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*giggles* Hi. Why can’t I ever dream about food? Whaaaa- YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH! *rip* Hey I found a res- recipe! I’ll by- buy the ingredients. Let’s make it if you- you’re free. *phone dings* Ah. That’s… Ha! Puppycat~ Puppycat! Who wants to make a million babies with me? Who wants to make a million babies with me? Who wants to make a million babies with me? There you are. Oh cool, a cicada! They are so cute! *Kissing noises* Go get your helmet. Let’s go to the grocery store. But you look so cute in it… Whoop- *Barking* Hup! This is the perfect time to go to the grocery store because it’s empty. Hmm… *Mumbling* Hey, where are you-FISHCAKES! Oh man, I haven’t had these in- What’s all this stuff? Where’d you find a leather jacket? Well, I don’t know how you’re gonna buy all that stuff if you left your money at home. Why don’t you go put that back? *flop* Uhhh, we are getting close to my cash limit… -only have 56 dollars. That’ll be $55 even. YEHEA! Get a gum! Hello. Hey, hi. I got all the stuff we need to make this recipe I found in a magazine. Who’s this, Bee? Puppycat! Wow, It makes funny noises for a, uh… Wait. Is it a cat? or a, or a dog-og? Well, he looks like a cat I guess, but like… Smell. Whoa, dog smell. Yeah… Very cute. Puppycat, can you pass me those… Um, well… That’s not what we wanted but that’s okay, we can work with this. I like your salt shaker. That’s okay. We can work with this. Aack… Deckard? DECKARD! That’s ok, we can work with this!

adventure time 1 seasonThat’s ok, we can work with this! Uh uh uh uh uh… Uh… Are you guys still wearing your pajamas? It’s almost noon. *burp* Oh! Hi, Cas! You’re home early. I finished my coding early. What are you guys trying to do? We’re trying to make this recipe I found. Deckard, why aren’t you at work? Uh, I-I, I call- I called in sick. Can? I? have? one? Go ahead. Awesome! If you wanted to fool around in the kitchen, you could have just gone to work. You’re a prep cook. I wanted to try a new recipe I, I… I make the same thing at the restaurant every day. Have you heard back from that culinary school yet? Well, um- *gasp* You’re going to culinary school? Ehh… I applied to one but it’s off the island and… ughh. I can’t even cook a simple res- reyesipee- recipe… Recipe Reh-si-pe. We can still finish it! Haha… nah, I- Didn’t want to say anything, but we’re missing… uh, an ingredient. *yelling* I have to go to the bathroom crazy bad! She… takes her cat to the bathroom? It smells like a dog. You smell like a dog. You look like a dog. Ha ha ha ha ha ha, haha ha. *cracks knuckles* Augh… I used the last of my money, on gum? Now we can’t go back to the store to buy the missing ingredient because of this STUPID GUM! *angry chewing noises* *heavy breathing, more chewing* Puppycat, please? Help me. If you can get us a quick temp job I will let you keep all the money left over after we get that ingredient. And~ I’ll get a leather jacket for you…! Come on… bark like a dog! Stop! Agh, Ugh Woof! Woof woof! *grunting, laughing* Puppycat! Don’t look!! *angry chewing noises* Boop boop! Tempbot, don’t look! Ugh.. Okay, now you can look. Hey, I haven’t seen you guys in a while. Oh, you guys smell good. Like home-cooked food. And, home-burnt food. Tempbot, stop, we don’t have a lot of time. We just came from the bathroom- Eww, you touched my face. Wait, did you wash your hands?

adventure time 1 seasonWait, did you wash your hands? There was no time to wash hands. We need quick cash! Eww… Okay, I’ve got a simple temp job on file on Jelly Cube Planet. No one’s wanted to do it for some reason. Hold still for uniform assignment! Boooo! Extra pockets~ Whoa! Magic pockets! *buh-da-buh* You guys need me to hail you a transport? No time, lets go. Ugggh… you run so slow. You might as well not have legs- ahh! Ah? Ooh! Where is… my gum…? Ahh… Are you two here to- Yeah, we’re here for the temp thing. What do we have to do? On the opposite side of my… sweet, jiggly planet, on top of my whipped cream puddle, is a beautiful… sugared… cherry. Okay, you want it or something? Okay, here I go. Puppycat, stay here, your legs too short to run fast. Aaaahhh!!! Auuughh…. hahaha… Ah! Ow, get off! Bee’s been in the bathroom for a while now. Who cares. Deckard, don’t you think it’s weird that she hasn’t grown up yet? She’s just having a hard time finding a job that suits her. We aren’t all born computer experts. That’s not what I mean. Look, I saw your acceptance letter. Ha, oh, snooping! Who’s not grown up now? I know you like Bee. And I know she likes you too. But if she found out that you’re avoiding your future because you’re sitting around looking for excuses to mother her, I think she’d feel bad about that. Oh… it looks like that snake likes you. He he he. Well, maybe it’s just hungry. That cherry is the only source of nourishment for my animals. No, there’s no need to do that. The chariot is merely a vehicle to transport the fertilizer to grow my true crops. Oh… well, she is the fertilizer. *panting* Ah… guh. Oh, very pretty~ Huh? Puppycat! My gum!! Puppycat, look out! Oh jeez, you’re… heavy. Haha, man, you got – waah? What? No time! Gimme my gum! *kissing noises, disgusted growl* *aggressive chewing noises* Stupid trick cherry. Stupid pockets. Stupid, stupid, stupid! Stupid gum! *spits* And… from the sacrifice of one, a bounty of life springs forth. For as the lamb is laid in the soil, the flesh may rot. But the soul… nurtures the crop. *punch* YOU TURN PEOPLE INTO PET FOOD?! You’re here? And yet my livestock feeds? My innocent animals! Do not punish them for my indiscretion. Alright, look. I killed your stupid cherry thing but this gum I have- oh, it works better than people.

adventure time 1 season Alright, look. I killed your stupid cherry thing but this gum I have- oh, it works better than people.

adventure time 1 seasonAlright, look. I killed your stupid cherry thing but this gum I have- oh, it works better than people. Well, my payment was supposed to be the sweet release of death and a permanent home for the soul. Shut up. I’m taking this. If you didn’t have all these animals… I’d murder you. Waaahhhh! Oh! The sweetness of… gum… *nom* Hello? Oh. We got back late. Ha ha! Awesome~! Hm? Ah! Ehhhh… Hey, let’s go. I know, I promised you a leather jacket, but since we didn’t get paid, I had to kind of recycle one… Heh, okay! Open your eyes. Ooh, it’s my old jacket from when I was a baby! Uh, yeah, ‘cus it’s a surprise… You’re welcome~ Running makes me tired. Ahh… Oh, man this salad looks good. What did you get? It’s yogurt. That’s all you’re having for lunch? *thinking* Soon it will be cheese. Soon it will be cheese. Well, if you want some of my salad you can have it. *gasp* Thank you Pretty Patrick… *crunching* Hm… hmm hm hm h-hm. We’ll be back to the Pretty Patrick Lunchtime marathon after the break! Ahh man… I love this show! Stay tuned! We’re playing every episode of Pretty Patrick Lunchtime! Leading up to a special new episode where we reveal! Pretty Patrick’s! Favorite food! Ooh, I gotta know, I gotta know! *knocking at door* Touch my hair. Yeah, okay- aah… That’s toilet water. Eww. I haven’t seen you in a while, Cardamon. How’s school? It’s okay. How’s your mom? Still sleeping. Your toilet is leaking into my toilet. I’ll fix it for you. Oh, you don’t have to do that. Of course I do. I’m your landlord now. We’re not supposed to have pets in the building. Well, he… pays rent. Soft. Also fat. Come watch TV with us! There’s a new special episode of Pretty Patrick Lunchtime at 9:00! I can’t. It’s my job to fix your toilet problems. I need more room to work. Oh, okay. More room. Back up further. Further. This is as far as we can go.

adventure time 1 seasonThis is as far as we can go. *sighs* Come on, Puppycat. Let’s go find a TV. Geh, I don’t like water. Homie? Homie. Homie? I guess the best bet’s a cafe. There’s a lot of them! One’s gotta be playing the pretty Patrick Lunchtime marathon. Cleavage, dude. Let’s go!! Ahhh! Cleavage? Cleavage, dude? Hmm… *yelling* Popsicle cleavage? Ugghh. Hot dog clea- Hmmmm! Ice- cream- clea- *shrieking* None of these places are playing the show we like. I don’t like telling people what to do. Hmm. I like that we like the same show, Puppycat. If I could, I’d buy us our own cafe. We could watch pretty Patrick Lunchtime all day. Deckard could work there. And Cas could program some kind of anti-breaking toilet so when Cardamon visits, he won’t have to fix it. Ah! Ah! Ah! Money! Tempbot! Tempbot’s a huge TV! Ahh… Ugh… I got sand in my suit. We just gotta go over there- and ask Tempbot to just- let us hang out! And let us watch her until the new episode of Pretty Patrick Lunchtime comes on at 9:00! Butt cleavage? Yay. Yeah, cool. What? What? No… cleavage? *heavy breathing* *grunting* Why does it get so hot? Too many hot dogs… *splash* Yeah! Ya got it! I hate water! I hate water! I hate water! Ha! Not just me, also cats! Are you… hungry? Yeah. I know. Ha ha, yeah you could! *reels fishing pole line* Why. Hello, Puppycat. Hello, Bee. My two chubby babies. How you both today? Are you ready for some temp work? Shhh. We just need you to be a TV for a few hours. Do you have a remote? Oh. *laughing* No. You gotta work. Wait! But… When does he get an outfit?! Transporting you to Cathead Planet! Aaaahh! Aaaahh! *choking noises* Have fun, little flapjacks! A cafe… I worked at a cat cafe before. Wow…! Fancy! Fancy! Puppycat, why is there so much fabric in the crotch? There’s a lot. But cats hate water though. *yells loudly* Uh-oh. Awwwww! A new cafe pet! So cute. Would you like a pastry? Oh, hell yeah! It’s made out of fish. Eeeeehhh… *gasp* Wait. Do I get to be a cat?! Yeah! Of course! Usually we have a bunch of different pets to fawn over, but you’re the only one today. Do you have a TV? Why yes, we do! You’re all so nice! Come on, Puppycat! Let’s go watch Pretty Patrick Lunchtime! Do you have everything you need? Yes, thanks. *laughing* I can’t see. *burp* Awwwwww… *cackling* We now return to the Pretty Patrick marathon. Awoo!!! Oh. They forgot to leave out the tomatoes. Do you want it? *retching noises* Ugh… he’s so gross-looking. Your body… is terrible! You’re not cute enough to be a pet here. Shh, Puppycat, I’m trying to listening to Patrick. Quit harassing our pet! They are winter pajamas, but it’s also a dinosaur costume. Pumpkin pie, rhubarb pie, blueberry pie, apple pie… …bear pie? Raspberry pie, blackberry pie… *gasp* Your coat! It’s ruined! It’s okay. It’s no big deal. I’m always messy at home. Looks like we’re gonna have to clean you up. You’re gonna lick me?! Ah, wait! So who’s gonna lick me? We don’t clean with tongues here. Silly, we’re in a bathhouse. We’re gonna dump you in a bath! Oh, what! Oh, no no no. Ohh, no no no no no. No, nooo!! No! NO WATER! Just lick me you jerks! We don’t do that anymore! No water! Ah! Aaaaaahhh!! Puppycat! Aaahhh! There you are! Ah! Come here! What? You didn’t see of it? I’m sorry. I was too busy eating to pay attention to you. I’m the worst pet owner ever. Huh? Puppycat? *retching noises* Oh g-d, we need baths. *sigh* Our toilet is fixed. No cleavage. Ohh, we just missed the new episode… huh. Oh, little giraffe? Dear Bee- I taped that show you wanted to watch. Oh, yes! Did you hear that, Puppycat? Oh. I don’t know why you’d want to watch a show where a guy just eats a pile of mashed potatoes, but I am not one to judge. Spoilers. *soft snorting* Initiating payment. ♪ Don’t be sad, I’m still your dad, I’d be there if I could ♪ ♪ I sure hope that you’re not broke ♪ ♪ and everything’s been running good ♪ ♪ I’ll always be in your memory ♪ ♪ but today I just wanna say ♪ ♪ way to go at keeping on going ♪ ♪ have a happy birthday ♪ Oh, hey. It’s my birthday! I’m trying to get my birthday candy out of my dad box. Well, it’s a box… my dad made me. See, you check this out. I love you, Bee. I love you, Bee. Puppycat is cute. Puppycat is cute. *random noises* *dadbox repeats noises* *laughing* Gross… Yeah, so I wouldn’t be lonely on my birthday. Every year on my birthday, dadbox gives me a candy. Ah! Finally. I find something in the couch to eat , and then I nap- -until I get a headache. Yeah… Well, me and Dad had kind of a thing we did. It involves leaving the apartment though. *screeching* Yeah? Let me get my raincoat. Here you go. Rain boots! This is where we used to go every year for my birthday. It looks different! Ah! Augh! Let’s go inside. *boards clattering* After you, milady. Why are you walking like that? *bells jingle* Oh, my dad made some of these games! Oh. Hmm. Aww, sorry. *kissing noise* *machines power up, music* Hello! Welcome to Glitch Gorge! Let’s play some games! Which hamster can kiss the best? Move it, shake it: hamster. I’m gonna kiss that hamster so hard you’re not gonna know what- I’m gonna babysit these kids so good you’re not gonna know what- I’m gonna fill up so many workspace water coolers you’re not gonna know- *cawing* Oh, this is the best game! My dad came up with it when I got sick. It used to be in our apartment. I played it non-stop. *laughs* But he moved it out when I stopped going outside. Let’s play! Here. Uhh… oh! Maybe the rest of these are candy. Oh, yeah. Oh, they’re candy. Mmm. Oh well, let’s go home. Well, yeah. What…? I don’t want to work on my birthday. Can you say that more birthday-y? Wow, I didn’t think you’d do that. This one. Insert coin. Adventure awaits. Help me fill my dark heart with stars. Yeah… Yeah! This is gonna be awesome! Insert coin. Woah! This is one of my more fun birthdays. Yeah, even though I’m gonna go work. Waah! My photograph! Woah. That was close. *sighs, laughs* I feel kind of bad having so much fun on my birthday. *laughs* Hmm… Incoming. Uh, hi Tempbot. Oh. Puppycat. And the other one. You don’t look very happy today. No, I’m fine. It’s just my birthday isn’t turning out like it usually does. I’m supposed to be sleeping all day, but we tried to go play video games, and- Oh. I have a video game job for you. Maybe there will be cake. Open up, open up, open up! Let’s go! Bleeh… Clouds… Hey, wait for me! Hmm. Hm. Huh. You’ve played this game? (male voice) Wait, don’t help me. I wanna beat this on my own. Cloud World… our world. For centuries, we lived a peaceful life. Our hope for getting back our peaceful lives was almost gone, when suddenly- A hero arrived! What’s going on? Ah, there you are! The prophecies were true. Yeah, they were. And what is your name, great hero? I gotta fart! What a beautiful name! And what is your sidekick called? Let me choose Puppycat, please. It’s my birthday. Barf! A true heroic name. Elder! Elder! What is it young Tom? It’s the eye, Elder. It’s staring again. Yes, I know. It’s been there for centuries. The thing is it’s really creepy! Makes my skin crawl… Yeah, so, I gotta fart. You have to destroy the eye. It’s your quest. Aww, this sounds like a really hard job. It’s like destroying a whole planet. I want to do something easy. It’s my birthday, you know. Yeah! Side quests! Or- or whatever. I got a side quest for you. Can you hand me that shovel? I could try. What…? Woah. This side quest was perfect. And I was good at it. Yeah. That was an A+. Ten out of ten. Seriously, that was great. Now about the main quest- Are there any more side quests? Sure! You can solve them first if you like. Could you deliver this to my girlfriend? I mean, fiancée? I can do that! I can do that really well! You can trust me with your- big meat. This meat has a bone in it. Should I give that that to her too? What kind of meat is this? Here I go! Yes! Thank you! *yelling* Puppycat, these people need me. I’m the only one that can help them. Okay! See you soon! Ah, the legendary Barf in my honky-tonk? What would you like, sugar? Ha ha! How do you like my gear? Um, well… I’m gonna definitely do it. Once I’m all done with all the side quests. I just wanna make sure I’m so powerful that there’s no way I’ll fail. Puppycat… *thinking* Why is this happening to me? Dad… I know I’m an adult now, but… I haven’t had a good birthday since you’ve been gone until today. I usually try to sleep to avoid thinking about it. I’m having fun now, though, even though I miss you. *laughing, speaks* Puppycat! Your shoulders are so hard! Like stale bread! Elder, the eye is winking at me. Woah! Our hero did it! Everyone, cheer! I gotta fart and Barf! I gotta fart and Barf! I gotta fart and Barf! I gotta fart and Barf! See? Isn’t this game great? And that’s just the tutorial! Yeah, it’s great. Now let’s go. You’re meeting my parents today. Ugh. Okay, you ready? *Music plays* *phone ringing* *alarm ringing* Deckard…? Hmm… Deckard! Rent’s due. Will you deliver it for me? I gotta finish up coding this program today. Catch. *laughs* Sorry. Do you like doing this computer stuff? I’m good at it. Yeah, but do you like it? I like money. Go pay rent. And drop this off in the mail, too. Did you fill out my cooking school acceptance form? I told you I didn’t know if I was gonna go or not. *cracking, crunching noises* Oh… hey… you. Toast! My name is Toast! Uhhh… sorry? Don’t play stupid, Castaspella! She knows your full name? I can’t believe our parents named us after wizards. But wizards are cool! Your sister with her mom hair was the lowest ranked wrestler in our women’s wrestling cult. Wait, you said you were like, ranked. 12. Yes. Out of 12. And I was ranked 11! Safely not worst. Oh, yeah. Toast. *laughing* But when you left, you forced me to take your place as the most pathetic wrestler! The only thing I’ve ever wanted was to be the strongest. And now that I’m ranked last… *crying* Toast… I have been bar-hopping! Learning wildman fighting techniques from drunks so lost in the fog of their own mistakes that they can commune with devils who live in the periphery of suffering! Ah, I don’t have time for this. I have to finish scripting this program before Monday or I won’t be able to buy groceries. *Toast rambling* Get out of here, man. You! *Toast continues rambling* Hey, no biting! No biting! I’m gonna punch you and talk about my ex-wife! No biting!! Yes, biting. *growling* I have! To finish this freelance! *grunting* This is great! I haven’t paid rent on time in forever. Cardamon is gonna be so excited. Oh. Can you get down the stairs? Come on, you can do it. Come on! You gonna keep trying? Very impressive. Hey, Deckard! *panting, barking* Oh, you’re paying rent too? *out of breath* Uh-huh. Whose dog is that? I don’t know. Doggy! So cute… No hitting! *growling* Uh, I think that dog is choking on your hair. *loud cawing* They look like they might start pooping. I’m not scared of poop. Oh, they’re done! All those years of docile nature. All those wasted years. And now my true bloodlust has awakened. You! How DARE you enter the sanctuary of my mind? You just want to bite and mess everything up too? Perfect. Together, we can ruin everyone’s good time. They look so happy. Maybe they’re salmon- sam- mol- soulmates. *sighs* You’re so clumsy, Sticky. *grunts, sneezes* Come on, Sticky. This seems to be a popular show. Today, we’re making origami. First, line up the paper… and… fold it in half… Now carefully make sure the edges line up. Now, we’ll make the final fold. And it’s mashed potato…? Origami? *machines beeping* ♪ She was away from home and lost in the night ♪ ♪ Her place was far too far away to find ♪ ♪ He was alone and happy to see someone new ♪ ♪ He said it’s nice to spend the night with you ♪ ♪ Nobody told me ♪ ♪ It would be lonely ♪ ♪ Maybe we’re going where we’re supposed to be ♪ ♪ He said come with me I’ll take you back ♪ ♪ Even though it will surely make me sad ♪ ♪ She said maybe we’ll be together soon ♪ ♪ Remember me and take all this with you you ♪ ♪ Nobody told me ♪ ♪ It would be lonely ♪ ♪ Where are we going? ♪ ♪ Feels like I’m frozen ♪ ♪ He was’t scared, he was terrified ♪ ♪ He was alone, he was sure he was gonna die alone ♪ ♪ He felt a tear and he multiplied ♪ ♪ He let go and it felt kinda like he was going home ♪ *knocking on door* We are here to pay rent! An envelope and everything. And it’s not in coins. *sneezes* Cardamon! Are you sick? Deckard could make you a soup. Yeah, or tea? Iced tea. No, wait that’s… stupid. No, thank you. Or I could get you a blanket? No, thanks. Or some eckanaide. Eschanai- Echinacea! Some vitamin C? Or milk? A neti pot? How about a scarf? A mitten? Two mittens? Can I borrow your pet? I don’t have a- oh, Puppycat? Errmm… sure. Let me just- I’ll be right back. Uh, here’s my rent. I don’t know who you are. Come on, Puppycat. Just hang out with him for a while. That’s all he wants! But- Just look at him He’s sick. I’m in room 101? Usually one of my brothers gives you the money? And his mom’s not around. So cold, Puppycat. So cold. Like a monster. In winter. *distantly* It’s time for Pretty Patrick Lunchtime Hour! Oh hey, it’s you! It’s always so nice running into you. Me? I’ve got some fried rice today. Just using up some of the leftovers. See you later… Oh, hey, I’ve got an extra napkin- do you want it? Stay here. Kiss each other. Go on a date. Good thing I had that napkin. You’ve got something on your face~ It’s your wedding day. Now you’re getting married. So I guess he’s gonna borrow Puppycat for a while. You want to go to your place? Maybe we can try to make soup. Eh, nah. My sister has a friend over. Up! Man, you’re strong. Oh, whoops. I’d say let’s make soup at my place, but I don’t have a kitchen. Yeah, how does that work? It’s why my rent’s so cheap. Can I show you something? Like what? It’s around back. I think you’re gonna like it. It’s almost food. *laughing* How’d you miss a giant dump… ster… *cough* Come down. She’s been asleep for a long time. I read in a book that only a prince can wake up a sleeping princess. I thought if I helped you fall in love with Sticky, then I would be acting like a prince. Then maybe my mom would wake up. Have you ever been in love, Puppycat? I planted all kinds of things I could use for cooking. Uhh, there’s a bunch of recipes that I want to try with like, homegrown herbs and vegetables. So I just, like, found some packets lying around? And I- and I planted them. So they’re edible? Yeah! And I sort of, like, kind of tried cross-pollinating them, I think, with uh- Hey… They taste bad? Wait, you can tell me if they’re bad. What? What’s wrong? Hey. Hey! Nothing’s wrong. *muffled* They’re really good. You missed the dumpster. Why are you trying to throw this out? Cas filled it out for me. I don’t even want to go. I like my job. I like living here. Do you want me to leave? Puppycat! Up we go. Got it? Oh geez. Oh, you’re crushing me. It’s like your bones are made of metal. So you got stuck in the window, huh? I did that once. It happens, trust me. Give me your paws. Aw, I was wearing chapstick. Hey, we can just transport out of here with this temp job. Deckard? Huh? Hey! I’m sorry, I’m sorry! *yelling* Wha-?? Deckard? Bee! Bee! Deckard!!! Deckard! Wait. Everything is going to be okay. What’s happening? We are floatin’ down What’s that?? A big TV! Hi, Bee. Where’s Puppycat? Wha??? What does this have to do with-? I’m sorry! I thought Puppycat and I would be transported, not you. Like soul binding or something. I can’t process this. My brain isn’t letting me… I- even if you were right- if you disappeared off my shoulders- I would’ve lost my mind. I’m sorry… I didn’t think that far ahead.. It’s okay. I’m feeling good today. So I’m gonna burn you up. AH! Stop it, Tempbot! Ah. Okay, whatever. Who’s ready? For a baking assignment. She was gonna kill us! Just you. Well, I haven’t baked in a while. I can always smell the food cooking in your house. What? Cooking is different from baking Wow. Awww! Matching aprons, just like when we worked together. Before you got fired. Heh, fired. That’s a weird word. *laughing* Wha- no, it’s not! You’re still in here? You didn’t have to use the bathroom at all, did you? AAAH! Ugh! Where are we? Looks like… a bowling ball with no holes? And a bakery? Wait… Waaaaaait… nevermind. Hey, you’re right! Kind of? There you are! Oh man! I’ve been waiting so long for you guys. I gotta go real bad. I’ve been holding it so long- for awhile now. Okay, months, maybe. What- what day is it? I have to go now- maybe I have to go in 15 minutes. No, maybe 50 minutes- So, what do you need us to do? I need you to manage my business while I’m using the bathroom. Just make sure my worker is doing his job right. Please. I don’t trust him to be alone. He’s a little bit craziness, huh? Louie! Yes, sir? These two are in charge. Do everything they say. I’m going to the next planet over to use their bathroom. Don’t destroy the kitchen while I’m gone. Okay? Of course! Anything you s- Yeah, yeah, okay… He really is a nice person. Once you get to know him. Woah, what are you- can I try? Well, you’re a bit small… but okay! I haven’t tried baking in forever. Man! Man! Man. Oh, man. Wow! Deckard, you really are good at this. A perfect jam-filled donut. Thank you, Mr. Deckard. Now, we take the donut through the black hole to be delivered. That looks so cool! Can I give it a try? Of course. Would you like to try? Oh, I’m no good at baking. Well, what are you good at? Uhh… I dunno, nothing? Eating? Eating is good. I make these for eating. I don’t sleep. I spend all day making them. I put all my hopes and dreams into them. And I wait until someone on the other side of the black wish hole wants one. Sometimes they give me a thank-you gift, and sometimes they don’t. Huh? Are you okay? Oh man, my boss is gonna be so mad. *laughing* Are you stronger than me? I finished my donut! Let’s send it out. Haha, yes sir! *crashing noises* Well, okay. Time to go. Deckard!! Louie! Thanks for being so nice to me. No one’s ever bandaged my finger before- *cracking and snapping* *electrical buzzing & snapping* *crashing* *groans* *thud* *cracking noise* Haha, woah. *Burp* *electrical buzz* *electrical buzz* *sizzle* You guys! How could you let him do this to me?! Aahhh!! *crying noise* *burps, laughs* Hey. I turned in my Cooking Prince Academy application. Oh man, really? That’s- wait, are you going now? Yeah, I figure I want to get a feel for… living on my own before school starts. Well, say goodbye to everyone before you leave. Hey, Deckard’s leaving for school! *Deckard groaning* You’re not wearing pajamas! Are you not depressed anymore? :O He’s still depressed. He’s just depressed in pants. What, really? You can be depressed in pants. Ah! Let me go! I’m gonna depress your chest cavity! *knock on door* *electronic buzz* Wait, what happened to your- *laughs* Uhh, I don’t know. Oh! I almost forgot. Will you give this to Bee? *sneezes* Hello? Oh, hey. Oh *laughs* I guess there’s a lot of stuff we don’t know about each other. Lavender. Wait, no- pink. Wait, like, a light blue? Seals. *laughs* They’re so chubby. Like dog mermaids. Everything. I don’t know. Everything? Is that an answer? Everything. And now, a special look at Bee and Puppycat: Lazy in Space. Coming in 2019.