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Hi and welcome to another episode of mister puzzle today We will talk about the Revomaze blue. It comes in this nice package here I really like it and if we open it up its presented in a very nice way to us Also the box is high-quality Closed by magnets Well done, and the puzzle itself is even higher quality It’s made completely out of metal the sleeve here is made out of aluminum and the inner core piece here is made out of metal The target of this puzzle is to remove this inner core from this aluminum sleeve This one is the blue version which is the beginner version even if it’s the beginner version It said it’s You need about 5 hours to solve it For me it took about 3 to 4 hours to solve it and I would like to discuss and show you today my approach how I solved it my difficulty rating for this puzzle is a 4 out of a maximum of 5 and All we know at this point is according to the name. There’s obviously a maze inside of this since it’s called Revo maze revolution and maze and we need to find a way to somehow open it up I will demonstrate to you now how to use some simple analytical skills to understand what’s inside of this black box This is actually something. I really like on puzzling because working through these puzzles and finding the solutions in a logical manner from my point of view there are only two things that makes learning most effective which is doing something by yourself and Also having fun while you do it, and this is exactly what I’m doing here If you are like me who was interested to improve is analytical and critical thinking skills check out who sponsor today’s episode is a problem-solving website that teaches you how to think like a mathematician or scientist They offer you a huge amount of courses in the field of math science and computer science You can just dive in and solve easy to challenging problems For example you can learn to understand group theory and how it applies to a Rubik’s Cube you can check out solutions for each lesson and Also discuss them with the community so unlike listening and copying Like in a boring school lesson brilliant provides you a very efficient way of learning through active engaging with problems to train your analytical and critical thinking skills To support Mr. Puzzle and learn more about brilliant. Go to and sign up for free and also the first 200 people that Go to that link will get a 20% of the annual premium subscription always keep in mind Investing time and effort in learning something is investing in yourself therefore There are only advantages and getting smarter right so now Let’s continue with the Revomaze to understand what we can actually do with the puzzle We need to look a little bit more detail as I already mentioned in the beginning We have an aluminium sleeve and a metal shaft inside, and we somehow need to get this metal shaft out of this sleeve There’s another piece inside of the shaft Which has actually but this one has actually nothing to do with Solving the puzzle you will understand later what this is for Okay If we look in detail on the puzzle we see that there is a little mark here on the sleeve just on one side of the puzzle so over here and Also when we twist this metal shaft

brain teaser adultsAlso when we twist this metal shaft We will feel at one point some kind of resistance and when you pass this point you can And the resistance disappears so and I also hearing some strange noise. I will just demonstrate it to you Every time I passed this area here this cluck noise and Right in this area when I push here from the top. I will be able to enter the maze like this now I enter the maze and I can try to continue and actually it does not sound too difficult to navigate through a maze But this one is special because I will just demonstrate it to you for example when I’m here and I make the wrong move You hear this noise and now I’m trapped. I’m in a trap I can nearly Pull it out, but in fact. I’m in a trap here, and I can only go back to the beginning this happens in several areas of this puzzle And this makes it much more difficult than a regular standard maze For example this one was locked the trap was somehow somewhere located here when I go in again, and I past this point There’s another one up here, so now I’m trapped again I can move nowhere, but back to the beginning this makes this puzzle very unique and very nice My approach to solve it. I will show you after the spoiler break Okay here we go so at first Let’s analyze again what movements we can do we have the steal shaft and a steel shaft can move in this direction Also, it can rotate around its center, so we have two movements that the shaft can do Before we can define a maze to avoid that we have interference between our Different paths that goes through the maze we need to define some kind of a Scale and this is what I’m gonna do now For the Direction For the shifting direction here, it’s kind of easy because we just can for example I take a caliper we measure here the length And I do know that this is now eight millimeters so the shaft Moved eight millimeters from the reference point which was the starting point here eight millimeters out So we consider these eight millimeters to be one two three four five six seven eight steps in this direction but the one that’s more difficult is the one that is actually the Rotational movement here rotational movement of the steel shaft how do we set the scale for this? well We do it the following way. We measure the diameter of the shaft And this is 24 millimeters so the diameter of the shaft is 24 millimeters. Let me just zoom in a bit Then from this diameter we can calculate the circumference of the shaft, which which is 24 millimeters times Pi then This is around about 75 millimeters, so it means If we do one revolution we We move it a way of 75 millimeters for 360 degree on the shaft itself We have the marking with the serial number, which is this one which helped us Helps us to orientate it to keep orientation while we’re rotating the shaft The width of this mark is five millimeters So what we do now is we divide the 75 millimeters for one complete revolution By five millimeters only for this small piece, which is one step for us right now, so we do 75 millimeters divided by five millimeters And this gives us a Step size, or it Gives us the amount of 15 steps for one complete revolution But we notice when we handle it that If you look here at our reference point

brain teaser adultsIf you look here at our reference point If we go one complete step in the beginning, and we fall in the trap there. We can actually only do a half step And this will enable us to pass Go pass by the trap So we move only to the middle and then we are able to continue if we move a half step further We are trapped so therefore we take this value by by two and We have a now a resolution of thirty steps for one complete revolution of the shaft and We consider now one of these Single squares as one half step So it means in the beginning if we start and we move out eight millimeters we are at this point now we rotate the puzzle by About one step over here Means two squares And now we can go up again. I have to measure again where we exactly are We are at 16 millimeters So I move up another 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 and then if I move one step over here It’s fine if I move two steps I fall in the trap, so I only mark your one step and here the traps I mark in a different color for example I can mark here in red. There is a trap here And here in the dotted line I mark the wrong path to the trap And actually the right paths need to go up here. This is the idea How I marked the complete puzzle I did it this way because this puzzle can be very confusing and if you see the final map it looks much more easy actually than it is it takes you some hours to find this map But if you get at one time From my point of view It’s the right approach to do some analytic or try to find some analytic solution and just not try to keep it in your mind and You need something to to write it down, otherwise you will get crazy if you get a really really Difficult maze so in the end the result of all this mapping is This map here. This is the complete map of The maze that’s inside here We’re starting here at this point and actually these are the first eight millimeters One step to the right up here 1/2 step to the right and so on the red lines Marking the traps that are inside of the maze, and you can see there was also some confusion From my side where to go and you can see also in the dotted lines all the wrong pathways that lead to a trap and also This puzzle is very sensitive so even if you know the correct path if you

brain teaser adults so even if you know the correct path if you

brain teaser adultsso even if you know the correct path if you Move a little bit too far as you can see here in the beginning a little bit too far You already fall into the into the trap so it’s really really difficult, so it’s a it’s a mix between maze and also Dexterity game to be honest so if you look now on my map We can follow this path and the puzzle will be solved and this is what I’m gonna do now I’m starting here I go out the first eight millimeters. I go to the right I go up pass this first trap by only moving a little bit passing it and go back in so I’m now here, and that’s the next trap I go up carefully and move around this edge going down here I move it all the way around here until the next Trap up there and now I will be very careful again to go around here Down again Watch out down here because there’s another trap in this area And you can see I’m only Very very slightly before resetting the puzzle and go in again, so I’m now here go up Over here Careful again passing the trap down here, which is this one going up again? I’m too far now I’m here so I need to go back and over here Following the path So now I’m over here, so I went all the way over here and Now that most difficult for me. It was the most difficult part to complete this puzzle It’s the one that comes now, which is this one here because you move up here, and you need to move completely straight up because there’s a trap and the left and on the right side and Before the trap there is a free Space here, and this is very confusing because here you are free to move wherever you want to go But you need to hit here exactly the right path To pass this trap and there’s another trap over here, so you need to move here And you need to move here at exactly the right movement to get through and this costs you a lot of time And it’s very confusing you can see here my notes. How many times. I corrected them So I just move up very carefully And at one point… I fell into the trap, shit [chuckles] I need to restart that let me just get to the point again, but you have actually seen how sensitive it is So Back again at the same point. I’m now here and try to move over the same areas before very carefully as I said So I’m pushing very carefully with my finger on the top And this time it seems it worked out I’m now here Also now being careful that I will not fall into this trap Move it over here, and that comes the next trap which is this one So I very carefully Move it up And now I’m here and to be honest this area here was very fun for me to solve and took me a lot of time After you passed this area and up you are up here It takes you maybe ten minutes, and you finish the puzzle because this is a little bit disappointing this area

brain teaser adultsIt takes you maybe ten minutes, and you finish the puzzle because this is a little bit disappointing this area It’s repeating three times the same pattern, and then you are basically at then there’s one more trap here And then you are basically at the end So I will just follow the path now going down Carefully down up again, so I’m here going down Up again, I’m here and one more time And I’m here now. I’m here in the one way Going back And now the last trap and only need to pass the last trap Carefully and I’m at the final point which is this one here now I need to somehow open it and this is actually a little bit like a pain in the ass because it’s Somehow stuck sometimes There’s a little pin that need to go down, and it doesn’t work So I will just do it in fast-forward and see if I will be able to solve it Okay here we go so and to the makers of this puzzle really this assembly process in the end is really a pain in the ass you need to somehow improve this Okay We got the steel core Here and here you can see what’s the problem with these With getting the pass allows these pins get somehow stuck here inside, and they are connected here in the inside of this Aluminium sleeve with these two holes back here and If you if they do not drop out of these holes inside of the puzzle Inside of these holes over here this one usually fits But the other one on my sample here gets stuck all the time, and it’s very difficult to get it out Maybe there’s a better trick and then just don’t get it if you know a trick. Let me know if I do something wrong nevertheless There is some Which is pretty nice some kind of certificate inside which is signed by the creator or the owner of the company and It’s kind of a certificate, but actually to be honest, I’d For me it doesn’t matter if there’s one inside or not Doesn’t really increase the value and here you can now see how it’s made And how it aligns here with my painted may if as the maze I noted down here, so actually the start of the puzzle is should be I think over here So we get in here with our pin to the right up and then Passing this trap here, and you can see here. This is the size of the pin And you can see here on the puzzle How small this area is where the pin is running before dropping down and there in the trap and this is maximum a millimeter and Actually, I was quite surprised how well this map fit to what you see here. It’s a one-to-one map of this complete maze and Our analytic approach worked well actually so a great puzzle from quality point of view a clear five out of five except the disassembly in the end And I’m now interested to see if I can also solve a more difficult one. I also bought the bronzer bronze one and this one is stated to have a Solving time of 40 to 60 hours this one was five hours, and also some kind of a dynamic puzzle Which sometimes or which somehow changes its? Solution when you use it actually at least I expected I didn’t solve it so far. It’s much more difficult than this one but Yeah, let’s see if I will do it if you liked this episode Give me a like subscribe to my youtube channel Subscribe to my Facebook page and as always until the next video keep on puzzling