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MOSFILM SECOND ARTISTIC UNION LOVE AND PIGEONS script writerVLADIMIR GURKIN directorVLADIMIR MENSHOV starring Vasiliy – ALEKSANDR MIKHAILOV Nadya – NINA DOROSHINA Raisa Zakharovna – LYUDMILA GURCHENKO Uncle Mitya – SERGEI YURSKYAunt Sasha – NATALYA TENYAKOVA Lyuda – YANINA LISOVSKAYALyonya – IGOR LYAKHOlya – LADA SIZONENKO Good, good, you’ve come back,good job. And you’re jealous, jealous, yeah. Lyudka,aye, Lyudka! Lyudka,aye, Lyudka! Did you take money? Oh, Nadya has noticed! Too late,the bogeyman took the money! Get out of here,get out! Dad, did you take the money from thewardrobe? Mom will teach you a lesson, you can’t even imaginehow angry she is! Vasiliy, hey, Vasiliy! Answer me!I know you’re there. What do you want, Nadya?What? – Go and get me some water.- There is a whole tub in the bathhouse. – Really? Where?- Me and Lyonka brought some water yesterday. – Well, I wanted to wash clothes.- So why not use that water? I will use you instead. Oh how willI make use of you, you sponger! Where did those 30 rubles go?!Why are you such a crook?! If you buy more pigeons, I’ll drownyou together with them, you sponger! – You’ll break the ladder.- I’ll break your ribs! Stupid pigeon-keeper,he is worried about the ladder! Oh you! Well, I’ll be the oneto repair this ladder, Nadya. Beware, ’cause you’ll haveto repair yourself! Get out, I tell you!Did you buy them or not? Oh, sponger! Olya, tell your mother the truth!Did your old man buy any pigeons? – Hey, do you hear? I am talking to you!- Yes. So that’s it, that is where yourdresses and ice-cream go, and your boots and lipstick,Lyudka. We’ll be starving now. Hey, isn’t that too much for25 rubles, Nadya? Yeah, go and kiss you pigeonsand continue to fleece us! They are beautiful, the pigeons. So you knew and you haven’t evenuttered a word to your Mom! – Nadya, these ones are tafty.- Oh! – What do you mean?- They have these plums on back of their heads. – Wanna see?- Just you dare to step out from there! Lyudka! What are we going to do? – We don’t have any more cash.- We still have money in the account. Oh, just you wait till I find somethingto chuck at you! – Have you deposited much to withdraw now?- Well, but you did! Oh, I feel like killing you withsomething, you sponger! Well, Lyudka, go and fetch the bankbook. – Where?- There! – Ah…- Yeah! Hey you, go and fix the oven. I am tired of using the stoveevery time I need to cook. Do you hear me? Yeah, Nadya, I’ll go fix it in a minute.

adventure time subtitlesYeah, Nadya, I’ll go fix it in a minute. Mom, he has waited for these pigeonsthe whole month! Olya, do you think thatearning money is easy? That’d be fine if he used it forsomething real, but pigeons… Well, at least he isn’t drinking. Yeah, that’s true. He isn’t drinking. OK, I’ll go to the store now. What are you standing here for with thepeeling eyes, miss Dad’s protectress? Lyudka, when Lyonya comes homefrom vocational school feed the lad. He can fix a meal himself. If you talk like this to yourhusband, he’ll run away from you! But Dad hasn’t run away from you. Do not compare yourself with me,I forgive and forget quickly. – Hey, you should eat too.- I don’t want to. – Where is the fuel can?- In the shed. Where are you going? We’ll swim to the neighboring villagewith Uncle Sasha. They have gunpowderin the store there. – Buy my share too.- Sure! – I wish you wealth and health!- Hi, Uncle Mitya! Bye, Uncle Mitya! – Vasiliy, Lyudka, hello!- Sit down and have lunch with us, Uncle Mitya! – Yeah, sure.- Hi, Aunt Sasha, bye, Aunt Sasha! Uncle Mitya, hide it!There, yes. She won’t find it there. Hey, Lyudka, came for a vacation?Why alone? – Where is your young…- Uncle Mitya, don’t. Well, she has some troubles withher young man. – What’s happened?- We don’t ask. Yeah, good of you to come. Oh, look at them! They’re already chasinga drink! That was to be expected! Chasing a drink, are you? Oh, my dear Sasha is here! Yeah, your dearSasha is here! I saw you by the store, so I called:Mitya, Mitya! No reaction! Just zips along! Ha? What d’you say? Oh, my hearingis so bad nowadays… Say something. What should I say? – Hello, Uncle Mitya.- I can’t hear you. I’ll have to go the ear doctor andget some thingy for my ear. I didn’t drink, I didn’t! Thoughthere is a good reason for drinking. Or Bastille Day will go to waste… 80 years since the birth of… Wow! Can’t be that she’s80 already! Sit down, Aunty, eat with us. Has today’s mail come? Katya is on her way,I’ve just seen her. – Aunty, please, help yourself, alright?- Yeah, you go! Vasiliy, what is that you arewashing your hands with? You sponger! Well, Sasha, I willnever forgive you for this… Why are you laughing? Our proudbattleship never surrenders to the foe! When lassies go tobathhouse I climb on its roof and I stomp my feet. – Got a day off?- Yep. So why are you drinking?Did you squabble with Nadya? Aha. God knows what… Yeah, I’m at odds with mine too.She’s there now, and I’m here. She’ll come here andI’ll go there!

adventure time subtitlesShe’ll come here andI’ll go there! I let her do the marathon! – Drinking, eh?- Drinking! Hello, Sasha! – Have a sip.- Nah, I don’t like this. – Is everything OK?- Yeah. – Cheers!- Take the buckets. Well, better send him to the Navythan to the Forestry. – He decided on his own!- Ah, he knows nothing about the beauty of sea life! – Lyonya, don’t tell mother!- Yeah, OK. I can’t for the life of meunderstand you I fight with my bogeywoman,while you always accept the blame. – What does she want anyway, why the fuss?- It’s because of the pigeons. But she’s not angry anymore. Well, you just strap her once andshe’ll become as good as gold! That’s what they are like,they’ve gotten pretty brazen! Pour some more! Take highlanders for instance,how do they deal with this issue: When they talk,she won’t enter a room. That’s because they’re mountaineers.Oh. I mean, people from the mountains! Have you seen mine? Sure! Where else can he be,if not here! It’s only a couple of mugs,to not forget the taste! Give me your bag, I’ll help.It’s probably heavy. Oh, what a helper, look at him!Took a pity on me! – Have you seen Filipov?- No. What’s up? – Well of course! If you ever are at home!He’s looking for you. – Why? See, his crank broke down, heasks for some help. Run to him. – Bah! Son of a biscuit! So I better run.- Yeah, go. – Vasiliy! Has my beau swam nearby?- No, I haven’t seen him. Oh those spongers! Yeah, spongers. Well, that’s a good one! In your age,why can’t you stop fighting? Oh, I laugh too much.It’s not a good sign. I have to help harvest potatoes tomorrowin the morning, Filipov asked. – I won’t be able to go now!- Gee, he’ll be back, he’s nowhere else to go! – Oh, Nadya, could you please give meyour spade. Ours is so blunt. – Yeah. Mitya would’ve sharpened it, but he’snowhere to be found, just watch his smoke. Lyudka, aye, Lyudka!Take the bags. Here you go! – Here you go!- Hello, dear Lyuda! Hello, Aunty Sasha! Oh, I can’t take my eyes off of you! Hey, Nadya, do you hear what I’m saying?I can’t take my eyes off Lyudka! Oh what a beauty you grew up to be!A real beauty, that’s what you are! Why don’t you visit us? Hey, drop insometime for a cup of tea with jams! I have such a yummy lingonberry jamthis year! Here you go, Aunty Sasha! – Nadya!- What? Where were you, you old loon? I have brought terrible news to yourhouse, Mrs Nadya, call all of your children. What happened? Vasiliy went to repair that crankand I went with him. He wanted to have a smoke. So he came, and as helit his cigaret… And me, I sat near him… Hey, you old fool, out with it!You drive people into a frenzy with this. I don’t understand bogeywomen.Nadya, take her away. She’s right! Don’t drag your feet!Spit it out!

adventure time subtitles She’s right! Don’t drag your feet!Spit it out!

adventure time subtitlesShe’s right! Don’t drag your feet!Spit it out! He was standing near therailway car… Who was standing? Who was standingthere? Vasiliy? A log slipped from the carand “smash” it fell to the ground! And one end banged Vasiliy on the head. Smashed your Father,Lyudka. That’s it. Vasiliy! Damn it… That condition willremain forever now. – What will remain forever?- A squint. So he’s alive? Don’t you croak, you silly goose!’course he’s alive, but his left eye now looks this wayand the other one looks that way. And what did you think? I will show you whatwe thought, oh you old fool! Oh you!Stop! Stop, stop, stop! – Not bad. Not bad indeed.- And now you. – Me?- Yes, you. – Well, announce the next act!- Me? Announce? Yes, the second act.Go and announce it. Act number two,the sad one! Hey, why are you here, you old geezer?And that you dare! Just wait until I get the broom,you’ll learn your lesson. – Please, don’t.- Please, don’t! – Forgive me, Nadya.- No way. I almost died of fear. I’ll tell Vasiliy all about it,when he returns from the hospital. That’ll teach you! – Nadya, do you have some brew?- Sure we do, but not for you! – Nadya, I feel sick.- Poor thing! Look at him! Didn’t have enough to drink? I’ll go and tell your wife how youlatch onto your neighbors for a drink. Oh, but she’s not with us anymore,my dear Sasha, she’s not! That’s it! She’s gone… Hm, I wonder, where has shegone then? I told her, let me call them.But she went, “No, it’ll pass. ” And then I sawshe started to blot. – So I decided to disobey her and ran.- Where to? What are you talking about? I ran to fetch an ambulance.And we went to the hospital on it. And then the doctorcame out and said, “Dear Grandpa,your Grandma has died. ” Uncle Mitya, what is it all about?How could this happen? He told me that she has died. I can’t. How could this be? I sawher 2 days ago. And yesterday she wanted to goharvest potatoes and, tellingly, with Filipov’s family. Then she’s gone all bad. She went,”I can’t bend over, my heart aches. ” She told us, go on your own anddig out those potatoes. Why didn’t you run to usstraight away? It’s only now thatI started to recover. Before I couldn’t bring myselfto an upright position. I was trying to walk, but mylegs wouldn’t hold me, as if they were made of cotton wool. My hands are still shaking. Have a drink, Uncle Mitya,have a drink. No, don’t bother! – Please, drink.- My dear Sasha disapproved of this. Under these circumstancesyou are allowed to, poor thing. What was wrong with her.Did the doctors tell you? Miocardinal heart attack.

adventure time subtitlesMiocardinal heart attack. The scar was this big.The autopsy showed. – Eat something.- No, thanks. They’ll bring her tomorrow. In general, they are kept for 3 daysin morgue, but there ain’t no spaces. – Can I expect some neighborly help from you?- Sure, we’ll help you. – Lyudka, Aunty Sasha has died.- It can’t be. Uncle Mitya took her yesterday to thehospital, she died there. Heart failure. Miocardinal heart attack, Lyudka. – She wasn’t that old.- How old was she? How old am I? Do the math,she was 3 years younger. So how old was she, Lyudka? Lyonya! Grandma Sasha has died. – Wow.- Yesterday. And, tellingly,we loved each other. Do you know, how she used to call me?No one knows. I’d call her Sanyushka and she’dcall me Mityunyushka. I go: Sanyushka, and she goes:Mityunyushka! And such a voice, right, Nadya!Oh, how she used to sing! All those loud ‘Oh’s’ and’Ey’s in the beginning… The moment of happinessAnd moment of parting… I am ready to share with youAll the time. Let’s shakeeach other’s hands, And let’s start this long journeyFor many, many years! Are you done with the potatoes already? What are you doing? I’m telling them about my dream.Those dreams can be pretty nasty. Nadya, why have yougiven him a drink? Why do you pour him this thing?What is he doing here? What’s going on? I just leave the yard and here he is at once,getting himself plastered! Run, Uncle Mitya! – Aunty Sasha, he has buried you.- What? He says, “And tomorrow they’ll bring herfrom the morgue!” Ugly scab! Got you! Our proud battleshipnever surrenders to the foe! Act number three…A parting one. I am leaving for a resort. And thereI’ll go to a bar and will try a cocktail. The new ones will have little ones soon,take care so that cat doesn’t get them. Buy them some wheat. I know. Dad, show me your trick. – What trick?- Give a pigeon water to drink. Oh, this isn’t any trick, this is training.OK, bring me a mug. Wow! It drinks! It isn’t afraid! There was once this Volodya,a local fool. He could make 5 of themdrink at once. – A fool?- Aha. We loved him a lot, all the villagers loved him. Anyone could ask himfor help. He’d come at onceand would work the hardest. God didn’t give him brains, but he hada big soul and a lot of strength. – He was murdered, poor thing.- Who did that? Some laborers. They were driven out ofthe city and settled in our village. In the early days they weren’t settled here,but then suddenly they were. They didn’t think twice,started to drink and fight. Volodya happened to seeone of the fights. And as little kids do, hestarted to wave a finger at them: “This isn’t a good thing to do,you mischieves, why are you fighting?” And those guys didn’t think twice,just took a knife and stabbed him. There was an abandoned church,and pigeons used to live in it. Volodya started to feed them.He used to go there and crumb a loaf of bread for them. They would fly around him, touch hisface and cheeks with their wings and he would trill with laughter.It was fun to watch. They were not afraid of him, he didn’tscare them at all, unlike all others. I remember that he had a red shirt, all covered with little holesfrom their small claws. He was buried in that shirt. While he was being buried,they flew around his little grave. And later, when everyone was gone, they circled around it for a bitand flew away. We haven’t seen them since.They are darn smart, they are. – Where is the health resort voucher?- Jeez, I put it in the suitcase. Where’s the razor? Oh, hello, Uncle Mitya.Come in. – Ah, don’t worry. I’ll stand here.- Come in, come in. Vasiliy, listen! Hide money here, inthis pocket, I’ve sewn it there. What are you staring at?Go away from here! I am sorry, I didn’t want to stand inyour way while you were hiding money. Yeah, sure! Go and tell everyonein the village about it, you windbag! So you understood, you’ll put themhere and then secure it with a pin. And if it comes undone? Oh… It’ll poke you. – So what should I do? Sew it in in this hurry?- I’ll put it in my pocket. Your pocket? Are you out of you mind?They’ll pick it out. Don’t you know those ruffians?You wouldn’t even notice! Just wear it, no further ado! I’ll do it myself! What’s happened? – What have you done?- I’ve ironed it. Who’ll tie it now? Well, I guess that’s it.No resort for me now. Maybe Nikolai Trofimovich will help? He does not wear ties! Vasiliy, do not get upset just yet.I’ll find someone in a sec! – I have a right to say goodbye to a friend.- Again here with a bottle? Customs check. Well, Vasiliy, have an easy flight. – Are you flying?- I am. I’ll see what pigeons see, when they’re up above. – What is that place called?- The resort for locomotive organs. I can’t smell, Uncle Mitya. Don’t you worry,I have bay leaves, we’ll chew on them. Are you some kind of agent provocateuror what, Uncle Mitya? Dad! Hello, Uncle Mitya! I got breadand some canned food. OK, put them there. Hey, why are you still sitting?The bus is coming! – Let us have tea before the road.- Yeah, I know this ‘tea’ of yours! Lyudka, don’t tell Mom. Vasiliy, jiggers!Jiggers! Ha, and my handsome widoweris here, of course! – So what did you find?- Nothing. I went everywhere, no one knows. I’ve had it! Unpackmy suitcase! That’s it! Vasiliy, what’s came over you?Why the hell would you need it? You’ll just unbutton your shirtlike this… – Unbutton!- It’s the South there! There’s a culture there! On TVthey say it’s a cultural stronghold. Give it to me. Oh, Lyudka, oh, you beauty! I tie it differently. Well, let’s say goodbyeto our Dad. Regards and see you later. Well, Daughter… This is nothing. I’ll be back soon. – Write us something.- I’ll write you something. – Shall we kiss?- Kiss? Those ideas of yours. Now watch out there,at those resorts… – Write to me, don’t forget.- Bring me some sea shells… and a palm. – Oh, Daughter, a palm? How would I carry it?- Just a branch! Ah, a branch!OK. Goodbye and all the best! Take care, comrade! You’ve splashedwater all over me! I am all wet now, from top to toe! I’m sorry! – Oh, hello.- What is the matter? You work in our personnel department,in administration. – Comrade Kuzkin?- Yep, Kuzyakin. – Vladimir Valentinovich?- Yep, Vasiliy Egorovich. I have a professional memory. So you’rethe one who got the 2nd resort voucher? The world is so small!No, no, get out first. As you order. Who could have thought! To be thousandskilometers from home and to meet a work colleaguein the sea. Excuse me, have you come here aftersustaining an injury as well? God no! I was advised about thebenefits of this climate by my mentalist. – Menta who?- List. She foretells future! Haven’t you heard about it? I’m busy all the timewith my work. Strange… All the paperswrite about it all the time now. – What’s that? That’s her job?- No, she works in a different field. By the way, speaking of work.How’s your plan? Our plan? It’s alright.We’re fulfilling the plan. Your Forestry is in our good books.We’re very satisfied with your work. Thank you very much. Just one second, please!I’ll read the front page. [song] And the heart is breaking… into small parts when Irecall my home… – Hello, Ms Raisa!- Hello! So we’re neigbors on top of everything. Excuse me! She took a shoe,a regular shoe, lifted it by the laces and let it go. The shoe remained hangingin the air. Ms Raisa, how’s that possible? Telekinesis. The movement of objectswith only the help of the gaze. Presently this phenomenon is studiedby many mentalists and laboratories. Well, not officially yet. But geneticswasn’t recognized as well, you remember? But the progress is inexorable.Do you agree with me? Precisely. You see the dwarf Japanesemandarin trees… – I will introduce you to her, but please, be discrete!- I’ll be silent as the grave! Because as soon as they discovermentalists, they register them. They work on the state scale,foresee what happens abroad. If anything happens the Governmentturns to the mentalist immediately. Then mentalist sends an inquiry intospace: if this and that, then what? And the answer is transmittedvia the astral bodies. – And only after this the Governmentmakes a decision. – Really? But this is very ruinous for mentalists,their nervous system can become a wreck. Well, no wonder! To thinkfor the Government every day! 16 humanoids were foundon the site of the crash. They were short, 1 meter 20 cmon average, green and sexless. You know, their eyes werereally wise and sad. Oh, have you seenthem, Ms Raisa? Have I seen them?No one has seen them. After a minute in the sunthey melted. – Really?- Really! They turned into these 16 spots. Don’t let it pass your lips,it’s classified! – I got it! I’ll be silent as a grave!- We and the Americans conceal it, but we’ve both been communicatingwith them for a long time. – With whom?- With the aliens, the humanoids. It is a proven fact that peopledescended from them. They just agreed to write in thetextbooks that we descended from monkeys! Crazy! Silence, remedial sleep! I brought her a pictureof another person. He had disappeared,all of a sudden, somehow. She looked at the picture carefully,went to the map… And what happened, Ms Raisa? What happened next, she wentto the map, and? She pointed her finger and said:this is a hot spot, he’s there now. Excuse me, Ms Raisa.Did they find him? – Did they find that chap?- Who? I asked did they find that chap? This electrosleep, I must tell you,is as if something from the Stone Age! Not to compare with the Eastern medicine,but do you know how they do it there? Ping with the needle, squirt, andthat’s it. But this doesn’t work. Yep, true, for me, my head cracksand that’s it. Nothing more. Excuse me please… Aha… This is some strange kind of apples.How much are these? Lyonya asked to get himbatteries for the radio, And I need to get a present for Olya. Oh, I love you, I love you, Olya…Is that your wife, Olya? No, Olya is my younger daughter,and Nadya is my wifey. Nadya… That’s a beautiful name. Excuse me, and what isyour husband’s name? Who? Oh, no! I value my freedom,so that you know! – Marriage is voluntary slavery.- Really? And who bought you this tie? Oh, my wifey bought it. I recommend you to buy this one. It goeswell with your suit and with you eyes. [song] After patting little children’s heads I will say in tears… He asks, “So you can’t standit anymore?” – She says, “I can’t. “- These were her exact words? “I’ll try to help you. ” He took her to his office,took off her clothes, laid her down on the table. And then, with his bare hands,no sharp instruments, opened her body. They have theirsecrets, the skin parted on its own. “Does it hurt?” he asked.”No, I feel good. ” He took out all her inner organs… and put them in a bowl. He washed them there really well, almostscrubbed, and then rinsed. Son of a biscuit! Bang! And threw everything thatwas aching to the garbage bin! So our doctors can’t do that? Well, this is specialPhilippino medical practice. Ms Raisa, and that hussy,is she alive? But of course!And feels very well. But she doesn’t recognize people.She lost her memory for some reason. But the important thing is not theresult, but the process. Yeah, I understand you. – Did I tire you?- Oh no, not at all! I learned so much! I wouldn’t have learned about all thisin my entire life otherwise. – Do you know what question bothers me?- What is it, Ms Raisa? How did it happen that you and Iboth happened to be here together, under this charming southern sky?How did it happen, Vasiliy? Well, it’s because of health resort vouchers, we work at the same place. Oh, you are not a romantic, VasiliyEgorovich, you are not. [song] Remember those mountains,Remember those palm trees, But you should forget my addressonce and for all. But the eternity comes to an end, And the parting comes, And the time for farewell Is coming nearerand nearer. Let’s look Into each other’s eyes. Let’s dance, Let’s dance! For the last time. Swimming! Let’s go swimming,Vasiliy! – Oh, you have dropped something!- Let’s take the clothes off! Oh, the stars of the world! [inscription] Vasiliy, be careful!- They’re shining! And the moon is swinging…Yeah, swaying a lot. – Tell, me, Vasiliy, am I drunk?- You’re fine, we just had a tiny drop. Thank you a lot. You area very kind person. And everything is good with you,your family, your kids. You live in harmony, don’t you? – Well, different things happen.- You don’t look like a troublemaker. – Well, I am not.- Your wife? – Yep. – Nadya… – It’s all because of thepigeons, because of small stuff. That is sad, very sad. – You breed pigeons?- Yeah. How cute!Pigeons! Ms Raisa! Ms Raisa!What’s wrong? I do not do this for sale,I do it for the soul. Did I offend you? You know, as a kid I was a crazymischief! A real tomboy. My Dad wanted to have a son,but a girl was born. – And what was her name?- Whose? – Well, that girl’s? – Raisa.- Oh, I don’t get this… My Dad wanted a boy, but a girlwas born, I was born! Yes, I understood. My Dad… My Dad… – Do you know who was my Dad?- No. – He was in the cavalry, an officer!- Oh, yeah… Got it. We also used to chase pigeons.And I used to… I never knew how to whistle. And you know how to do it.But I was always surprised by a different thing: how tender these stupid birdiescan be! Why human beings are so different?Why, Vasiliy? Exactly! – And she says to me, “Where is the money?”- And where was the money? Oh, I’ve boughta couple of pigeons. Oh, they’re smart,the feathered tribe! You take a pigeon and let him go up,towards the clouds, to the flock, and it becomes so tiny, not biggerthan a match head, but you keep the female dove. And then youjust raise your hand and wave, and he throws himself at her likea stone and starts cooing at her. – How can you explain it?- Well, a procreation instinct most likely. It’s love.Most probably… – Oh, love, dear Vasiliy Egorovich…- Raisa Zakharovna… [inscription] Oh, Vasiliy,how could you… I think I feel well,but I’m not sure yet. I’ve gathered a lot of sea shells for Olya,they take up the whole nightstand. I’ll cut the palm branch beforeleaving, otherwise it may whither. I’ve bought a lot of batteries forLyonya’s radio. Sounds good! All in all, the things you’ve askedfor – I’ve got them all! Dear Nadya! Please excuse me that… What’s that, Lyudka? It lookslike this is someone else’s hand. Dear Nadya! Please excuse me thatI interfere, but Vasiliy is a very timidand delicate person. That’s why it is difficult forhim to make a decision. On the shores of this wonderful sea – Vasiliy and I have found each other.- What’s that? Vasiliy and them have found each other. It has happened unexpectedly,as if by obsession. We are still at a little bit of a loss. But God’s ways are mysteriousand no one knows what kind of trials await us. One thing is sure, we won’tbe able to live without each other. Lyudka, I don’t understand. Who is thatperson writing, is it his roommate? This ain’t a roommate,this is a woman. Please, don’t be afraid, I’m not againsthim communicating with his children. I believe that you, being anintelligent person, will not condemn us for this little ray of happiness in thedark sky of life. Please forgive us. Sincerely yours, Raisa Zakharovna. P. S. Thank you for Vasiliy. – What’s this, Lyudka? What does P. S. mean?- Post scriptum. Afterword. – Thank you for Vasiliy.- Thank who? – You! For Vasiliy! Oh, wait! Here he wrote again! Nadya, we fly backhome on the 4th. – What day is it today?- 11th. Well, they must have arrived by now. So do not write to this address. I wouldn’t be able to tell thisto you, a letter is better. And Ms Raisa a is a good woman.She even helped to chose the presents. Goodbye, Vasiliy. Oh, woe is me!Oh, what have I done to deserve this! Lyonya, what is that?! Isn’t he ashamed,the pig? What a stud! Do you see what kind ofa stud your Dad is! – Why do you cry?!- I don’t know what to do! Oh, woe is me! – Lyonya, have you fed the piglets?- Yes. I will tear away the heads of hispigeons! Lyudka, where is our axe? I will definitely do it,you damn stud! But what do pigeonshave to do with this? So it is alright to tortureyour Mom? Is it? We brought you up!Do you think it was easy? If I meet him, I’ll kill him,but pigeons have nothing to do with it. – What do you mean, you’ll kill him?- What an idiot. Hey, Lyonya! Are you insane?Don’t even think about it! Grabbing him by the back ofhis neck and shaking him well will do! – Hey, sit down! Where are you going?- I’m going to the outhouse. – I’ll go with you!- Are you out of your mind? – Well, I’ll just guard you.- I am going to the outhouse! I know this story!If you do what you think of you’ll end up in jail andyour life will never be right again! My dear Lyonya, please be patient, maybehe will come back! Are you all out of your minds? Hello! Hello! – Are you Nadya? – Yes.- I came to talk to you. – And where are you from?- I am from the administration. Good afternoon, please, come in. Oh, a samovar! How cute. – Such a grief has befallen us!- Mother, cut it out! – Excuse me!- Thank you. – Oh, I’ll go get tea ready.- Please don’t bother! – And who are you in the administration?- I work in the personnel department. Why do you look after yourpersonnel so badly? They run wherever they want!And you don’t care! Well, you know, in general wedo not have any personnel turnover. But we do! A horrible turnoverhappened to us! You should reprimand him real good,ream that fool out. Mom, maybe she’s here ona different issue? Ah no, precisely becauseof this very issue. Don’t you have anythingelse to do? Go! Excuse us. Lyonya, hey, come back! Where are you going? – To feed the piglets.- Well, listen here, don’t you even think about it! – Oh, he says that he’s gonna kill him!- Whom? – His Father! He’s very quiet, but then he gets athing into his stupid head, and I worry. Well, this is certainly not a way out. – How can one think this way!- Sure! – He’s his Father! He found some other woman, that bastard,and that’s the last we saw of him! I was told about the thingsthat happen at those resorts. How those loose women get there?Why do you give them resort vouchers? Nadya, we bothare women. Yep. – I want us to understand each other.- Yes, yes. – It is not that bad.- How come? It is really bad. Please, calm yourself down. – Do you love him?- Huh? Do you love this man? He ain’t no man! If he were a man,he wouldn’t have done this! This bitch set the trap for him,and that fool let himself be tricked. Why do you think that he was tricked,maybe he tricked her? Oh, don’t talk nonsense! A goodwoman would never do such a thing. You’ll see, it will come back to haunt her! God has a lot on his mind,but God is not blind! She will repent a thousand times… … this snake for takinghusbands from their families! Why do you say she hashundreds of them?! Well, you ain’t saying he’sher 1st one and that she’s 16? No, she’ not 16!And he’s not her 1st. What if this is love, Nadya? – How do you mean, love?- I mean, real love! This is what you should have thoughtabout in the 1st place, dear Nadya! Oh, I don’t know… We have lived so many years withhim without fighting and all was good. – What if it was all a habit?- What do you mean, a habit? – Just simply a habit. That is why I ask you:do you love this man? Oh, I don’t know.You say all these different words… What love can I talk about,when I don’t have enough air, I can’t breathe,it burns in my chest, as if I swallowed hot coalsfrom the oven. Nadya, dear, do not hold anything against Vasiliy.If you love him, you won’t hurt him. I understand that it is difficultfor the heart to accept it. But we are people and we haverea… son. What’s the matter? – Why are you looking at me in this way?- So it is you, huh? It is me, Nadya,what is your patronymic? Oh, what’s this world coming to? – Lyudka, aye, Lyudka!- What? – Just look what’s happening! It’s her!- How do you do, Lyuda. Do you intend to make a scandal? I came to you, Madame, because Ideemed you to be an intelligent woman. – Oh you little bleached bitch!- What do you mean, bleached? This is my natural hair color! As far as I understand, our meetinghas come to an end. Thank you for your attention. We’ll discuss this situationwith Vasiliy and we’ll inform you about theresults in written form. Goodbye, Lyuda.goodbye, Nadya. No need to see me off.Live happily. Oh you, I’ll show you… Girls, restrain your Mother! Calm down, stay calm.Oh what a pest! “Lyudka, aye, Lyudka!”Pooh, what a boor! What was that? What is happening? I tell her everything from thebottom of my heart… And she turns out to be…her… If I get to know that any of yousee your Dad, I’ll curse you. Good afternoon! – Good afternoon!- Hello!… Miss. Hello, my friend. Will you have some lunch…Ma’am? Grated cheese, beetroot… A little bit more. Like this. Oh Jesus… – I see that!- I wanted to add a little bit of salt. Otherwise it isn’t possibleto swallow it. By no means! Salt isa white poison. – Isn’t sugar a white poison?- Sugar is a sweet poison. – Ms Raisa, maybe some bread?- Bread is a poison! Oh, I wouldn’t mind getting poisonedby a good slice of bread! It’s true. I wouldn’t mindgetting stuffed real good! – Getting stuffed? What’s wrong with ‘eat’?- Eh? – Not ‘eh’, but ‘excuse me’! Ms Raisa! Don’t be so tragic about it! Raisa, really! Please, stop! Excuse me, my dear.I was really hurt today. – Well… Eat, eh?- Elegy. Massenet? Come here, my beloved one, sitdown and give me your hand. Like this… And let us be silent. – Why are people so cruel?- Who? Why, oh why,oh why? But people are different, Raisa. Oh my, I haven’t doneanything bad to her! – Raisa, please, eat.- Honey, you’re hungry? – Let’s eat.- Let’s eat. Oh, the barrier is insurmountable. No understanding for our love!Moreover, I almost got killed. Those people just stood there, watched.Vasiliy, those were your children! Such aloofness! – Raisa, you didn’t go to Nadya, did you?- Yes I did. I stumbled upon a wall of egotism,hate and lack of understanding. – Why did you go there?- I wanted to establish contact. You’re a shy person… but you’llhave to deal with it on your own. Careful, honey, or you’ll spoil boththe needle and Massenet. – Alright then, I’m leaving.- No, wait, we have to decide. No, there is nothing to decide.I am leaving. – Where to?- Some place. I have packed already. – You mean you are leaving altogether?- Yep. – What about me?- Why do you need me, Raisa? I don’t know how to washsocks and shirts. But you’ve learned. – I curse!- I like it! It is risque. I got used to it. If you want…Doodle-poodle! I will start too! No, please, don’t. I can’t, Ms Raisa!I am drawn to them. – Drawn to whom?- To Nadya, to the kids. – So you’re going to that Gorgon?- Ah no, I’m going to my wife. – What about me?- Ms Raisa, I really can’t… I will not let you go, Vasiliy!I will not let you go! What is this, really,Miss, what’s going on? I wanted it all to be good,good for people. What’s the matter? Vasiliy, Vasiliy! You are my happiness, my destiny,you are my love! If you want, I can learn how to bakepies, I like them myself. I will wash everything by myself,do you want that? Tell me what you want meto become! I’ll be that! Raisa, really, why are youacting like in the movies? Vasiliy, don’t you believe me? Ms Raisa, please, let me go! Dear Vasiliy, please, do not kill me.We are from different social strata, – but destiny brought us together.- Destiny? What are you talking about? One night at the bar barred my way back! What do you mean, at the bar?!Oh, what a foolish woman I am! Calm down. What do you wantfrom me, for God’s sake? – You’ve thrown yourself upon me out of boredom!- Me? On you? Well, who else? Being all alone allthe time… It ain’t no fun, for sure! – Leave us alone!- Oh, yeah, this is the right decision! – Get out of my house!- Oh, this is the real thing now! – Please leave us alone!- I just wanted a better life! – Get out from my house! Leave us alone!- Sure, all right! So what do the cards say? Vasiliy will come, he will for sure! The road is for Nadya, not for him.Nadya will go somewhere. But this anger here… – Well, anger, sure! Is there a reason to rejoice?- Oh, go away! Mom, maybe you shouldget out of bed? Yeah, Nadya, come on,stretch your legs. Just do one small thing,then the other. Just switch your mind to the chores! Oh, let me stay in bedfor just a tiny bit more. A tiny bit? It has been 2 days already. Come on! Get up! You can’tgo on like this, Mom! You’ll leave for the city, Lyonya willget conscripted into the army… If I die, do not forgetabout Olya, take her with you… Sure thing! Hello, what are youtalking about? Oh, those city dwellers… Sasha, don’t lose touch withreality. What does the cityhave to do with this? Where did he want to go,remind me? Oh Jeez, well, to the bar! Bar! How can I get himthis bar here? Ah, after a couple of bar-crawlingshe’ll crawl back to you! OK, get up! – Nadya, get up, really!- Come on! Hey, you may get used to lyingand then die for real! Legs… – Alright, we’re sitting.- Don’t act like a child. So we’re siting, good,we’re sitting. What a sponger! See, Olya, you used to defendyour Dad! See what kind of man he is! Don’t harass the kid! I’d murder him,I wish he were dead! Nadya, you’ve lost your mindcompletely! What is it? Lost your mind! Mother! Yeah, you two always had some secrets. Now he’ll make you moresiblings and you’ll see! Your bad Mom is here,at home, and your goody Daddyis who knows where! – Got himself another Mom. So go to her!- Mommy, dear! Yeah, go to her, she’s no doubtall kind and nice, does not scold! Stop it! You’re totallycrazy and insane!! Yeah, yell at your mother,she hasn’t had enough yet! How should I not yell at you?Stop crying! Look what you’redoing to yourself! I am doing it to myself!Sure, Mom is bad! – Who told you that you’re bad?- No one! I scold myself. I am not blind. You all thinkthat Dad… All because of me… – I am not blind!- You’ve gone mad! Sure, Mom is foolishand nasty! But when the trouble came to you in your city to whom did you run to, sweetie? If I knew you’d reproach mefor that… You ran to your Mother,remember? Remember what you told me?How you cried in my lap? And now Mom is foolish and bad,Vasiliy has left me. So you too,just leave me! Run wherever you want! Nadya, enough, enough. What are you doing?Nadya, what is she doing? Let her scram wherever! Lyuda, what is this?What’s wrong with you both? Thank you, Mom! Thank you!I’ve come, I haven’t worked, just plagued you with my presence!Who would have liked that! I have holidayed here long enough,time to go. Lyuda, Lyuda! What has comeover you? Jesus Christ! I held them so dear, Aunty Sasha,I thought I had a home, my home! I came to complain about my darn life and it turns out that I did itonly because of my troubles! Well, calm down! If you’re distressedyou say things you don’t mean! That’s enough! I’m not made of stone!How to go on? I know nothing. I have ran away from my husbandand now my Dad has run away… Lyuda, don’t leave! Lyudka, forgive me, I am a fool,please, forgive. Oh, the flood is coming. And you! How much of my bloodhave you drunk? You are always giving me trouble! Who was sneaking out trough theback door to go see Daria Usvyatskaya? I told you, I went to getsome cucumbers. Sure, you had to get some cucumbers! Have you stomachedthose cucumbers all right? And what about Manya Zykova? – Tell me that you weren’t eyeing her!- You were! – You men are all the same! What has gotten into you…All this rage… – You’re drinking too much, Uncle Mitya!- Yes, I don’t know where to hide… What has that got to do with anything? You better be quiet, Uncle Mitya! Oh, Daddy! Holy Moly, Vasiliy! So where is this handsome ladcoming from? Have you forgotten anything?Have you come to tell us something? Oh, look at him! What’s wrong withyour eyes? Did you get an ‘F’ at school? How’s life?How’s our young bride? I improved her hairdo a bit whenshe came over, was she upset? Why do you keep quiet,Uncle Vasiliy? Well, you can be silent,if you want. Vasiliy, you’re a good man! How canyou not be ashamed to do this? Uncle Mitya, have you gotmatches? Could you spare me one? You came for a visitor what? I don’t know howthey will receive me. Your lover doesn’t give you moneyfor matches! Good life! Don’t try to pick on me, Nadya,I came to talk things over, calmly… Oh, look at him! I pick on him! Did you know that I ripped yourpigeons’ noggins off? Totally! – What are you talking about?- Hey, Lyonya, don’t let him in! Let me in! Lyonya! I will cut their heads off.You won’t be able to stop me! Lyonya, would you reallynot let me in? – And who are you?- Hey! How do you talk to your Father! Lyonya, what’s wrong with you?I am your Father! Look at him! – Take off your pants!- Yeah, sure! Aren’t we too fast? Take off your pants, I told you!Hitting your own Father! – Have I ever hit you in your life?- Why did you hurt Mom? Why have you come?Why did you hurt Mom? – Have you seen the state she’s in?- Well, I saw… Ah, you saw? You saw? Lyonya, what’s gotten into you, hey? At your own Father?!Well, go on, son, go on! Go on, chop it off, Sonny!Put an end to your Father! – Daddy!- Go on, chop it off! Hey, hey, sweet girl, you’ll strangleme, be careful! Chop it off, sonny! – I will never forgive you!- Daddy! What have you done to Mom?How could you? – I will never forgive you!- Go on, chop it off! Sonny! Go away! Lyonya, what has come into you? You have hit me, I neverlaid a finger on you! Go away! Go away! – Nadya, don’t cry!- Go away from here! – Why did Lyonya do that?- Go away! Oh, don’t tear me apart, Jesus! – I will never forgive him for that!- Go away from here! All right, calm down,that’s enough. Well, go away now.Go! – I understand… Nadya, forgive me.- Don’t come closer! I wanted all to be better. You created trouble and nowyou’re complaining. Why did he come upon me with an axe!What was he doing! Leave it be. – Nadya, I still have money left…- Go and choke on it! Aha, OK, alright. Tellingly, Lyonya hasn’t approvedyour actions. Well, yes, I was wrong.But why the axe? Well, that was foolish. When Lyonya took that axe,I thought I’d give birth. – Where is? – Who?- That axe. – Lyudka threw it into the garden.- Oh. I’ll go hide it. – Aunty Sasha, run to him, to Vasiliy.- Why? Tell him… that I’ll wait for himnear the old ferry. What do you mean? Did you see? He was all whiteand then red spots all over. He’s distressed as well for sure. He’s punished himself.Do not cry. I’ll go. Put this away. I caught up with him.He stood there shaking. I told him and he nodded. He noddedhis head, yes he did. He was silent. – He’ll wait for you the day after tomorrow.- I won’t go! What? Nothing. Look at him, went to a resort andturned into a lover-boy! I felt sorry in the beginning,stupid me. But now not anymore! He’ll findhimself another one, now he knows how. Nadya, what is this?You’ll be like that at odds forever? Nadya, he’s a good man, he doesn’t drinkand works hard! Will you find someone like him? No! Oh, damn them all!I don’t need anyone! When Mitya starts badgering me,I can’t hold it! I feel such pity for him! And you, you’re young, whyshould you suffer? I won’t go! So just sit here! From now on I’malso at odds with you. You have no pity neither for thechildren, nor for him, nor for yourself. After I die I’ll invite Vasiliy to thefuneral banquet, but I won’t let you in! I won’t go! So, Vasiliy, here I am. You’re here! So what will you tell me now? – How’s Lyonya?- He’s alright! Says, he’ll kill you. He’ll kill me? Well, alright. – Nadya, dear, maybe let’s sit down?- Let’s sit down. Sit down, Nadya, dear. Sit down. Wait! Just a moment!I have a newspaper. Like so. Yeah, sit down. It’s getting chilly. You’ve broughtsome vodka with you or what? I did! Just a second. – All armed and prepared, ha?- No… If you don’t… I… Oh, alright, pour it! – Are we to look at it now?- Just a second. Wait… Just a sec.Some snacks. Go on! – What’s that? Have a bite!- Don’t drink too much. Just a tiny bit. – Oh, son of a gun!- What? Nadya, dear, I feel mightyshitty without you. I’m a fool… Well, if you don’t need pigeons,to hell with them, I’ll chase them away. Fiddle sticks! I’m as restless as an insomniac bear, my mind is wonderingsomewhere all the time. – Life is such a…- Oh, stop complaining! Why did I muck aboutwith those pigeons… It has rushed into your head,so you were mucking about. – What are you talking about!- Nothing! Such a shame! All men are like real men and this oneraces over the roofs with the teenagers. I was so ashamed I couldn’t lookpeople in the eyes! You’d like it more if I wasted my timeplaying cards? I didn’t say that. Those guys play pokerlike crazy every evening after work, you race over the roofs, what’s thedifference? Both are addictions! Why are you blabbering,if you don’t know? Oh, but you understand all the knowledge! Your brain is so big that itsticks out from your ears! Go to that resort girlie and tell her,I do not need to be taught! What does this have to do with it? What’s it got to do? They were healingtheir locomotive system! My ass! If only someone cut off thoselimbs of yours, so that you couldn’t do allthose stupid things you did! You’ve made a mess and nowyou regret it, I see that. I go home from the market,all shivering. I come near gates and thinkthat you’re not there, so what is there for me to do? Nadya, I wasn’t thinking! I’ll die, Nadya. Nadya, I’ll die for you, not for myself.Let them cut me into pieces… as long as you live. I hurt you. I am ready to pay for it,with anything. With my life, if you want! Nadya, forgive me, please,forgive me! – Vasiliy, dear!- Nadya, dear! Vasiliy, dear, what are you doing?Right here, right now? People will see us! I woke up in the morning and cookedthis for you while the kids were asleep! Eating at the canteenisn’t much fun. I almost bumped into Lyonya.I think he hasn’t noticed. Jeez… I met Aunt Sasha in the street.She was smiling. I asked her why and she saidthat if I were happy, she was happy too. – Maybe she has learned that we see each other?- But how? – Maybe somebody told her?- But who knows about it? – Maybe she read it from your face?- My face? You now, I really try to frownwhen I am with other people. Well, you can try as hard as you like,but your eyes, they’re sparkling! Eat up, eat! – Finish your food first.- Well, I did. You behave as if we were on a honeymoonagain. Where does this energy come from? Calm down, you crazy! I’ll scream! Oh, you crazy!Get off me! – Ah, maybe it was good that she was in our life.- Who? That marriage-wrecker,that ratty Raisa of yours! Why do you have to start again? We lived and worked,while misfortune was lurking behind our gates like a dog. But maybe it wasn’t misfortune,if it has shown me the truth. What has it shown you? How much I love you,how much you love me, what wonderful kids we have. But our kids are really wonderful,for sure! You’re right, Vasiliy. I hadn’t thought before that you canjust disappear! I have never thought about it! And now I think about everything:about war, about those rotten capitalists. Oh, Vasiliy, what do theywant from us? Well, as if there’s nothingbetter to think about. – The war is… – What is it?- It’s a marriage-wrecker too! One gives birth and doesn’tknow what awaits that child! What kind of life will they have? How will their fate be decided? – Giving birth is not our concern anymore!- Don’t be so sure! Whoa! Yeah! In the beginning I couldn’t understand.Then I got scared. And now I don’t know what to think. Holy Moly, dear mother… . – What a thing to do!- Well, it was you who did it. Well, we both did it, Nadya! Oh, Nadya, my dove! This is what it does!This is what love does! Nadya, let me kiss you! Oh, get off, Vasiliy! Vasiliy, I am afraid. What will peoplesay? That I went crazy in my old age… Oh, let them talk! You are youngerthan those youngsters nowadays! Let those youngsters try!They will bloody fail! – Vasiliy, dear, it is 2 months!- How do you know? What do you mean? We’ve been hiding herefor 2 months already. Enough! We’ve been underground enough,we need to come out! – People will laugh at us!- No they won’t! My wife is pregnant! Stop running to those dates, you’llcatch a cold and what am I to do then? Nadya, quit it and go home! – You’ll be cold.- Nah, don’t worry, it’s warmer now. – Is the smoke OK?- Just exhale sideways. What, you can’t hold anymore?Go and coo to them. Oh, Nadya… Let mefinish this cigaret first. Well, go, I tell you! – Well, well. – It drinks! It remembers!- Interesting! Will it drink from me? Let’s try! Get some water. But don’t laugh, Nadya,don’t laugh. – Why are you laughing?- And why did you say not to laugh? Get some water. Move closerto the pigeon and coo a bit. Push water, push it! Nadya, what? A bird and yet not afraid. Amazing! – Mom, where are you?- Could it be Lyonya? Why is he so early?What should we do now? – Quiet! I’ll slip through the backyard.- Backyard? Without your pants? Fiddle sticks! I told you, get dressed, but no!”It’s warm now, it’s warm!” But it really is warmer, Nadya! – Stay put.- Yep. Lyonya, aye, Lyonya! I’m here. You’ve come already?Go get me some water, if you’re here. Well, there is a whole tub fullin the bathhouse. – Where?- I filled it yesterday. I wanted to do the washing today. – Well, use it.- Lyonya… Mom, go and fetch Dad.Stop hiding! Who’s hiding, I wonder!If I only met him… – It’s OK, I saw him!- Where? – Near the river. And you were kissing!- You and your imagination. – I’m being conscripted into the army.- Who? – Take a guess. – When?- Tomorrow at 7 am. – What about health examination?- I passed. – Why didn’t you tell me? When could I? You’re too busybeing in love. – What branch of service will you go to, Sonny?- Border guards. It’s quiet there right now! Sure, quiet! – Well, tell her?- What should I tell her, Sonny? To stop crying! Stop crying! Get the tableready, quick. Oh, my Sonny! Let her get over it a bit. – We probably should call Mitya and Aunt Sasha.- I’ll do that! Dad! Put on your trousers. Oh, fiddle sticks! Bah! Well, I wanted to geta bathhouse going… – Who else is conscripted with you?- Sashka Buldanov, Vitka Roisen, Vovka. – Filimonov?- We’ll all be on the same team! Oh, that’s good! You won’t be bored.You’ll help each other! Son, run to the store and buy what’snecessary, we’ll buy more if needed. And some bread! Run, Sonny! Dad, there is a broom,behind the bathhouse on the wall. And you were afraid.One has to understand! See, what a fine lad we’ve brought up! And now look at me.And look at you! Buttons! You’re not a proper soldier! In the army they’ll give you45 seconds during the operational alert. Troopers. Lyonya, what’s wrong with you? Don’t interrupt! He’s going throughbasic military training! Daughter, go and do your stuff!Don’t interrupt us! OK, say goodbye to your bottom.Your head! Get flat! You need tobe flat! When I was serving,the officer would put up a rope, if one touched it with the bum -extra duty. When I was serving, they were puttingbarbed wire… The Germans… If anyone touched it, a minewould explode… It ain’t your extra duty! Why don’t you dance? The old people are dancingand you are sitting! Come on, Vasiliy,come on! – Dad, lets have the pigeons fly for a farewell!- Yes, let’s do it! Sonny, while you’re there see to itthat no pest gets into our lands… Drop it! No one will attack us!Don’t panic! – But they did!- Yeah, they did, but we showed them! Well, your brother will goand serve in the army, but we’ll provide you with another one. Dad, what are you talking about!Olya, don’t listen to him! Oh come on!Everyone knows it already. Sasha, maybe we too should goand make us a Snow White? Oh, be quiet, you carpenter! What are you doing, crazy heads?You’ll fall! – I don’t see them! Where are they, Olya?- Above your head. Look right above you. – Show her to him ’cause he won’t see.- Nah, let them rise a little bit higher He lost us. You’ve waitedtoo long. Oh, my neck! – That’s enough. Vasiliy, let’s have a drink.- Nah, Uncle Mitya. He understands that she’s here.What would he be without her? There he is! He’s coming! Look everyone!He’s flying here! Oh, life! Like a stone, like a stone! Oh my God… That’s all, folks. That’s all… That’s allMosfilm Film Studio 1984 Subtitles written by Xrystyna of KG Forum.Later subs edited by Katia Kutyavina .