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the Federal Republic of Germany you the Republic of Hungary you the Principality of Wales you Japan you the United Kingdom of Great Britain andNorthern Ireland you Scotland you the Republic of Ireland you the Isle of Man you the Kingdom of Denmark you the kingdom of Sweden you the kingdom of Norway you the Republic of Finland you the United States of America you Canadayou

apple macintosh gameCanadayou the French Republic you the Italian Republic you the kingdom of Spain you this globe shows the two main kinds ofcrust on the earth Oceanic and continental the oceanic rock is denserbut the continental crust is thicker and so it stands higher sticking out fromthe sea where it is submerged as continental shelf we get shallower seasthe Hellenic Republic you the Earth’s crust consists of solidplates floating like rafts on the molten rocks of the Earth’s interior anddrifting under the influence of its thermal activity their relative motionshave caused great collisions in some areas building giant mountain chainssuch as the Himalayas elsewhere plates drift apart grind past each other oractually sink one under the other often causing earthquakes and volcanoes you the saying everybody talks about theweather but nobody does anything about itisn’t exactly true satellite imagery and computer modeling have significantlyadvanced weather forecasting talk about the weather and you’re talking aboutshort-term conditions in the troposphere the region of the Earth’s atmosphereclosest to the surface temperature humidity wind precipitation pressure andcloudiness are the basic elements that interact to create the weathereverything from the high clouds and

apple macintosh gameinteract to create the weathereverything from the high clouds and rising pressure of a pleasant day to thehigh winds and rain of an intense circular center of low pressure called atropical cyclone or a hurricane when it affects north or Central Americaweather over long term periods is called climate climate is dramaticallyinfluenced by latitude the distance from the equator that’s because the Earth’saxis is tilted 23 and 1/2 degrees from the vertical that tilt the Earth’srotation on its axis and it’s 365 day revolution around the Sun resulted theseasons the sun’s rays hitting different parts of the globe in varying strengthsthroughout the year this globe shows how the changingseasons affect Earth’s vegetation the Earth spins on a tilted axis as itorbits the Sun this means that the northern hemisphere points toward theSun during the northern summer and away from the Sun during the northern wintersouth of the equator this pattern is reversed it’s summer in New Zealand whenit’s winter in Mongolia in the summer days are longer and warmer than inwinter and plant growth becomes accelerated you can actually see thenorthern hemisphere get greener between April and September which is thenorthern summer during the same months you can watch the southern winter causethe Antarctic Ice Sheet to grow today we’re experiencing the greatestloss of species since life began we could be losing several dozen speciesevery day far faster than when the dinosaurs died out 65 million years agothere is a real danger that our grandchildren could live in a worldwhere tigers rhinos in the California condor are only memories left on videothe reasons are habitat destruction population growth and shear 3 as demandfor products from endangered species continues setting aside protected areashas saved some species but this only works if local people can earn a livingfrom the reserves rather than poaching

apple macintosh game works if local people can earn a livingfrom the reserves rather than poaching

apple macintosh gameworks if local people can earn a livingfrom the reserves rather than poaching otherwise national parks may only existon paper there’s nothing new about habitatdestruction early u.s. settlers spread out across the prairies and plowed toodeep the soil blew away leaving the dust rollers of the 30s today the problemisn’t just plowing from space you can see fires burning across the Amazonthere started by landless peasants clearing land to make a living in theforest they’re often joined by loggers andfinally cattle ranchers creating temporary grazing land for livestock the richest habitat on earth could beGod under 40 years the government is aware of the problemthat the profits help pay off international debts some creditornations meanwhile are writing off these debts but it may be too little too latehabitat destruction however is not limited to the world’s tropical foreststake a look for yourself you every second two babies are born by theyear 2000 there’ll be six billion of us five times as many as there were innineteen hundred death rates have fallen almost everywhere and many people wantlarge families as their children maybe they’re homeless security in old ageoverpopulation is only a problem when people have insufficient access toresources like clean water food and housing so no matter how good the adsfor contraception the most successful population problems work and improvingpeople’s living standards and education overpopulation is worse than the world’sever-expanding my SAPour major cities by the century’s end ten largest conurbation will be indeveloping nation at night lights visible from space showoff population centers around the world

apple macintosh gameat night lights visible from space showoff population centers around the world as well as some of mankind’s moreilluminating activities see if you can identify the cities of Europe Americaand Asia or spot the flares generated by burning gas and oil wells in Siberia andthe Middle East other light sources to look for includebush fires in Africa burning rainforests in South America and the spotlights offishing boats in the Sea of Japan a popular saying here on earth is justthrow it in the trash in the United States homes and businesses produce morethan 200 million tons of solid waste every year enough to fill a convoy oftrucks halfway to the moon more than a third of all that garbage is papernearly 1/5 yard trimmings the other top trash metals plastic glass and foodwaste in recent years the idea of sustainability has taken holdsustainability means creating less trash and reusing more of it and recycling isone way to reuse waste including recycling of newspapers for making otherpaper products and reprocessing of plastic bottles for insulation andjackets composting is a way to reuse yard wastelike leaves of grass clippings it’s a method for speeding up nature’s own wayof breaking down dead plants a compost heap of the yard turns waste intoexcellent fertilizer composting and recycling or just two steps towardssustainability another is producing less waste at thefirst place by being more careful about what we buy use and throw away the USEnvironmental Protection Agency is set a national goal of reducing and recyclingour waste by 25% here you can see the reduction ofof the aral sea over 20 years caused by diverting the rivers that feed it forirrigation welcome to around the world the globaltrivia challenge to test your knowledge of flags facts and photos from everycorner of the planet answer questions and rack up travel miles to advancefirst one to circumnavigate the globe wins you Wow Wow oops oops you