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Good Afternoon GadgetoAdictos we have a new tablet for review on the web a few days ago ordered a tablet in aliexpress and I’ll do a little review for see it in action. It’s a cheap tablet, you can buy for around 75 € its a 8 inch tablet Incorporates Actions ATM7029 quadcore processor at 1.2 Ghz and has 1 Gb of Ram and in this case 8GB of internal memory, bluetooth, wifi multitouch Screen and as you see in the box there are not more information. will teach the content, is a low cost tablet At first the processor is not too powerful compared with other models of tablets 8 inch but we will see that it is able to since we have not found many videos and will be the first and we will show the performance, have ordered pink because it’s for a gift for a girl. front its in white colour will see the connections, here we have the microUSB charge port 2.5 mm, headphones, miniHDMI and microphone, here have a reset hole and Rear Camera microSD slot on this side nothing on this side, and on this side the power button and volume button, the touch of the buttons is not too good, will turn on and turn left here while .. in the box find a small manual with photographs, European charger with 2.5mm connector we have two cables, one for the OTG port, then check initially has OTG port and USB cable – microUSB here you have the USB cable. initially nothing else. The tablet had already configured the gmail account to advance As you see the button works sometimes hard to respond properly As you can see the screen is not bad at all has some bad angles may be not appreciate in the video, the video may not appreciate good, brightness is not very high, as you see the brightness abuts frontally looks perfect but has some viewing angles that are not entirely good. As we have done Antutu test and gives us 13920 points. punctuation is more than we expected, it’s a fairly correct score.

actions atm7029punctuation is more than we expected, it’s a fairly correct score. although we can not be trusted on this score and the result of the tablet, we will see the power running some games. Here is the information provide us AnTuTu model, full AOSP on Leopard, Antutu recognize that name, here we listed all the information, the cpu resolution 1024 x 768 pixels, rear 2 mp camera, get a IMEI but it is wrong. 1GB application memory, does not appear to have 1GB of ram, appear 846mb with 326mn free which at first is enough, and the internal memory appears as internal SD 5870 MB, of which we have free.. at this moment we have 4000 MB free, as far as the screen shows us here have 160 dpi, android version 4.2.2 available sensors shown us the direction sensor and proximity Up here is showing us more appears here the root access, it seems that if we have root access, nothing else with Antutu about multitouch the screen have 5 points is detecting 5 points. indicates that not have accelerometer, Here the speed, as you know is a quadcore 1.2 Ghz Here we will check with the Z Device Test here indicates that the tablet has accelerometer but as you see we can not trust all, because not have GSM slot The tablet came with few applications installed, the rest we have installed us came installed video player app as you see the answer is pretty fast about Root access previously gave us mistake, buty if check now, says that is running slow now telling us that have root access we will check, we see that we have the SuperUser application perhaps appreciate now better viewing angles, the worst are the lower depends on the inclination angle can be seen properly and the right side

actions atm7029and the right side However this looks perfect, looks good, quality within the screen, and the top also looks good is better than the bottom looks. We have disabled the rotation not to change us. we wanted to show you the test We will plug a pendrive and see if it can detect it. at first it seems ok 8GB USB drive appears here, this way we can use the usb port for storage, and we can also prove a mouse and leave doubts You see, you can see the pointer, we can handle it with the mouse is an advantage within the tablet positives having a OTG port It remains to prove more applications to continue installing other types of tests, we continued navigation with the default browser .. quality of wifi All this will expand, just wanted to show in the review the operation of the tablet and because no not many people have. the seller has sold quite a few of this model. but did not find many videos of her and want to show it if anyone is interested in buying it. but the truth is that for the price difference with other tablets of the same size for little more can have one with more power always be appreciated. We are loading our web here have loaded. has closed the browser suddenly and do not keep opening the page, let’s look at history.8200:12:38,000 –> 00:12:54,700we can make a test, let’s open media content but will recommend installing another browser. as you see the wifi is slow to open web pages. will later test the wifi. and see si going slow two details we also appreciated, if not appreciated in the video below have a  within two points of light in the white marc even if there is no major problem. it does not matter, we will not expect the same

actions atm7029 it does not matter, we will not expect the same

actions atm7029it does not matter, we will not expect the same quality in that kind of tablets for the price it costs the tablet compared to others costing twice as much. Let’s see if we get load is trying to load the video as you see get play without problem the volume is not too high but it plays correctly. as you see the default applications that come whithout Chinese app, don´t need to remove anything had installed a video player, although don´t have any movie now later do some test media with high resolution to see if it can play. It is a tablet that also aims to reach up to other tablets for the price difference, but it is a tablet that can be useful for people who want to start and do not want to spend much money. It would be advisable to buy a screen protector as it seems the finish is plastic and probably with use and cleaning can scratch, so it is convenient to put a screen protector Well, here you will appreciate what I said before have to be rotated the tablet in that game to work properly this makes it difficult the management, we will investigate whether it is possible to solve it with any app. as you see in terms of power if it gets run the game Go straight, have to be inclined will come out of the game have installed Subway Sur with this should be no problem either so if we appreciated as we mentioned at the beginning of the video the sound is very low, the sound is very weak you see that for these games should not give problems perhaps with a more demanding game does not get run but for such games is enough will out going to try the game

actions atm7029going to try the game Traffic Racer will see in that game the sensor either working properly, in terms of calibration if i place straight the car is going to the right the same proble as real rancing tested before12000:20:59,720 –> 00:21:03,180seem to be a calibration problem with some games because responded in the same way with Real Racing As with Traffic racer you can play but the truth is it’s a little uncomfortable but as you see by power if it is able to run this game at least the only the problem with sensor let’s go back finally testing we’ve done with the traffic racer and the real racing with the sensor, withtemple run also using the sensor to tilt but its working properly. if we keep the tablet straight (without falling) 🙂 if keep straight don´t go to the right, and if are inclined working properly. the sensor depends on the games we can work properly or not will depend on the game. The camera in the tone of such tablets, (bad), we will not get much quality so you can see a check, no autofocus and if we are now to see the photo gallery is very bad, maybe outdoors can get any better, but do not expect to take pictures inside with quality. A positive point can be charge with 2.5 mm conector and wiht micro usb cable refresh here gets, with red indicating LED, we have realized that the cable will also charge whit microusb not bad at all because it is not necessary in many cases take the charger. with USB cable connection will have both usb and charge. as we see here is charging, a point in favor of the tablet, and that not all tablets have this feature but we see goowell A80Xs have it and can charge with both cables. The tests we’ve done with Wifi Analyzer gives us a right tests, compared with N003 Neo gives a similar result Finally we have plugged the stick back to the OTG port with some media files to test HD playback we have them here, we have several test files let’s play with the default player and as you see it played correctly. no jumps, we can advance what is playing smoothly change video and so, it played smoothly as I see it is valid to use the port with USB flash drives, but we have to do more tests with hard drives. initially nothing else, here the review of the tablet, will expand the review on our website that you may have more information. Greetings from