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Okay, so here I will attempt to explain all the mechanics of the game as I remember them. As such I could be a tad mistaken on some areas. *Boom* This game falls under the category “games I had when I was a kid but sucked at em hard” As per most of the games in my childhood. So the main attraction here is the Campaign and Historical modes. Historical you can freely select the map and faction you play as. Campaign is for the confederates only in this game. Just a pure run through all the maps with the added responsibility of equipping your troops So here we are the game in all it’s glory. From right to left on the unit stat card we have: The unit leader and his effectiveness (a composite of influence, organization, and loyalty) Unit movement points, number of combat rounds the unit has ammo for, Firepower (effectiveness of the unit based on all factors. Currently 0 as the unit is not in attacking formation) Bars for unit Morale, Organization, and Health, The number of “effective” men in the unit (those who will actually fire their guns in combat), The terrain the unit is on and finally the button to launch a charge attack. The number I put on the unit right now is their “prepared cover” (the cover value if the unit where do “dig in and defend”) Cover helps with minimizing casualties on defense (Duh). It ranges from -5 (complete target dummies) to 6 (Fort Knox) Digging in also gives the unit an opportunity to resupply and for the unit to get a little bit more organized. A normal resupply gives the unit ammo for 8 combat rounds. The cost of resupplying is dependent on the guns they have. So I’ll take a few moments to move my units into position. You have 4 types of units. Infantry, Cavalry, Artillery, and Specialists. Here I launch an atterility attack on one of the union units and damn those guys are looking scary. The power of your cannons depends on numbers and range. Closer range means more effective ammo can be used. As you can see, they are great for softening up those big units before they come crashing in. Now because I have god “full visibility” set for this game everybody knows where everyone is at all times. Sue me. So this will be another turn of getting our collective shit together. This unit here is in a forest. Great cover but fighting in a forest is an organizational mess if your leader is weak. Get these dudes in fighting formation. It hurts organization to do this (meaning less people on the front line in combat)… …so don’t go “grand ol duke of york” on your men. They won’t appreciate it. I think I have the difficulty set to beginner right now meaning movement only costs movement points (same holds true for the other guys). Intermediate gives a flat penalty to organization and health depending on the terrain and unit formation. Advanced factors in your unit leader’s abilities. Thus said, moving units in combat formation takes a larger toll. Here I brought up the unit details including their guns, stats in numerical display, and the number of actual men alive in the unit. Low health and organization will create a large difference between the number of men alive and the number of men on the front line. So I am gonna hold my guys here. Getting caught on that bridge is several different kinds of bad news. Any units that I did not touch will automatically “rest and resupply”, improving their organization and health. Each turn counts as 30 minutes game time except for dawn, dusk, and night. So the AI decided it wanted none of this and pissed off. I’ll just finish setting up my cannon to rain hellfire down at my whim. Then stack an infantry unit on it partly for added protection for the cannon but mostly to get the unit outta the way of the union’s guns. Artillery won’t stand much of a chance against an infantry assault… … but they are surprisingly dedicated to their guns and will hold their ground. There just won’t be many of em left the crazy bastards they are. I start to dig in my dudes for when they get shelled again.

best strategy games pc gamesI start to dig in my dudes for when they get shelled again. Not a lot men in this cavalry unit but damn are they looking good. For the most part, the union has more men and are better equipped but a few of their leaders are hopeless basketcases. The confederates tend to have higher organization, morale, and better mobility thanks to their leadership (if you can keep em alive that is). Here I activate the terrain details showing: Height (firepower bonus based on difference), Cover (Natural/Prepared), and morale modifiers (if any). This turn promises to be as uneventful as the last. Thankfully, my reinforcements are about to come up on the east side of the bridge. With them I’ll start wreaking their artillery and throw a few shells of my on Sherman’s death ball. Well now stuart is knocking on the front door of the Union’s cannons. Beauregard is all set to wreck face next turn. Send some more troops that way… Sherman is gonna be pissed. It’s also high time I got my ass across this bridge. As predicted, the union took offense to my presence. However, he’s caught in a stream. So although his unit is scarier than mine, I’m gonna get his party started. FMVs plays for the combat order, his attack first, then mine. It basically evens out. That star represents a corps commander. This guy is a badass that can really help out the unit he is assigned to. So the way normal combat works is the attackers march up to the defenders, take a face full of lead, and those that are left return fire. After which, if the defenders are still there then they “win” and the attackers return back to their hex. Taking on artillery on mounted horseback generally is not a healthy idea. In this case because of the direction of my attack, if I attack with another unit from the opposite direction in the same turn then I gain a “rear attack” To pound this advantage home I order a charge. A charge attack is like a normal attack but with two rounds of ranged combat (one at 100 yards and one at point blank)… …and a third round of hand-to-hand melee. And they frickin hold! There is like no one left but like I said, these guys don’t rout for anything. I’m considering GTFOing here. Don’t want to be caught with the blue death ball. As long as they are a hex away, they shouldn’t be able to move and attack in the same turn. I question the wisdom of moving mounted calvary next to my strongest dudes. I’ll make em pay but first… Mounted cavalry takes more damage from artillery. And they are reasonably close so I get to pelt them with the good stuff. So now to polish off the cannons, first off I noticed that there is some unlimbered guns in range. So I hit em with full force. Mounted charges can do a lot of damage but also take a lot in return if it’s not a rear attack. Of course, unlimbered artillery has a firepower rating of 0 so they can’t really defend themselves. A final attack polishes off this unit. Defenders fire fist I attack second, Defending commander gonna need a rez after that one. Artillery routs. Now these guys are annoying. Specialists can attack without retaliation and still have enough movement points to move outta range. CRAP! Didn’t want to do that. Well, the cavalry dismounted so if I wanted to attack them the opportune moment passed. So let’s beat up on some defenseless arty.

best strategy games pc gamesSo let’s beat up on some defenseless arty. Ow, his face… Sure that puts Beauregard next to that scary big unit but nothing he can’t handle. Specialists ain’t much in a straight up fight. So they get sent packing. Even if they regroup, there is only 8 of em left alive. Time to get Early into this. Beauregard’s unit may have their collective dicks hanging out but there’s no chace of him getting overwhelmed this turn. In the meantime, Jeb does what he does best and keeps aceing out the union cannon. So the cheeky bastards plant a unit on the bridge cutting my forces in two one would think. No idea why the unit next to Beau is still in marching formation. However, common sense tells me that Beau has overstayed his welcome so I don’t go for it. Now as for the bridge action, let’s see… 1: This guy is in marching formation. 2: This guy is caught on the bridge (cover value of -3 and a morale penalty) 3: My arty is only a few hexes away. This guy is about to have his day completely shit on. Now someone tell these horses to piss off. I really should’ve used the arty first. Infact I don’t even use them this turn. These guys give up the chase. For ze motherland! So I get Jackson to get the calvary outta my arty’s faces. Ouch… Union is gonna have a revolving door leadership at this rate… more so than they already did. As you can see, Jackson’s unit is Bad Ass. Impeccably well organized and armed. Good going Jeb, keep harassing those guns. Just watch the grape shot. This attack is just going to wear us both out. Not good if you don’t have a follow up. If multiple units of at least 50% numbers attack one during the same turn then the defenders gets a penalty to firepower. This increases as more units pile on. Yeah GTFO And buh-bye. Now just hope those other guys are not within striking distance. At least we are now one big happy family again. Oh man! I know who is getting cannon balls to the face. Beats getting shelled any day of the week. Of course I am running Stuart pretty ragged. Even a string of one-sided curbstomps takes a toll on organization. So I’m thinking Beau is about to get his ass handed to him. I start looking for a rock to hide behind. I plop both of my guys in the forest. It will take some serious effort to root em out. Here comes a big-ass troup to back them up. Shit! Mis-clicked again. Yeap, went badly. Arty first then attack… At least, now his day is effectively runied. There is ~2000 men alive in the unit… only half of them can fight though. I don’t think he can attack even if he wanted to. If a unit with low organization attacks, because the defender gets first strike… ….if that brings the attacker down to the “fallback threshold” then the attack falls apart then and there without a return shot fired.

best strategy games pc games ….if that brings the attacker down to the “fallback threshold” then the attack falls apart then and there without a return shot fired.

best strategy games pc games….if that brings the attacker down to the “fallback threshold” then the attack falls apart then and there without a return shot fired. Keep going on Jeb. It’s a pig pile on my corps commander. Things are about to get interesting. Forest have a natural cover of 2 and a “dig-in” cover of 5. Not to mention the organizational penalties for attacking in a forest. So it’s dig in and hold. They ain’t leaving unless the union gives them their undivided attention. But just in case things goes…well… south… I’ll employ the option to reassign corps commanders. Basicly Beauregard’s “get out of killzone free” card. On the other side of the river, Jackson is staring down something big. These guys need to fall back and let the Badasses take over. I’m pretty sure this arty will be better put saving Beau’s ass. Screw it… don’t question my methods. I guess that beard is burnside… No idea who the man attached to it is. Oh… attacking Jackson. See how well that turns out. Not very well… guy didn’t even get phased. Here comes Beau’s boarding call for the rape train. Organization is getting low but it’s gonna take a bit more than that. Here I can replace any leader with Beau at whim. This will move him outta the line of fire. Though the guy they replace for his old unit won’t be as good. So things went pear-shaped for hunter. I’m not giving him the option to regroup. Tyler is looking shaky as well. I’m really shoving it into hunter now. His shit is now effectively wrecked. Jeb’s job is done here so I’ll rest him Now they brought Sherman in. Now I know I’ve done pissed em off. Oh shit… it’s a charge. Man that brigade is getting hammered. HAHA! Even being the third attack, the defensive volley caused them to rout! The defensive bonus of the forest was too much for them. So Tyler reformed but he is pretty much outta the game at this point. Sherman is looking for blood though. As badass as that unit as been so far, it’s toast if I don’t help it. Fortunately, reinforcements are here. Oh shit. Jackson is once again staring down something scary. Debating….. Ahh no. Oh crap… Jeb get back on your high horse and take care of that. Ooh… looks formidable. So.. I think they have had enough. Burnside is now in the forest of death. Tyler is in a terrible spot as well. Exposed and out of ammo. Yeah… good luck with this one buddy. And he’s outta here! Right into the waiting arms of Beau.

best strategy games pc gamesRight into the waiting arms of Beau. And Tyler is down for the count. Eliminating a corps commander is a major win as far as winning the battle is concerned. This unit could probably roll over Burnside but they are too beat up for me to attack with. Jackson should probably get the hell outta dodge. Jeb has recovered enough for me to use him again. The union grow a pair again but this attack by Burnside is… ill advised. Early is still dug in hard in that forest and he is a fresh unit. Sherman placed himself in a janky position. That other guy is looking creepy though. Doesn’t seem fair does it? Jackson still needs to beet feet. So lets do it through Tyler. Not a good day for Burnside. All is right in the world again. Still has it out for Beau I see. And away you go. Sherman is getting clobbered now. And now for the big one… BAM! Oh I think this might of been an error… Ohh yeah… Early is in a world of hurt now. Still trying to kill Tyler. Boom.. Don’t care that the unit is pretty screwed now. But that is a nice morale boost. The rest of the match-ups are pretty even. So I’m in mop up mode right now. Got another cavalry unit to get in on the cannon smacking. Sherman is in a bad way… beat up and no ammo. Woops… So I’ve put this off long enough. Let’s do something about the obvious fricking big-ass target on the bridge. Then again… screw Sherman. Da, Da, Da… nother one bites the dust… Bye Sherman… guess we will be naming our tanks Beauregards after this. Woo… Longstreet is late to the party. Guess I’m just gonna hunker down and wait out the end of the match. Pick off a few runners here and there. And plow into a few sure-fire wins. This is a “dusk” turn. Takes an hour of game time. If you don’t have anything better to do you might as well just call it a day and rest your units for the next. Assuming it’s a multi-day battle. And Brunside is outta here! Oh shit, Longstreet is in position to catch Sherman. And down goes Sherman! That’s it… call it folks. Love em early 3D animations. Slamed em pretty good. If any of your leaders takes one for the team, they will show up here. Recovery ain’t guaranteed in the 1800s. Even a minor injury can take a leader outta the game. Here you can use the weapon supply you’ve captured to upgrade your units. Each gun has a rating for firepower and hand-to-hand. In general the more expensive guns are better but also take more supply for every combat round. Thus said, you don’t want to be marching into Gettysburg with farmers muskets. The three icons on the bottom left show you current supply points, the cost to buy the firearm for the unit, and the cost to resupply the unit in the field. Prices are per man, and your current guns are traded-in at their cost. Arty pieces are rated in range (in hexes) and firepower. Prices are per man as well even though in this game it takes 8 people to man one gun.