves because of despair? Would he sit in front of barrier forever? Here’s the end! He has to wish to finish all this faster, not to hang in the white corridor of depression. What a coincidence, that everyone, who went to the underground are people with a unique and strongly marked soul character. Looks like usual mortals are not attracted by this rock. All this scene before the fight is very touching, until you realize, that Asgore is completely merciless. And he needs to kill us and take our soul, but instead, for example, letting us go forward, taking us from back and breaking our neck, he makes a fight with an interface breaking. Yes, there wouldn’t be an epic battle without it, but the developers in that case had to make the main hero a cool warrior or a knight instead of a child. There’s nothing normal in that an enormous man hits and burns an innocent child on fire, instead of finishing everything fast and painless. And this is the character we have to empathize with? Looks like Asgore can’t use his trident. You need to thrust with it, not to wave like this. Asgore understands, that it’s impossible to kill us, but that doesn’t affect the battle. I wonder, how was Asgore and the others going to use our soul, if it always destroys itself right after our death? That’s an irony to have the strongest of 7 souls, which is also the only unusable one of them. Yes, Asgore, that’s a great idea to offer your soul to the child without explaining what to do with it. Toriel’s soul was destroyed in few seconds, and if Flowey didn’t appear, Asgore’s soul would collapse before we understood what to do with it. And that’s even a greater to offer the child to live together as a family. Despite everyone we killed before, and that he has just tried to kill us. Trust 80 lvl. I already see, how injured child hugs the one who has just fought to the death. Thank you, Flowey, for appearance, because there would be a wery awkward scene. Usually, Flowey kills Asgore right after frase “like family”, but if he decides to continue his speech and kill himself, Flowey doesn’t appear, like he knew this before. Flowey destroys our save file, but in fact he doesn’t. Why couldn’t he really destroy it? Flowey now has enough power to go through the barrier, go to the surface, and do whatever he wants there. In the genocide route he tells, how he is tired of the life in the underground himself. But instead of using this power, he starts to mock us, and as a result, loses a great possibility. Flowey has to see, that the souls rebel and help us, but he decides to do nothing with it, until it’s too late. Cliche: the villain draws time, until the hero is saved at the very last moment. Again? Flowey takes his death worthily, but in the genocide route he asks for mercy. One death is worse than another one? And if it’s in the resets, he couldn’t know, that we will reset the save, and won’t stop on the ending we got, leaving Flowey dead forever. Usually, Flowey dives in the ground, but looks like here he stood up and gone away. Where did the barrier go, if it wasn’t destroyed? And if twilight’s shining through it, why is it so dark now? Alphys suicides if Mettaton dies. And she completely forgets about her love, and leaves her with a broken heart, because living with Undyne and for Undyne is not interesting anymore. Just like in Mettaton’s ending, where Alphys suicides too, forgeting about her friend. Yes, almost all of main characters have a sad story, and you can empathize with them, but the developers made it too bad with Alphys. She’s a dog with one leg: always poor and sad, and killing herself for any reason. Such a character causes contempt, not regret. I wonder, how Mettaton couldn’t find Alphys, if there are cameras in all the underground? Usually, Sans only hints, that he knows, that we can save and load, but here he decided to say that directly. Why? And how are we supposed to save, if the game is already over? Undyne said directly, that we killed someone, but Papyrus doesn’t understand, what she doesn’t like. Doesn’t he mind kills at all? So, monsters dethroned Toriel because of our crimes. So monsters knew, that we killed a lot of people? But why all mistakes I listed are still actual? Monsters still related to us as usual, still didn’t count us as a human, and still told us Asriel’s story. And only here they have recalled bad things, and put them on Toriel. Logic! Somehow, Flowey knows, what exactly we have to do. Especially about Alphys’s date. Yes, he tells us, that he tried everything in the underground, but we wasn’t here then, so he can’t know, how will it be with our presence. That Flowey has no empathy and feelings conflicts Flowey’s friendly affection about Papyrus. How can he miss him? I can’t understand, how and why do we always come back here, if we left the underground. Why do we see Flowey instead of surface? Flowey gets angry at us for killing Asgore, despite he kills him anyway. What a hypocrite! Yes, it’s logical to befriend the one you tried to kill so much for all the underground’s good. Where is that “good”? Does she understand, that it’s a perfect moment to kill us and take our soul? But no: it’s just like with the mad dummy: when there’s a perfect chance, she misses it. Why does she need a giant sword and other stuff, if she uses only infinite spears? Undyne says, that we have chosen golden flower tea, but actually she have chosen it and made it. Why is there “fake attack” action, if we can’t hurt her even with a regular attack? Undyne threatens, and tells us not to touch Asgore, but in the ending she doesn’t mind thet we killed him. Of course, we won’t know, how could monsters recreate human technologies from the wet and rotten junk. Just believe, that it’s possible. * And survived! * He’s a real hero! Gerson is a hero of what? Monsters completely lost! They didn’t make a frag. Of course, in other situations we sometimes can say something, but right now we are completely silent, so Alphys understood everything wrong. And we keep silent until the end. What’s wrong with us? Why would Undyne need to repair her spear, if they’re magical and infinite? * Uhh, hey, would you want to watch a human TV show together??? Last time Alphys offered us to watch anime herself, * Do you. . . like. . . Anime. . . ? but now she completely forgets it. A moment ago, Undyne was in Snowdin as usual, and here she changed her appearance in a second. Why? We’ll never see her like this again. Even in the ending she looks as usual again. I would do the same with Alphys, but it’s very weird for Undyne with mutual sympathy. Instead of telling everything herself, Alphys left a senseless note, and invited us to her evil place, and didn’t even worry about what can creatures there do with the visitors. It looks like all the sins about Alphys, are not mistakes, but intentional attempts of developers to make her the worst character of the game. Congratulations! You did it! Every time we enter the room, the blanket moves again. First three tapes show blackness with the explanations, last two ones are black for no reason. Also, at 2 last cases there was no reason to turn on the camera. Especially to record Chara in coma. What were you thinking by there? Noise of wind and birds is heard, Asriel’s voise is heard, but looks like Chara communicates with telepathy. Yes, to fix a problem, it’s enough to press one button. Best traditions of one button games. One more thing: if Alphys was OK, and she still uses this laboratory, why does it look so dark, abandoned, de-energized, and locked from everywhere? And so is the laboratory. *Badum tss* (He was talking about Alphys first.) Before, Asgore took his fork fast, now he decided to wait, until the unexpected salvation comes. *If you really wanted to free our kind…*You could have gone through the barrier after you got ONE soul…*… taken six SOULs from the humans, then come back and freed everyone peacefully. Yes, Asgore didn’t guess to farm souls on the surface. *If you really wanted to free our kind…*You could have gone through the barrier after you got ONE soul…*… taken six SOULs from the humans, then come back and freed everyone peacefully. And innocent Tori decided to sit on her butt, *If you really wanted to free our kind…*You could have gone through the barrier after you got ONE soul…*… taken six SOULs from the humans, then come back and freed everyone peacefully. and let Asgore keep killing kids, and not to tell him such an obvious solution. *If you really wanted to free our kind… *You could have gone through the barrier after you got ONE soul… *… taken six SOULs from the humans, then come back and freed everyone peacefully. Why is she better than him? And why didn’t they think about the hole children fell to? Even if there’s barrier there, no one told it to us, and there’s no barrier’s light there too. Why can’t you even try to get out through it? How did they all get here, if the only elevator was locked with the grass? When could Alphys fix Mettaton, if he was handless and legless before we went to the laboratory? Well, let’s see, who have we made friends with. So, first one is an irresponsible queen, who fried us first, and then let us go, saying “do not come back”. Then is the lazy skeleton, who didn’t kill us just because of a promise. Then is another skeleton, who is very egoistic, and ready to deal with that his fish friend will kill us, instead of trying to protect us, like monster kid did. Next one is Undyne herself, who tried to kill us all this time, or humiliated us much as she could. Even after “friendship” has began. Then is another egoistic creature, named Alphys, who only used us for her entertainment and increasing her self-esteem. And, finally, Asgore, who have just suddenly changed his mind about killing us, and became such a good guy. So tell me, who of them is really friend? Who supported us all this time, protected us, and helped to move to our target? Right, no one! All of them are using us, laughung at us, and letting us to be in danger everywhere. All the idea of friendship in this game means absolutely nothing, because the way we came through shows, that the only really good character, the only one, who takes care of the others and does everything for them is our main hero – pacifist. And where are Sans’s incredible reaction and ability to teleport now? Poor Flowey: no one explained him, that if you don’t let the player to complete the game, they might stop playing it, not trying to complete it again and again despite everything. So his plan was dumb from the beginning. And again, Flowey draws time, until we’re saved at the very last moment. Come on, this is the most cliched villian in the world! Same fail three times! And again, monsters appear and support us, even if they all were spared by beating them half to death. LOGIC! Thank you, developers, that you turned such thing as a dream into a material thing, that can be eaten, thrown away, or sold in Temmie shop. Before, Asriel used beautiful and spectacular attacks, now, using his “full power”, he attacks with the same weak trick. Our body can’t move, but we can still dodge the attacks. Does our soul really flies out before the flight? Asriel says “every time you die” even if we haven’t died. Why have we decided to save the game while fighting, if we haven’t done this before? We actually have to die, and prevent this from the beginning. Alphys was captured in a lab coat, but now she has changed her outfit. Suddenly, Asriel realized, that we are not Chara. Only after all the journey through the underground and the final battle he could guess it. Couldn’t you just ask it? Same thing about us: Why the hell were we OK with Flowey and Asriel calling us by not our name? So, as we see, we control the human named Frisk, but, as we find out, we name another one, named Chara. And if we act bad, Chara gets our body, but if we act good, Frisk wins. The history is silent about how exactly were those two characters connected in one body. Think about it yourself. *I’ll stop being able to feel love again. What does the love has to do with it? He’ll only lose his feelings, not memories and understanding his choice. *I’ll stop being able to feel love again. Asriel’s hate about his old shape makes no sense, because he won’t be that old evil flower anyway. “Well, there was a flower, and then somethin’ white, barrier’s gone, so go and walk, OK?” What’s this dumb reaction on the fact you got an unexpected salvation, that no one was counting on? You could also forget about it and go home, that wouldn’t be worse. The destiny of human souls is left behind. They has flown away somewhere, so nevermind. For all the horrible stuff Alphys did with dying monsters, making their lifes worse than death, she has only lost her job. Like Asgore, who has only quarreled with his wife for killing 6 children. During all the game, characters open their mouths and make sounds, saying “. . .” Asriel is so sure about that his state is irreversible, that he prefers to give his parents unwanted immortality Seriously, why can’t he appear in front of them, give them hope, and ask to find the way to return his previous shape? Or, at least, to advise them to be together for him? But no, let them live an unhappy eternity, remembering their lost son. Well done, Asriel, you have Asgore’s mercy! You ruined our happy ending with this pointless self-sacrifice. And this is the character we have to empathize with? And yes, he makes a speech about a lot of Floweys on the surface, but we have already noticed,t that monsters are the ones, who don’t care about the killings. What’s worse: to commit willful evil, like humans do, or to bring destruction and death chaotic, like monsters do? That “Don’t kill, and don’t be killed” DOES NOT WORK, Because no matter, how many people we spared in the underground, they were trying to kill us until the end, until Asgore. All this philosophy doesn’t work HERE, in the underground, where irresponsibility and impunity are in charge, unlike Humans world, where there are laws, human rights and moral standards, which don’t allow humans to be violent Floweys. “If you had said that earlier…” What a comparison: staying with her in a dark and close underground, or on the sunny, open surface. Credits, which describe monster’s destiny, always tell about one of them, but we have already seen, that there are a lot of some Froggits or Shyrens. What happened to the others? And changes we caused did not affect the monsters. Icehat is with his hat we had to destroy for the “golden” ending again, and Gyftrot is in the garbage we had to take off again. All the monsters have 2 variations of ending, but Muffet and royal guards have only one. Some of characters, like Glyde or Jerry, don’t appear in the pacifist credits even if we met them. Looks like, the developers decided, that those guys don’t deserve a good ending. We could be glad about the monsters, that everything will be good, etc, but something tells me, that after they’re released, there will be a lot of conflicts about those manslaughter of humans by monsters. And there might be questions to Asgore about 7 dead children. But, of course, we won’t find out the truth, because there won’t be any human in the final credits. Total sin count: Total sin count: 300 SUBTITLES MADE BY nicvampire.