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Malls across America have been on wobblylegs for a few years now, as many shoppers are now gravitating more andmore towards online shopping instead of the retail and store experience andunfortunately due to this kind of new shopping habits that we’re seeing intoday’s marketplace well it’s starting to affect me personally because I’m sadto report ladies and gentlemen unfortunately my local mall arcade isfinally shutting its doors once and for all and as sad as this is and as much asI hate to see this place go there is a little bit of silver lining to thisstory and we’re going to talk about it coming up so a friend of mine that actually worksat the mall let it slip that yes indeed my local mall arcade is closing itsdoors finally once and for all going out of business however he did let me knowthat there’s an online company that is doing an online exclusive auction andthey have been relegated to sell every single item that is in the arcadenothing is being held back everything from the display counters the ticketbooth the ticket machines coin counters the arcades themselves everything is forsale so we’re gonna kind of peruse this auction website real quick and kind ofsee if there’s any deals to be had granted the auction ends in about twodays time so these prices could change significantly but this should give meyou know a rough estimation of whether or not I could purchase some of my localarea arcade machines for very little cost hopefully so fingers crossed onthat one because I’d love to own a piece of my childhood this arcade was in theearly 90s as an Aladdin’s castle and that went out of business and then atilt arcade came and repurposed it and rebranded it so to speak and it’s been atilt arcade for many decades now I vividly remember going to this placeever since junior high high school I’d always put like $5 in quarters and goplay a couple games for quite a while and then I’d go walk around and windowshop at the mall for things I couldn’t afford but let’s go ahead and take alook at what we’ve got listed like said everything for the most part is up onthis website and we should be able to find some hopefully decent deals or beable to purchase something in general because I would love to own something Iplayed from high school and or junior high that to me it would just be a verycool nostalgic trip to own an actual arcade that I grew up playing on sofirst things first you’ll see that they’ve got some redemption machines notreally interested in anything like that prices are varying they gonna try itsays Tron solar spinner but you know this is just some weird goofy you knowtiming ticket punch type of thing not interested in that I’m not looking forany kind of ticket machine it’s going for $15 to bids like so these pricescould change significantly in the near but I’ve been watching it for a few daysnow and actually went and visited the arcade yesterday just to kind of get asense of how well the condition on some of these arcades were whether they’reoperational whether they need a lot of work that type of thing but we’ve gotsome more redemption prize machines a big kid claw machine that kind of spitsout basketball sized rubber rubber balls I’ve got a deal or no deal game machinelike said this this arcade has been dying for several years now and Ihaven’t really updated it or put anything new in it for a long long timeso many of these arcades are many many years old but for the most part they’reall operational the ones that I’m interested in against more redemptionmachines lard red cream king of the big wheel take a machine I don’t even thinkthat was working I got some basketball

arcades near mewheel take a machine I don’t even thinkthat was working I got some basketball scoring hoop feverslooks like somebody’s definitely interesting at least one of those it’sgoing for $320 which again is a steal but the downside is like you got to getthis stuff out of the mall somehow so I’m really only interested in arcadetype of stuff again we got some street basketball going for $120 morebasketball games black ticket counter $10 I mean if that goes for less than$30 or something like that I may just buy it because it’s a ticket machine for$30 I mean it’s hard to pass up change machine I’d love to have a changemachine it’s you know about the size of an arcade one up almost as far as scale$70 I have no use for change machine other than just nostalgic love butthat’s I don’t know if it goes more than $70 I’m probably out like $70 is the maxand something I would spend on something I absolutely don’t need I’m going to seeus to do some reporting and some video coverage there so I should be saving mymoney for that trip but this some of this auction is just too good to be truebut here are the things that I’m most interested in so they’ve got a Tekken 5machine currently it’s only 120 dollars pictures look good I went and like saidscoped it out for myself played a round yesterday itgreat one of the things I like the most about this is its small form-factor inits unique cabinet shape and everything like that it’s it’s not gonna take up awhole lot of room so if I wanted to move it into my house upstairs here in mymedia room such studio I could and it really wouldn’t be too ridiculous or Icould just you know put it in the garage and have a garage arcade but works greatlooks great the CRT monitor still pretty pretty good pretty vibrant still gotsome life in it $120 if that doesn’t go too crazy I’m I’ll being interested inthat I think I’m probably most excited about is this Jurassic Park the lostworld from Sega sit in two-person light gun game it’s already going for $320unfortunately pretty sure that this thing will go up very quickly as theoxygen gets closer but this is definitely something I will be biddingon it is a massive massive thing so I got to figure out what I would do withit if I if I won it does have some damaged as you can see the lost worldsign up there is cracked but functions I played it it works well if you know I’vegot some wear and tear it’s an old game but this is this is a great game Iabsolutely loved playing it I’ve got it all my Sega emulators that I play on mycomputer all the time I’m a massive Jurassic Park nerd general I collect allthe toys figures and all that stuff so I would just absolutely love to have twoof my favourite things you know a Sega arcade cabinet something Jurassic worldand something from you know my childhood 1997 I’ve set and played this cabinetnumerous times growing up over the years and into adulthood and I would love toown it so $320 we’ll see how it goes they have the SVC or SNK you know Capcomgame this is the the sit down pedestal tool person excuse me a two-person gamereally unique projector screen I think it is I don’t think it’s the CRT I’mpretty sure it’s a projector I didn’t look at it a whole lot it’s not myfavorite game it’s a massive unit uh as much as I enjoy fighting gamesthat one was a hard sell $45 though like again if these prices don’t fluctuate II may be that idiot that all of a sudden buys for arcades just because they’retoo cheap to pass up and then I’m sitting there with a storage unit fullof arcades trying to figure out what I’m gonna do another one I’m superinterested in is Marvel vs. Capcom 2

arcades near megonna do another one I’m superinterested in is Marvel vs. Capcom 2 this is another pedestal arcade themonitors super dim I don’t know if that’s something I can like tweak withor if it’s just settings or what but it didn’t look very bright at all like theCRT has definitely seen some better days I didn’t see any burn in the controls sofill smooth the joysticks regret the buttons were good but the monitor itselfit just wasn’t as bright as I was expecting and/or hoping it to be butthen again this is an old game that’s been there for many many years so over adecade that I know for a fact that this has been sitting in this arcadespecifically but it’s only going currently for $60 so festival giantheavy but $60 hard to pass up soul calibur going for $70 this thing was notturned on or operational when I went in and inspected it yesterday so I don’tknow if it works at all if it just needs to be plugged in but $70 same kind ofsetup as the Marvel vs. Capcom 2 I’ll probably pass on this oneit had an LED LCD monitor thrown in there and it just looked really weirdand not that I hate LED or LCD monitors but it was like super tiny for thearcade cabin silent scope $70 this would be a super fun game again nice kind ofbulky but it’s silent scope it’s a it’s a coolshooter Konami game and I wouldn’t mind on it like so less than a hundreddollars like I’ll have to rent you know a truck to pick this stuff up buttotally worth it another shooter from saying it let’s go jungle it’s only 115dollars this is a massive little thing though kiosk shooter with like an LEDLCD screen it looks super tiny compared to everything else on this cabinet soit’s got you know like a back of a jeep and then it’s got the shooting two gunson it but a very tiny monitor but again dirt cheap so if this doesn’t get crazyI may just have to buy this like $15 how do you pass that upanother change machine $35 this is something makes me say oh my gosh I needthis even though I don’t need this cuz it’s so cheap thing I was super andinterested in and I want to get this but like this has already increased a coupletimes since I came back from looking at it just the other daythis is House of the Dead 3 from Sega giant 2 person pedestal looking cabinetwith a big projector screen plays great looks great very good condition it’sgoing for $440 which is not a bad price by any means it’s actually a great pricebut I said I should be saving up for CES if I bought this I’d be broke and eatingramen noodles and sleeping on some park bench at at CES because I’m not a guywith a six-figure day job I’m a just a working working stiff like most peopleand I yeah if I bought this for $440 and then immediately spent a bunch of moneyon a CES trip I would be I’d be getting an earful from the wife for sure butHouse of the Dead three awesome awesome arcade game and they had some amazinglittle massive crane machines for stuffed animals and different prizesthat the Silver Strike bowling by incredible technologies so essentiallyit’s like Golden Tee only for bowling it’s going for 160 dollars right nowagainst some more prize redemption things massive for play air hockey table$160 wheel of fortune $20 I said a lot of these super ginormous our kids aregoing for next to nothing right now just because I’m sure everyone’s thinking tothemselves how would I transport this how would I get it out of there howwould I where would I put it so that’s probably the the logical thing thateveryone’s asking himself and why some of these are so cheap but there’s also alot of racing games I love to own one of

arcades near me of these are so cheap but there’s also alot of racing games I love to own one of

arcades near meof these are so cheap but there’s also alot of racing games I love to own one of these but some of them are like twoplayer connected ones and I just know there’s literally no place I would haveto put it set for my garage and I don’t know if I can swing that with a wife butsuper GT by saying a 2-person it’s only going for $25 I mean two-person racingcabinet by Sega $25 good god that’s cheap that’s stupid cheap and it worksits operational isotherm planet yesterday fun game steering wheel pedalsI mean it’s it’s got scratches dings and you know dents and everything like thatbut that’s something you would expect Sega Saturn game super fun know where Iwould put it oh my god this is like that thoughwhat verses need what do you do should I buy this could I buy this what do I doI call every friend I the owes me a favor and offer him you know 12-pack ofbeer to help me move this stuff around cuz good god it’s gonna be large bulkystuff cruisin USA cruisin drive by one was working one wasn’t working one ofthem had a CRT monitor one of them didn’t if I remember correctly going foreighty eighty dollars on 125 dollars on the other they definitely had some dentsand scratches and everything but for the most part they were operational or atleast seemed to be operational I only played one of themthere was another hyperdrive by Midway I didn’t test this one out so I go for $25they had some awesome skee-ball I would killed I own a skee-ball machine but Idon’t have a basement house if I had a basement house I would somehow somewayfind out how to bring one of these awesome skee-ball machines home for $100or so but these things are like 12 foot long Ithink one was almost like 16 foot long these bigger ones yeah if this isn’t themeasurements no I definitely have any information but yet these things areginormous I love me some skee-ball that is as a dicking thing another fourplayer dynamo air hockey table huge huge thing I don’t know how anybodywould get this in or out of a house unless you had some just massive doubledoors and then you know five people hauling us around for you more prizeredemption things a couple more racers we have here we have our toon streetracing by Sega these things both look great absolute grew amazing conditiongirl I’m saying I’m just saying great and immaculate simultaneously and justspitting out burger words that don’t exist but another awesome looking sayracing cabinet and other bulky thing that I would probably die trying to getinto my house but it’d be totally worth it for 120 dollars token changer twentydollars again hard to pass up something like that for twenty dollars and whatelse we got a couple more redemption things Paradise Lost Global VR shooter$80 pretty deep as far as width and everything I’m not familiar with thisgame I don’t really have an attachment to it so I’m probably gonna pass on thisanother claw machine this show display cases where they put all the prizes andeverything this is like all five of them and this is probably 16 foot wide andthey’re probably three foot deep or two and a half foot deep each one I meanthis would be a hell of a deal for anybody had a retail thing but nobody’sbidding on this there’s only one person bidding on that’s ten dollars this issomething I am very interested in and I already talked to my wife about it butlike still I don’t this would just sit in my garage and I would play it but ohman $25 first of all I didn’t know Sega made claw machines second all when I wasplaying this yesterday I noticed it has a half eight-way joystick that isincredible this is a claw machine

arcades near mea half eight-way joystick that isincredible this is a claw machine you don’t need a Happ eight-way joystickon claw machine but here we are having one itit feels great I was so blown away with the fact that it has this eight way 1/2joystick on this claw machine but it’s UFO catcher made by Sega again I’msaying a fanboy Sega nerd and I absolutely killed ahead of this I don’tthink it comes with any of the plushies of the stuffed animals but I actuallyhave a massive plushie stuffed animal collection myself so I’ll just throw itin there and play with this just for for grinsbut $25 it is very tall very wide but it does have wheels so that is that is anamazing plus it does have wheels and it is mobile so essentially all I have todo is get it on a ramp so I can get it in a truck and would be good to go so Icould I could run a u-haul and move that very easily so this is definitelysomething I will be interested in bidding on they had a black one and awhite one I’m Lorent in the black one because it actually had the happy joysticks but white one I don’t think it did or is it no it did I couldn’tremember yeah it was probably the one right next to it it didn’t but both ofthem going for dirt cheap and had some smaller claw machines that I shouldprobably be more interested in realistically because they’re smallerand they take up less space but as you can tell that’s probably what everybodyelse is thinking this one’s already up to $80 which again is ridiculously cheapa couple more prize redemption games nothing else that I’m interested in andhere’s the funny thing so there’s this is something I vividly remember ridingwhen I was probably 13 going to the mall with a friend of mine this is a massiveflight simulator thing that’s on hydraulics and it’s essentially the sizeof a large like Chevy Suburban this thing is a massive massive unit it’sonly going for $200 I would love to meet the people that actually end up buyingthis because I don’t know how they’re gonna get it out of here in fact if youlook at here it says please note the buyer must have an insurance coveragebetween the buyer and the landlord for removal of this lot the buyer is alsoresponsible for any damage of the lot item the arcade and/or the mall duringthe removal process so I mean this thing is just ginormous but essentially whatit does it’s got a screen inside and it’s like something you would ride atDisney or something you get an image around Volvo Zi around andyou’re supposed to feel like you’re being flown around and tossed and Ican’t remember what the actual theme was I think back in the 90s when I wrote itit was like some skiing adventure or something like that and then it turnedinto a hang gliding adventure but it’s it’s run off a computer and it is againlike I said it’s just huge it’s got this whole podium the staircase I think itfits for people if I remember correctly yeah Thompson training simulatorentertainment systems this is it this ain’t no joke this is a legit you knowthings so anybody that’s buying this good for you but yeah $200 I’m gonna beblown away if this thing goes I mean it seems like a car I mean look at it thisis like heavy machinery their Pistons we got everything going on here andsomeone’s gonna own this thing for yeah there we go four four seater leatherseats someone’s gonna own this thing forprobably less than $1,000 grand they’re probably I spend more than $1,000 to getit in and out of the mall but definitely some deals to be had amazing deals andI’ve got to sit here and think the next 48 hours what I’m gonna do with thisstuff where I’m gonna put it and what I’m really need slash wanna buy becauselike I said I should be saving for the CES trip but when opportunities likethis present himself it just you can’t ignore them and that does it for today’svideo guys let me know in the comments down below what arcades I should goafter what arcades would you go after if you were in my shoes if you’re new tothis channel please consider subscribing make sure you hit that notification bellif you do so you’d be the first to know every time I upload great content likethis and as always thanks for watching guys it really means a lot