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Hey guys we are in Thailand and look what we found Toys “R” Us! In Thailand? Everybody be quiet! Let’s go in! (upbeat music) Twist. Pizza twist. Pizza twist. Dinosaur, Rawr! Hi I’m a dinosaur, rawr! Let’s go Lego, I have no idea what that is. Nexo Knights. I wanted this for ages, and it’s here, right there, and it’s eight plus it’s perfect! Lego we can build! Look what they built, oh how do they build such cool stuff? This is most coolest, it’s an airplane. Star wars! Two jedis, two troopers, and this weirdo. The names are under the guy, so it’s Maz Kanata, Kylo Ren, oh yeah you remember Kylo Ren? Finn, First Order Stormtrooper, First Order Stormtrooper. (upbeat music) Oh and these, Kylo Ren he’s right there and right over there, and then, what’s his name again? FN-2187 he used to be a bad guy. Kylo Ren, Captain Phasma, Ninjago,

arcade playgroundKylo Ren, Captain Phasma, Ninjago, this is what I wanted for ages. Ninjago plane wing. Oh lego city, does it tell who it comes with? Nope. Nope. Lego city, I’m a robber. But were going to beat up everybody, cause they’re bad guys. Lego city, here I’m walking down the stairs to trap somebody and the crocodile! Ninjago, I have weird hair, really weird hair. Who’s he? Like who is he? I don’t know, who is he? Does it show the names, please show the names please, please, please, please, oh it doesn’t. Wait it does right here! Skylor. It’s a girl. Skylor. Mater spinjitsu. I’m a snake, but I’m a bad guy. It doesn’t come with any good guys. How weird is that? Who flipped it over? Omg, this is what my friend has! This is what my friend has! Omg this is what my friend has! This is really actually what my friend has. Look at the little Shopkins! There’s also a huge shopping cart. And then there’s also a huge set,

arcade playgroundAnd then there’s also a huge set, not exactly huge but set. It’s a cupcake queen cafe. Whoa, look at those, these are Shopkin stuffies. There’s all different ones. (mumbling) There’s only four different kinds. This is something that I’m planning to get. I wanted this for like a long time already, so finally I can get it! There’s also this one, it looks kind of small but in the picture, it looks big in real life. Comes with loads of bullets and here it comes with not too much bullets. Arrows, bullets. So it’s still really cool. And here’s a unicorn? Horses and unicorns. Like this, giddy up (mumbling) Monster, she was such curly hair, such curly hair oh random Legos. (upbeat music) I’ll show you what’s so random, this Lego set right here. This comes with a bunch of blocks and you can build anything you want with them. Lion, giraffe, a zebra. (upbeat music) Whoa look at this doll, that’s the biggest doll I’ve ever seen. (upbeat music) (background music drowns out other sounds)

arcade playground (background music drowns out other sounds)

arcade playground(background music drowns out other sounds) [Ronald That’s all for go, go. Horse button (laughs) SO that’s beep, and what’s that button? Long rang kit. It’s such a little gun! That’s a huge, I mean little gun. I was going to say huge gun like, what the? Whoa eight bullets at the same time? Fifteen meters! That’s huge! Look at the baby toy it’s so amazing. Baby toys are not amazing. I love the toys for babies so amazing! (upbeat music) I don’t know which one to get. This one, or this one. He’s evolved from him. See? [Karina} What comes out of his nose? This one fire come out of his hands. What else? This guy, look at his eyes. I don’t think he even has a mouth. His teeth are his mouth. His teeth are in the way of his mouth. Who’s he? And then oh, my friend has this one! (upbeat music) Look at the Olaf! This whole shelf is a pop thing. I don’t really know what it is but it’s a pop thing.

arcade playgroundI don’t really know what it is but it’s a pop thing. There’s Anna, Elsa, young Elsa. Po, po. P-o that’s how you spell his name. And po again with hat. There’s also dragons and other princesses like a whole lot of characters, and then there’s minions! (upbeat music) Star wars pop! Star wars is so awesome. She’s from the new movie! Yeah Rey. Rey! Chewbacca, he was in the new movie. Darth Maul was not in the new movie. C-3P0, I think we was in the movie. No I don’t think he was. Only one time. Yeah maybe one time. Guys look at this stuff! Look at these guys, Green Lantern, Joker, Hulk, Spiderman, Steel. Batman, this bad guy Lex Luthor, Flash, and Captain America. Ash, Pikachu. pika, pika! Eevee, the weird rocket guy, and this pokemon, I’m going to wrap up everybody. Pikachu, pikachu, look. (upbeat music) (background noise drowns out other sounds) (upbeat music) (cheers) (upbeat music) (game noise) (upbeat music) Yes, two score! (upbeat music)