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What’s that helicopter? It’s the Speed Wagon Foundation’s helicopter. They’re looking for a place to land. Speed Wagon Foundation? Old man, they’re your associates whoare taking care of Mom in Japan? Don’t tell me we’re going on that thing next. No, I wish we could hitch a ride… but they’re not Stand users. Should the enemy attack us,we’ll end up involving them. Then…why is that helicopter here? They’re bringing in ‘backup.’ Backup!? He’s got bit of a personality problem… so it took awhile to bring him in. Mr. Joestar… it’s impossible for him toaccompany us on this trip. He cannot be our backup. Do you know him, Avdol? Yes. Very well. Wait a minute. ‘Backup’ would mean… he must be a Stand user. The Tarot card, ‘The Fool’represents this Stand user. ‘The Fool?’ You mean, like an idiot? Sounds like his card is not too bright. You’ll be glad that he’s not your enemy. You’d never beat him! Wha… What did you say, you bastard!? Watch your mouth! Who do you think you are!? It’s the truth. What’s with the hands!? It hurts! Enough, already! The helicopter is landing. Mr. Joestar… we’re glad to see that you’re doing well. Ah, thank you for your trouble. I appreciate it. Which guy… is the Stand user? Which guy is it, I’m asking you. Is it you? No, it’s not us. He’s in the backseat. Seems like…no one’s there. No, he’s there. Hey, hey, what do you mean he’s there? Is he like, an incredibly tiny guy? Come on out, hey! Ah! Watch out!

bizarre adventure jojoAh! Watch out! Be careful… he’s in a bad mood becauseof the rough helicopter ride. What’s this? I told you he has a personality problem. Step back! Polnareff! A… A dog…!? Old man, this can’t be… Yes, this dog is ‘The Fool’ Stand user. His name is Iggy. He loves to pluck human hair. It’s unknown where he was born. The New York dogcatchersweren’t able to capture him… but Avdol finally caught him after much effort. Oh, yes. While plucking at the hair,he likes to fart in the person’s face. Heh. What a vulgar guy. You damn dog! I’ll teach you a lesson! Chariot! Th… This is…!? I…I can’t cut it! To put it simply, it’s a Stand of sand. Simplicity is power. I might not be able punch him either. Hey, help me! Get rid of this dog! Ow ow ow…! Do you have that favorite stuff of his? There’s no way we could’vebrought him here without it. Ah…! Hide the box! Huh? He has a weakness for thecoffee-flavored chewing gum. But he never allows himself to be tamed. What a pain. Take off the darn wrapper before chewing it! How can this thing be our backup!? A dog… Stand user… Here’s the food and water you’ll need for the trip. That contains the medicalsupplies, extra clothes and such. Thank you. Before you leave, I’d like to ask you one thing. It’s about my daughter… How is Holly’s condition? Give it to me straight. Yes… I hate to tell you this… but I can’t say it’s very good. She’s rapidly losing her strength… and her life is still in grave danger.

bizarre adventure jojoand her life is still in grave danger. According to the prognosis of ourSpeed Wagon Foundation physicians… at best…she has two more weeks. I see… Not much time. Damn it! Only two weeks left. What a pain. Now why is this shitty muttallowed to be on the seat… and we have to be in the bed of the truck!? I’m so cramped that my butt hurts! Let’s just wait until the gum loses flavor. When it grows stale, we’ll lure him inthe back of the truck with a new piece… then we’ll grab the seat while he’s distracted. Damn it! Hey, old man… what’s that? Earlier… the helicopter flew off in that direction. This is…! No trace of attack by weapons… It’s like it just slammed into the ground. An accident? Be careful! It’s quite possible this was anattack by an enemy’s Stand. Look… the pilot… he’s dead. Approach with caution. You never know what’s lurking. There are scratch marks on the fuselage. It’s water! So much water… from his mouth. No…from his lungs! It can’t be! He drowned to death… in the middle of a desert! How? Hey… here’s the other one! Are you alright? Hang in there! What happened? Wa… Wa… Water… Mr. Joestar… here you go… Here, it’s water. Drink it slowly… NOOO! The water’s attacking me!

bizarre adventure jojo The water’s attacking me!

bizarre adventure jojoThe water’s attacking me! An enemy’s Stand! The enemy’s Stand is inside the canteen! Shit! Why attack these innocent menfrom the Speed Wagon Foundation? Avdol! Did you see what kind of Stand it was? All I saw was the hand. But, it’s still is inside the canteen. I didn’t see it leave. Jotaro… search for the enemy’s main body! I’m searching for it right now. No good. The main body is not within range of my sight. He seems to be controlling it from a distance. The Stand is small, too. Polnareff. Huh? Attack the canteen. You’re asking me…!? The pilot’s entire head just gotsucked into that little canteen! Which means, puncturingholes in that thing may… No way! I think you’re closer to it… why don’t you just give it your Emerald Splash? I don’t want to do it, either. Don’t tell others to do what you don’t want to do! What kind of twisted mind is that, huh!? This is… Kakyoin! I-It’s got Kakyoin! Kakyoin! Kakyoin! Kakyoin’s eyes…! Polnareff! Don’t panic! Use Chariot to protect yourself! He’s in big trouble! What’s going on? It attacked the pilot’s dead body…!? That’s not it. Not the dead body… the watch. It attacked the alarm sounding from the watch. The sound? It attacks by detecting sounds. Run for the truck, Polnareff! This is bad! Polnareff! Hurry! Pull them up! Not good. Yes…

bizarre adventure jojoYes… we can’t get off the truck. Bastard…how dare he…! I’m starting the truck. What!? Mr. Joestar… don’t tell me you’re running away… For now, the priority is toget away from that Stand! They escaped by truck. Evidently… they now realize that I, N’Doul,can detect their sounds. Although, knowing that… won’t help them much. Since our enemy moves by detecting sounds… it can move freely in thesand without exposing itself. Moments before we notice, it can attack usfrom behind, or from the soles of our feet. On top of that, the main bodycan remain at a distance. How’s Kakyoin doing? Not good. He’s at risk of losing his sight. We’ve got to get him to a doctor right away. Polnareff! What the..!? There’s water inside the glove!? That dog… got out of the truck before my attack. It could be a problem… but I’ll take care of it later. Reduce your speed! Polnareff! Chariot! You piece of shit! I’ll chop you to shreds! Wait, Polnareff! How’s that!? Wha… What the…!? What’s going on… with this…? It combined itself with more water! This is bad! He’ll suffocate! Step back. Magician’s Red! Red Bind! Polnareff! Spit the water outside! Are you alright? What do we do now!? Unless we find the enemy’s mainbody, there’s nothing we can do! Old man! The water in the radiator! Damn it! Everyone…don’t move. Don’t make a sound… I know where all the objects fell. One by one, I will take you out… with precision. What a pain… Not an easy Stand to deal with. But… This is getting really interesting.