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This is a waterfall, whole of this is made up of wood Hey guys welcome back once again to my YouTube channel Xtreme Moto Adventure In the story there’s a Twist, the twist is If you haven’t watched the previous vlog then go and watch them You’ll understand the whole story line So Kerala So Kerala has a reason to be called as God’s own country There are many beautiful locations to watch You can say they are fabulous great Awesome It looks like God has came down and Made Kerala I’m sure these videos, the story line that is going on Even if it’s from Valparai To Kerala A very beautiful story is going on If you haven’t watched previous vlogs you must go and watch them You would love them and if you love them Then like the videos and Share them with your friends and family I’m sure you’ll like them In today’s video there is a twist The twist is as you have watched in previous 2-3 Vlogs I had reached Athirappilly, and there i had Drank a Coffee for RS 150 That too in Rain Forest Resort’s Coffee House So the view from there was That was Awesome it was ultimate And there i had posted on Instagram With that view I had tagged Rain Forest Resort Which is a luxury resort So then i reached Kochi, there i recieved a mail From Rain Forest Management that you come here And experience Rain Forest And share it, So firstly i thought Will it be right to go back, because for once i had already Seen the view from outside, then i thought They have a night stay of 20 K What will be the luxury, what will happen, what will be the experience For experiencing that, in this video

adventure travelFor experiencing that, in this video I will take you to Athirappilly’s Rain Forest Resort You’re going to enjoy this Vlog, I’m sure You’re going to have Awesome experiences So in this Vlog You will get to see music, you will see pool, You will see waterfall, you will see nature, So This is going to be amazing, So let’s start Today’s video, Let’s Start the show guys Nice nice baby Good Morning to all brothers all sisters All mothers and all sisters No son don’t talk like this It’s 10:38 AM And today’s ride we have Started, And we’re going to where? We have already told you before that is Athirappilly And guys this experience is going to be Amazing Must watch the full video So we have reached Rain Forest Athirappilly and it’s on right hand side Here it is That Uncle is not here with whom i had a talk Before 2-3 days When i had came here Park it ahead here Hee Let’s go Hello There’s one more bag there That has to be taken out, shall i take out right now From here From here Athirappilly fall is visible Shed Here’s our tree house, in which We will stay at night How Amazing There’s waterfall This whole is made up of wood Yes Yes and

adventure travelYes Yes and Nice I’m sure it’s going to be fun See Good What a feel This is our today’s stay It’s very beautiful And the View from here See It’s fabulous So George where are we going now? So this Baiju can tell us better Because he’s a local, Let’s go And ask from him Say Hi first Hi Hello Now tell us Where are we going? And What’s the name of this tribe We’re going to Peringalkuthu Dam Then some areas, a trible village The Kadar trible village And that areas and some forest area, ok So let’s go to Peringal village and there Is a tribe we will see that The gates of the Dam are also open, It’s going to be fun Let’s go Hay where are you going? So this is the one spot From here you can go to Athirappilly and you can see, this is a tourist spot SO the view from here is the view from above It’s very good view, if We will have some time then we will surely see the view here but Before that we will visit this tribe and we will go to Dam Elephant’s cross through this road What a road what a scene what a forest These are all Means everything is beautiful I am enjoying This is a heavenly experience It’s been 57 days

adventure travel It’s been 57 days

adventure travelIt’s been 57 days Since I’m out from my house So in this All India ride I am going to Nepal and Bhutan also We have reached i think at Charpa Waterfall, which is in Previous i mean the vlogs i had posted 2-3 days before you must have seen When i had came here I had gone to Kochi, Wow man what a beautiful site So we have to go ahead So we have reached Wajha Chal Check Post We go ahead from here Baiju will do the enteries So we’re doing the enteries at Check post How far is it? 20 Dam? It’s Dam Dam So now we can go So Baiju bhai is a local here And Hi Ok Free? free of cost ok So Baiju bhai is telling that This is also a trible village and Government has Given many houses for free to the people What a road Funny road Now it’s good So we have to park here, ok Let’s see So Baiju bhai is going to sing a song In Malayalam and this Lrt’s start Awesome Man Awesome This is Magic of Kerala Wow Amazing Man Amazing Thanks a lot, So let’s go ill show you the Dam

adventure travelThanks a lot, So let’s go ill show you the Dam How is it We have came Rain stopped Yes that’s why I’m here What a view man It’s very beautiful look there This must be visible, There’s a Dam and It looks like a River on the other side of it Whole of water is stored here How to go inside i will tell you how to go inside Pull a little from down there So guys it’s time to sleep now George Bhai has gone inside I’m also going And we had lot of fun today, Exploring this Rain Forest Resort Experience was too amazing, How was it? I am Speechless So the sound of Athirappilly is still coming from front If you loved the video then do Like Subscribe And share it, now we are going to sleep we’re too tired Tomorrow again Is a shoot it’s going to be fun So Bye Bye Take Care Ride Safe Jai Hind What do i say? Sayonara So guys wait, one thing I have forgotten to tell, If you want to celebrate New year in Kerala’s Rain Forest Resort, And the life their, the luxurious life Staying so close to nature If you want to see that If you want to see the views nearby, if you want to experience As you have seen in video Many beautiful views were there So i have a coupon code EXPLORE That you can see in description box and A link to the website is also given, so You can directly book, you will get Direct discount of 15 % This offer is valid till New year So go quickly and visit your New Year’s Gift, You can give it to anyone, you near one Take someone there, so the life their Is Amazing, I enjoyed it a lot And today’s Vlog has gone so long so So will do Bye Bye