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Welcome to a look at the top 10 Turn Based Strategy Games coming up in 2017 and 2018 At number 10 we’re going to kick off this turn-based strategy extravaganza with some high-octane adrenaline-Fueled Mech action! Duel Gear from Bangkok based development studio Orbital Speed Features a single-player campaign that lasts around 30 hours as well as a skirmish mode and they’re currently trying to raise money on Indiegogo So that they can add multiplayer to the game The game was inspired by classic Japanese Mecha anime, and it looks absolutely incredible! You’ll start each mission in the hangar of your Command Center You’ll assemble your team and customise your mechs and the customization options are extensive! There are several different styles of mechs and weaponry ranging from simple melee weapons to Plasma rifles and Rocket launchers The Gameplay which uses an energy based action point system is surprisingly deep and if there’s one criticism of the game then it has to be that the tutorial could be a lot better at explaining the combat, but also the upgrade options in the hangar. Now the game recently completed a closed alpha after which the developers decided that the game needed a lot more work and they delayed the release from 2017 into 2018 and that’s a ballsy move for a very small studio with limited funding. They need to be applauded for that. So while I can’t flat out recommend this in its current state, this is one for your watchlist Now you may think it’s kind of egotistical to name a game after yourself I mean who does this guy think is Sid Meier? Well in a way he kinda is because John Shafer was the lead designer on Civilization V. After six years working at Firaxis on the Civilization series and a couple of years at Stardock, he founded his own company, Conifer Games, and began working on At The Gates which was funded through a kickstarter campaign which is held in February 2013 Now there are no surprises that this is a straight-up Civilization style 4X, turn-based Empire builder, but the game itself does have a few surprises. The game is set in the final years of the Roman Empire and rather than playing as Rome you play as one of their barbarian enemies and as the Roman Empire collapses you need to seize the opportunity and build an empire of your own although the Romans can still teach you a thing or two like ship building and I love how seasons have been implemented in the game the terrain actually changes over time The snows of Winter will stop your farms from producing the spring thaw will cause flooding of Rivers Burst their banks But the good strategist can turn these events to their advantage Perhaps crossing frozen rivers or even seas to surprise their enemies But the biggest new innovation is the Ui and what John Schafer calls adaptive tooltips Firstly all the tooltips are hyperlinked together so you can click on any piece of highlighted text to drill down to get further information So for example clicking on a field of wheat gives you the basics about how to improve the tile by building farms or reapers Don’t know what you need to build a wheat farm Drilling down shows you you need timber. So where do I get timber? Oh? You need to build logging camps, so how do I build loggers this makes the game very accessible for first-time players But also allows experienced veterans to get right to the detailed numbers And that’s where the second part of the adaptive tool tips come in if the games giving you too much information Like descriptions that you’ve already read 15 times. You can turn them off you can configure all of the information to give you

best pc games strategy gamesLike descriptions that you’ve already read 15 times. You can turn them off you can configure all of the information to give you Just what you need and exactly what you need. You can even turn off the portraits. And once you’ve configured it for one tooltip that format will be copied across all the other tooltips this is how a UI should work! And if the game has been released as originally scheduled back in 2014 I’m sure this would have been a big title but we’re now in the middle of 2017 and we still don’t have a release date for this game and even worse a few months ago John Schafer joined the development team at Paradox, so even though he has committed to finishing the game he’s only going to be working on it in his spare time So while this is the game that should definitely be on your watchlist don’t hold your breath I? Just hope that John Schafer remembers the people who funded his original kickstarter and delivers the game that he promised End State is a small team tactical turn-based strategy game tackling the subject of Modern Terrorism inspired by Genre Classics like XCOM or the Jagged Alliance series, the games been developed by a six man team out of Finland called Iron sight The action takes place in Eastern Europe and you’ll be commanding a counterterrorism unit made up of mercenaries that you have to recruit, train and equip. You’ll be going up against various criminal gangs and private military organizations and you’ll have to gather intelligence and then track down and eliminate the leaders and As someone who loves games like XCOM and SOCOM I think this game looks pretty awesome The turn-based combat system uses the familiar action point system to be successful. You’ll have to make good use of cover and Stealth plays a large part in the game although you will sometimes be forced into risky full-on assaults supported only by Snipers. If you’re interested in the hardware requirements, the developers recently showed the game running on a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and it looks like it runs pretty smoothly and still looks pretty gorgeous although they did say if you want to run it on ultra settings you’re still going to need a bit more juice, and the game’s development actually has a long and interesting history it started back in 2000, 17 years ago with one guy a college spending his night in the library working on this game Over the next 10 years it progressed from an isometric Sprite renderer Through languages Like C. C++ Java OpenGL and so eventually in 2010 he discovered Unity and he ended up become an Unity programmer And then in 2014 he decided to start the game again from scratch and here it is This game is going on my wishlist The popularity of Xcom 2 persuaded Goldhawk Interactive that Xenonauts deserved another run out and so it’s back, Xenonauts 2 and everything’s new. New Command Center, new maps, new aliens. Gone are the 2D sprites in favor of full 3D rendering and even a new alternate timeline. The original game was set during the Cold War period Xenonauts 2 takes place in the present day, but the Cold War is still raging and the devs promised that, unlike the first game, the Cold War will actually feature in the storyline and gameplay.

best pc games strategy gamesdevs promised that, unlike the first game, the Cold War will actually feature in the storyline and gameplay. But two things about the game haven’t changed Firstly it still sticks very rigidly to its inspiration, the original XCOM UFO Defense, if you loved the original XCOM, if you loved Xenonauts, you’ll love this. And the second thing that hasn’t changed .. I still suck at it! Take Sid Meier’s Civilization add a large dash of Total War and finally season with a little pinch of Crusader Kings II and you’ll get Oriental Empires Now I want to say straight away, don’t be fooled by these battle scenes. Although this is in-game footage, the battles are not fought the way they are in Total War. Instead you plan out the broad strategy in advance, and then you can watch how the battle unfolds. So this is the kind of a halfway house between Civilization where it’s just the roll of a dice and Total War where you fight out every single detail With that said, Oriental Empires is basically a straight-up Civilization clone set in ancient, China, and bearing in mind that the game is still in early access, it’s very similar to what you would expect from a game in the Civilization franchise Which is pretty good when you consider it’s only half the price. Now the game is not perfect, but then neither with Civilization 5 until they added about five or six DLC’s The tech tree is perhaps a little bit bland, siege battles tend to take a little bit too long, and there are one or two little annoying things, like a large army can get blocked by a single unit because of the way the battles work. But most of these issues are nothing more than a minor annoyance and to be honest it’s nothing that you won’t have encountered in previous Civilization titles. on the plus side, the graphics are pretty good and the map in particular has been done really well, and the game does a good job of immersing you in Chinese culture. So in summary, this is a pretty solid but fairly vanilla 4X Civilization style game And if you like the idea of building a Chinese empire in a Civilization style game, it’s probably worth checking out. From Mode 7, another sequel, Frozen Synapse 2 and 2017 seems to be the year of the sequel with no less than four sequels appearing in this Top 10 and of all the games in this top 10 Frozen Synapse 2 is unique because instead of the two sides taking alternate turns, the turns are played out simultaneously, and that makes for a very different experience. Frozen Synapse 2 retains the distinctive and beautiful graphical style of its predecessor and the procedurally generated open-world city used in the single-player mode is absolutely vast! The developers describe the city as a ‘living system’ With lots of AI controlled Factions who are vying for control

best pc games strategy games With lots of AI controlled Factions who are vying for control

best pc games strategy gamesWith lots of AI controlled Factions who are vying for control Each Faction has its own personality and behavior and each will respond differently to your actions Frozen Synapse 2 seems to retain all the basic Ingredients of the original game and then just add more, more, more! More of everything, a bigger city, more unit classes to play and more complexity in the unit stats. And they’ve also added more tactical options by including stealth Gameplay which allows you to sneak into buildings undetected. I do have one small criticism. They need to turn down the bloom on the units It’s sometimes actually difficult to see which way they’re facing. There’s more diversity and realism with the addition of curved walls and new objects like trees rocks and cars and of course Frozen Synapse 2 features all the classic multiplayer modes from the original game. And finally I have to mention the soundtrack, which I absolutely love, which is created by Paul Taylor who goes by the wonderful internet alias of “nervous_testpilot” and, combined with the unique graphics, creates an absolutely stunning audio-visual experience. Frozen Synapse 2 will be available in December 2017 make sure it’s on your wish list At number 4 its Divinity: Original Sin 2 Another sequel that managed the almost impossible task of taking a really great game and improving almost every aspect of it. Original Sin is essentially an RPG But it uses a turn-based tactical combat system in the first game you played a Source Hunter, in this game you’re flipping sides and playing a Source User. Original Sin 2 is powered by the next generation Divinity Engine 3.0 It has a new interface, a new art style and new roleplay systems, all of which seem to improve on the original. You can play with up to 4 players in Co-op or in anti Co-Op which sounds fun! And there’s also a new PVP Arena mode. If you haven’t played any of the Divinity series before, this is really worth checking out. The Year is 3025 and the Galaxy is trapped in a cycle of perpetual war, fought by Noble Houses with enormous mechanized combat vehicles called Battle Mechs. This is Battletech and this game pretty much has it all! A huge selection of mechs with a huge selection of weaponry and a really deep, complex, tactical combat system, but with a UI that presents the information so clearly and so easily that the game feels intuitive and accessible right from the get-go. The game is currently in a closed beta and it looks awesome! And it plays awesome! The version in Beta only has skirmish mode, we haven’t seen the campaign yet. But with over 30 years of lore and history to draw on, I think it’s going to be epic! It’s released in Q4 this year, don’t miss it! At number 2, a game that I am crazy, crazy excited about! Phoenix Point This is being developed by Snapshot Games and the founder and lead designer Julian Gollop is the guy who created the original XCOM franchise.

best pc games strategy gamesXCOM franchise. They recently ran a crowdfunding campaign, hoping to raise a huge half a million dollars they actually raised over three-quarters of a million dollars! And the reason that I’m so excited about this is because this could be the game that takes XCOM to the next level. It’s going to introduce things that we’ve never seen an XCOM before, like vehicles! You want an armored personnel carrier to take your guys into battle? You can have it! And It also features boss monsters, which just sounds incredible! But let’s hear more about it from the man himself. Hello. I’m Julian Gollop the designer of the original XCOM series Now I’m returning to the genre that I created turn-based tactics world based strategy and a terrifying alien Menace in the near Future Earth is devastated by Pandoravirus released from melting permafrost Human civilization is reduced to warring factions and isolated havens You play the role of a leader of a small group of soldiers scientists and engineers brought together by the Phoenix project an organization? Prepared to protect Earth in a time of peril the Pandoravirus incorporates human and animal DNA to create horrific mutations You will face a constantly evolving threat that will mutate and adapt to your tactics The intelligence of these alien hybrids will present you with new challenges of every battle We will also face huge and terrifying monsters that require practical thinking and coordination to bring down The Geoscape returns as your strategic view with even more detail and importance. Aliens operate under cover of a dark microbial mist rolling across the surface of the globe, harboring a manner of horrors They control the sea you control the skies and you fight for the land interceptions take on a whole new dimension with gargantuan Alien Land-Walkers that require a combination of vehicles and special squads to bring them down But you don’t just have to contend with aliens different human factions control numerous Havens, resources and technologies As a leader of the Phoenix Group you will have to negotiate, barter and make alliances or war with these factions in order to further your cause with a large variety of Mission objectives, destructible battlefields and a dynamic world, Phoenix Point will take the Genre to a whole new level! At No. 1 it’s the latest expansion in my favorite turn-based strategy game of all time XCOM 2: War of the Chosen “You’re not supposed to be here” With new factions to befriend and recruit “At last a new battle” and new enemies to seek out and destroy “If only you knew the truth” and the three new playable factions Really, Really, kick ass! There were three resistance groups that we consider a legitimate threat to advent together. They’ve made one hell of a fighting force Too bad they hate each other until exist they were sent here to View our faith here, but what could you possibly add to make this game better than it already is Zombies! Lots of Zombies flamethrowers, energy blades more flamethrowers, purple glowy things invisible Alien Ninjas, green glowy things! In fact just loads and loads of really weird stuff “That can’t be good” “I suppose we should begin” “Now the real war begins” on the 29th of August 2017 the best gets better! And that’s my top 10 upcoming turn-based strategy games. I hope you enjoyed it. I’ll catch you for the next one! Peace out!