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hey guys Renee from bargain hunterthrift store here and today we’re gonna do something a little bit different Ihope you guys all enjoy my quarantine haircut but and I know you know somepeople saying oh you can’t go everything is safe it’s like maybe maybe not Idon’t know but I don’t need to risk it I can have long hair I’m gonna startlooking like the Gunther gonna get hair till down here I’m gonna rock the basejoin a rock back band and tour the world come to a place near you but anyway sowe haven’t been buying that many storages even though we got threepallets out there we spent $3,000 on and I haven’t had a chance to look at it forlike three months because they’re just kind of buried a videos coming with thatI got a CGC shipment coming so CGC videos coming and I also have another200 that day working on right now so hopefully we got a lot of comic book onboxing coming this all the way down here is about half of stuff that we spent at11,200 on check out that video 25,000 action figures a lot of people send memessages hey Renee would be really cool if we can just do a little bit of avideo and you go through the boxes with us so I’m gonna show you stuff what I’mdoing right now I’m we sort I’m redoing some of the sisters store stuff we’regonna cut off about 20% of the store in one of our big rooms and we’ll just makeit a sorting section so I’m kind of quick looking through to see stuff thatI noticed to put on eBay because eBay is on fire right now and I’m alsoseparating like you know three and a quarter inch or whatever there are threeand three quarters Star Wars figures Hot Wheels big action figure so once thestore opens we have all these shelves ready and we can just put it out insections so in one day this will be all back to perfect I’ll probably take meabout three or four days of sorting plus a little bit more time because I’mfoaming but we’re gonna look at some stuff so I have KC working in thebackground so we’ve been working hard today so she’s like I don’t want to docamera so she’s just gonna background say hi KC and then I got Tatiana in thecamera hi hi hi I am Tatiana I am the new generation one word unlessit’s me getting money they’ll be like two or three words this is the lastvideo but that’s about it or you just said a whole sentence I’m soproud of you homeschooling work so I don’t know that’s a blank but I’m intomy like you know homeschooling worked so we got to start going through some boxesnow guys none of these boxes I have I wentI’m also gonna Casey the phone in case I wanted to check something on eBay for meI’m gonna give her some boxes to take their outer side of the warehouse andlike I said we have a look through so I don’t know what we find there’s twoboxes cuz obviously we did a little bit in section we sold it out over there butI’m gonna have to show that right now let me give you guys a real big businesslessons okay let’s do go over here so one of the items we have a lot of isbeanie babies I probably got like two or three thousand and most of these areslates like brand new but this action issub-block back but we have a lot of mint sleevespeople always say Renee your stupid beanie babies are worthless guys if youhave a retail store yes these beanie babies are not worth 16 17 20 200 $300anymore but in my retail store we charge a dollar 99 for any beanie baby if it’sa bear including princess Garcia any of thosebears we charge $2.99 and guess what at those prices they fly like hotcakesthere we’ve got the little kitty catty nipple because he likes catnip you cometo bargain hunter thrift store dollar ninety-nine these are all brand new yeahwe got one of the Bears now hopefully you guys are paying attention right nowthat’s that’s a good CEO bear but it’s not with the peace sign so it’s kind oflooked at it looks dirty USA go USA we love Americaand yes some people are like you to make these stupid comments you know Americanyou should go home to your country dude I’m more American German German and Ilove Germany I love America that’s part of my heritage so I’m more proud to beAmerican than a lot of other people so he plays country music like crazy tellmy country you gonna pack it’s either country music or metal music metal itssymphonic music I’ll play everything I go in different moods I listen toclassical music all the way to black metal to gangsta rap – DJ quick – youknow Nightwish I like everything you

action figuresmetal to gangsta rap – DJ quick – youknow Nightwish I like everything you know I love country music so but anywaythat’s a lesson for the beanie babies if you’ve a store in a dollar ninety-nineand 299 to sell a car cakes if they clean alright so anyway I’m going to doa bunch of these videos if you love to challenge you want to show some supportright now do me a favor smash that like button as soon as you smash it turn itblue yeah it’s not blue yet / show some love for the channel itreally helps me out a lot and it tells us that you really like what we do foryou guys and we show we share our life so hopefully we score now with thatbeing said that’s like a couple of boxes right here I open that put aside becauseI wanted to show you guys first this right here just Lord of the Rings we’regonna move to KC obviously we need to clean these these first few boxes righthere they came from that storage unit that we bought where I said remember wepaid fifty two hundred plus an extra dollars with a little bit more dusty butwe’ll clean them this should bring about a hundred bucks on eBay then is anotherLord of the Rings so these are like fifty no these are gonna go to the eBayoffice yeah these should bring about fifty to seventy-five and here’s anotherone so this one there’s only one listed on eBay right now it’s a hundred andseventy bucks Lord of the Ring stuff and generally sells pretty slow but ifeverybody’s asking a hundred seventy and I’m gonna look what stuff actually soldfor you know what if I put it up four hundred hopefully they’ll sell fasterdad I saw this box right here a little table in a second so I didn’t know whatthese are but they’re Bo damn battle bodom THP I’ll look this up really quickI got a whole boxes and Brian ooh hopefully we got multiple so I don’teven if that’s all the same this looks to be the same this is different butthey were going from 20 bucks to 70 bucks apieceso that those are sold listings not asking missing so this box right herehas probably 15 of minutes worst case scenario $300 bucks rememberguys I got 2,500 boxes somewhere between 2500 to 3,000 boxes including twooverheads but breaking stuff including two overhead including everything else Ionly paid 11,200 so I like to think we scored so let’s get some tables we’regonna make this a table now all these boxes we looking at so just stay in yourcase he just put a pile there and we’ll move it later cuz when I try to go fastthis is all stuff never looked at before guys black panther that looks like agood one I’m gonna give you a few things to stack that we’re gonna check later oneBay oh you can check it as we go in and ifyou see some friend hey guys hey guys Black Panther Jesustortured souls to fallen Messala bunnies for 15 bucks online Idon’t know at this particular one if something craziness and biggest StarWars transformers RESCUE BOTS we’re gonna check these on eBay be reallyquick – don’t use I’m checking with boxesBaywatch lifeguard Barbie I’m touchy that’s good and you know what before you guys evensay it runner you too rough with the stuff I’m trying to make it fast unlessyou want it to be like a 19-hour video Baywatch Barbie you want a baby BaywatchBarbie but thank you you sure yes you’re lucky I like real boats you want to getme a ship that’s fun look lucky number 1 we go from Barbie to rail boards to aship I don’t know what the hell you’re talking abouthey KP preferably a yacht okay we’re gonna make this a table chiana’s like ohman this is coincident cuz people always tell me the people i’d like to make funof me okay I know I know nothing I know nothingthis guy’s a German garden you know if you watched Hogan’s Heroes it’s a reallyfunny old show but every time you know they tried to ask him questions stuff isI was like I know nothing and would never keep her life but he’s a brand newI bet you this must be least 30 bucks on eBay and maybe 50 200 who knows whomakes him oh this sideshow okay now there’s sideshow so now that I see thehigh draw but I bet now that I see that they are tight though now that I seethat they’re sideshow they are probably 50 60 bucks apiece at least what’s theblack 43 95 plus free shipping okay so it’s pride 30 bucks for online yeahthat’s assault

action figuresit’s pride 30 bucks for online yeahthat’s assault hey check out these hogan heroes i knowthese are gonna go to shipping and then here’s the Star Wars I’m gonnasee what else we got here army forces that’s cool how it has thevolcker thing I like that yeah so a lot of these sites show figures and this isnot even sideshow but in toys they have to vote from Cup and you can open up youcan see it in advertising and Rob’s Omni but this is really bad condition so thisis so bad right here we’ll probably just take it apart so this action booster andI use a bunch of Star Wars on the East I think these are like 15 20 bucks usuallyon store but I couldn’t let these online – but you’re so good now store so we’regonna make this a table over here like I said now you guys seen this stuff withme for the very first time now there might be a couple of boxes that I openwhile you’re loading Rick Nash monsters that’s cool oh 91 that’s already threeyou know like I still like I’m in denial that I’m getting golden I bet you gotsome at home or the same way actually let me know right now you guysin denial you getting old too because you see 91 you’re like I just came out for 50 well see what happens usually sosee that one sold for 50 down one so for 50 and this character right here theSchulz is usually the most popular so and see there’s no single choses what’sthis that’s the DVD so the Schulz is probably a rare figure so set a three sofor 250 bucks so if I get 243 on the throat but see another thing guys whenyou do action perfect let’s take that to the eBay office so we have severaldifferent warehouses so we move stuff around all the timenormally we have location names but I don’t like using one video because youknow I’ve gotta keep some secrets guys you know you can’t know everything theblue building the blue building the building by the moon down by the riverone on earth where the Frenchman sings know the belly next to the traffic theone facing the Sun the donuts are out of oxygen anyway soone of the things you want to pay attention I’m sorry we’re going offtracks and I’m talking a little bit more some people don’t like it some people dolike it but I’m trying to share knowledge with you guys too becausemaybe you might know the knowledge but a lot of people don’t know the knowledgeso on figures okay those Hoggins hairs right there let’s say that’s threefigures and I don’t know how many in a set but it looks like they’re threeusually two of them are very common and those are the long ones and then one ofthem is the super rare one and that brings a lot of money so that’s why setswill bring more money like you look at Marvel Legends and stuff like this theremight be a series of ten different figures and one of them is super rareand the rest is like a 1520 dollar figure but that wears a 75 the wholefigure so you always want to kind of check to learn what’s the rarest stuff and you know if you guys want to know soI’m doing a lot more short tip videos I think cuz a lot of people seem to likeit also if you have questions I’m gonna do a Q&A video where we just answer yourquestions send us in those questions but I’m gonna do the rule I have a rulethat’s the 99 one rule about knowledge and about learning if you guys want toknow what the 99 one rule is leave it in the comments right now and I saw a lotof you guys some left comments about wanting to know what the Amazon story isI will shoot a video for that losers okay this looks like it’s full ofshopkins those are usually not that great I don’t know if they’re some rareones I have to check but those are probably worth like three four bucksapiece but remember guys I told you I think I have 2,500 to 3,000 boxes hereKZ 2500 to 3,000 boxes and when I said that my goal is to make a hundred bucksa box with the minimum number of boxes 2500 that will be quarter-milliondollars as a toys that’s the minimum so you just saw that I mean I think there’sgonna be a lot of boxes have three 400 okay so we got Star Wars figures heretortured soul Star Wars dis Benny can’t put that one nice because he’s bending alittle bit Furby somebody’s all Furbies a good check this one on eBay I justsold a japako Furby for 75 bucks we got some GI JoesI think these are before the Odie’s of the cartoon series series bores ketchuptoys have a lot of pet toys so I’m kind

action figures the cartoon series series bores ketchuptoys have a lot of pet toys so I’m kind

action figuresthe cartoon series series bores ketchuptoys have a lot of pet toys so I’m kind of going fast I’m looking for cool stuffthat’s cool interesting I know we have two vintage store myself here KC toys Lego it looks scary though Elvira see-throughsee that’s a chase variable should I put this one have to decide I got a repackit so like I said this stuff is more from the storage unit so this stuff wasa little bit rough I think in a storage unit he was actually going back andforth to swap meets this s transformer anamorphic stir fry Rex but it’s full ofsports Simpsons that’s probably a cool one by the way if you guys notice afigure that I didn’t look on ebay an identity before we price them we putthem on ebay so these will be least 15 bucks but who knows there might be sevenyour eBay so if you guys notice something that wemissed to be like hey Renee just so you know you pull that this figure it’s a$300 figure that’s team bargain hunters much appreciated much appreciate theseare brand-new factory cases they’re Marvel studio 12-inch dr. Doom’s Ialready had a few of these so I’m probably gonna put these in my store for30 bucks which is the absolute cheapest on eBay and sometimes they go as high as60 70 bucks but – Kennedy’s take up princess mobile to Comic Distributors Iwas like reading the boxes snake sounds like your jewels of course the one day Idon’t get my no I like not using box cutters becauseI’m people like make fun of me this cars been the business for 30 yearsyou think he has a box cutter he knows nothing looks like it’s full of Simpsons wings clip Simpsons down there Batman solike I said this was more personal so guys we have a coin there just sold forseven point five million dollars bad news is we don’t have itwhoa we don’t know we have it seems like something I’ve seen it’s an arrow onetransformer a salvage figure garbage truck okay well remembered a garbagetruck now but actually we have a lot of these transformerset starter so we actually have a lot of these transformers in a place coolremember I told you a certain star was play schools are good those are thethose are the transformer versions here’s more ketchup stuff hustlesfingers like we literally have thousands of these these will do good now just keep on putting in there okay we gotsome heavies we got hot wheels night at the racist corset so these are minimumten fifteen bucks in my store but we check them onlinewe got Lord of the Rings okay before she loved Slayer huh that’s scarythis is scary I saw if I saw that in my kitchen I don’t think I’m gonna livethere anymore so put that without all the ring stuffoh the greatest quarterback of all time Dan Marino autographed yepefficiency baby efficiency well he’s collecting autographs oh ohdamn no certificates though Michael Jordan had 140 bucks on this see this ispart of his like he must have dis sold some stuff in a swap meet needs to beclean but I probably would send us in to get authenticated and at 40 bucksMichael Jordan Frank Thomas like this it’s gonna be Kareem Oh Maggie where’sit Nona I don’t know what’s up so Don oh it’s not like this it’s Warriors ChrisWeber rookie to here that’s cool he was really good at one time hey KC will youput these in a shuffle a deck that I want berries with toys little heavy Oh skate decks with boxes a disc andactually right here people stay at the stupid calculator but here’s a freebusiness lesson it’s okay i trapped your phone it was on edge oops way to go and even your phone into exstupid she knows we’re recording she’ll stab you some cash but one of my biggestscores when I was probably a little bit old and Tatiana age 16 17 swappingscores I go around to swap me this guy’s on a whole box of hewlett-packardcalculators like all different models and this is 212 C which i think is oneof the cheapest ones a little bit but we can clean that so but hewlett-packardpacket calculators guys do yourself a favor get an education right now go oneBay and type in vintage hewlett-packard calculator just go highest first and seethe prices you get for stuff this goes

action figurescalculator just go highest first and seethe prices you get for stuff this goes with eBay see the prices that you getfor stuff you’re gonna crap in your pants if you don’t know about this and Ifind them on okay this whole box is awesome Taoiststhese are usually not that much like ten bucksStar Wars ten bucks dr. evil ten bucks but still you know so it’s a forty fivebucks $50 box figure sorry took a quick break so let’s take a look I can telljust by the color what is this can you guys tell Masters of the Universe justput you sir man I fortunate lot of stuff is a littlebit rough on these boxes Star Wars because it wasn’t a storage to throwspider-man icons these legends are usually pretty good but like see cuzthey had them on the swap it so I won’t sell these on ebay I’ll just give areally good deal in our store once we get a few rows in and we don’t have this so maybe tomorrow’s vigil a little bitwow I’ve never seen this before forces of destiny and just because itsays $7.99 now you guys that was just one store like I’ve Millennium Falcon’sI’d have $20 value that’s the price from the dollar storeI know no it’s like this was like Walmart not like the tick it’s eitherWalmart or the dollar store yeah yeah they have stuff they have idea yeah sobuddy’s millennium fault cuz up there we’re saying like 1999 value but they gofor like you know we like we like getting goods disgust sir actually is agood ebay box up there I think we see Palisades toys let’s see what’s in therea lot of times these are comments sealed but I have to open it cuz I don’t knowwhat it is you have to actually it’s sealed yeah we have to open oneunfortunately it’s probably gonna be a hot glue orlike a wax figure join collectors club poly States collectors club to so manytoys okay and I think I know a lot of toys Muppets that’s coolyou like that hello them of its I almost wanted her with the frog at Disneylandif you want no that’s good you sure yeah this scan is one reallyquick just out of curiosity is either gonna be worth less that’s like 40 buckswatch let’s get the box up here cuz I seen something sticking out here as youguys can see so these boxes are crazy I have 2,500 boxes like this startinglineup Wayne Gretzky Mark Messier I’ll get these 15 bucks near but they mightdeal with more these muscle car Corvettes it’s funny if you guys watchmy covet videos actually had this particular kill me Darth Vader titaniumdiecast these are good I think if you shook about 30 bucks I have a lot of DCto add Mike Betty I’ve never looked these up so Thank You Slater oh wow thisis cool Casey type titanium series I’ve never had these before transformerOptimus Prime I’m staying 30 bucks and then Audis aMasters of the Universe snake Teela and snake dealer so it has the person’saddress so I’m gonna strap it as it almost show itthe diesel pry – I think these are like 20 30 bucks on eBay sometimes 40 50bucks depending on which figure snake dealer cool I mean I had a whole bunchof monsters I was getting 20 bucks in my store so I know this is at least 20bucks online so I’ll put these out eBay pile a lot of this stuff when I say toebay progress over the next week I will list this on eBay so if you see some ofthe stuff I put the eBay pile you can take it home yeah tech dose not home butI mean to put them to the eBay office hey will you take this one yeah and I’m showing you guys somepeople say just show the best stuff I’m like yeah we’ll just show what we getyou know cuz what I think is stupid my somebody else might like 20 bucks noprom DS so fast no store there’s a bunch of starting lineup in there Hot Wheelsspider-man our friends the good thing is most boxes are $100 plus boxes for likeclose to hundred dollars yeah spooky Bart Simpson’s and stuff like this so umI can sell these at least 99 cents on my store but you would really want to checkthese on eBay there’s a lot of them that bring six seven eight bucks plus thesethe easy to ship in a bubble mm so what we probably will do with these we’llprobably just put Lots on eBay don’t worry I’ll stock up then when I getthere Magma’s Church right tarantula Johnny mything it doesn’t price 20 bucks apiece three of these in here and they’re alltruck tarantula the Munsters Dracula do you she’ll be like 20 bucks apiece maybe10 second I’m not gonna scan every item guys I’m gonna scan stuff they’re savingthese cars these Batman so I think these are like 20 bucks apiece on eBay forjust a Batman and a different ones and more I have a lot of these so you’ll seea lot of use on eBay and in the store right now I’m taking a bunch of littleboxes they’re usually more hot wheels and figures in here but let’s just checkit anyway Chevy nomad double packs should be these five books of that andlike I said guys we check them on eBay before we price them for convertiblefive books about so even at 5 bucks 10 20 30 40 45 which is not bad if youthink one little tiny box oh oh Ozzy Osbourne we’re gonna check himonline wow that’s creepy he’s like a werewolfKing of France fun that’s at least 30 books good cross-collectible so guyscross-collectible in cages what that means most people watch this videoshould know what it means but one collectible it goes to the MacFarlanecollectors and also people that collect Ozzy Osbourne a rock and rollmemorabilia will buy this oh wow this goes out to my good buddy Chris Whitman1983 oh you know what these are probably have to go anyway haul puzzles here put this box aside I’mgonna look this up afterwards we got here we got haul neato Bugs Bunny theRoadrunner Roadrunner so the Disney ones they use me not that good but the Hulkone will definitely check but still even at 5 bucks apiece you know I’ll take ithopefully the Hulk is worth 50 or 60 keeping women uh fox is a poison youknow the best part is that we’re talking about that’s gonna be a toy shortagewill Chamberlain you should be Lee thirty bucks we’ll putthem aside for eBay Lawrence Taylor has a bunch of cars cars down here here’s avintage what’s just wish Nick troll shanty Shack that’s probably for youbabe that’s prime 70s maybe sixties ideal toy Corp I’m not gonna put themjust columns in the box but we actually have a lot of loose troll fingers do theWilt Chamberlain he took us address I already know what it’s gonna be goodfever or just put a Dan off scanners later people want to hear how we canpicked up for Amazon I Miami so sorry I should tell this story how we got onAmazon which is a pretty cool story and then how we got kicked off Amazon oh youhave to heavy one we never checked what’s in here heavy let’s see what doesit say oh you know what bar oh no it’s one of these NASCAR’s theseboxes to me nothing in this box I’m pretty sure when he’s really heavyaction NASCAR 50th anniversary racing champions unfortunately we justwanted to keep us companies you can buy but Budweiser who’s the driverRandy Lovejoy hmm no should be twenty bucks huh thanks I work out okay these looklike it’s Barney and famous me nice basket one my choirthese are all two two four five bucks so like when the Disney ones are you have aqueen 99 to spawn and people buy them trust me guys people love Barney’s racing champions actually right now dome a favor if you haven’t smash the like button smash the like buttontatiana let me know when we were on 20 minutes in this video – and let me knowif you like this type of videos off its boring to you guys racing champion this12 inch motor trench maxbox premieres this box is 100 bucks put it off to theright we’re gonna price that right away for the store we do so well with hot wheels anddiecast now slowly like you do on this 20 Bank Star Wars blown pilot ChewbaccaChewbacca he’s all bet I wanted most of these should be like at least 10 bucksapiece anta stuff sir Oh Guido and what’s his name Kairo kylo Ren I don’tlike him I don’t think he fit with Star Wars yeah I’m you wouldn’t use like mylooks I’m like I’m just saying his nose huh his nose was vague but other thanthat it was for me nice don’t judge a human by our nose no it’s kind of like atriangle maybe he’s really good at smelly things so yeah but I just I justdon’t like the way he was I don’t know it’s just I don’t know but it’s not cozit’s knows one thing oh this all looks to be Hot Wheels holiday Hot Wheels andhe’s a limited edition cool cars more Hot Wheels you know 60 70 dollar box vintage message Conan the Barbarian bigissue number 23 I’ll pull it up here then we have atomic Betty some more bigcats Johnny lightning Volkswagen I sell any Volkswagen fast put like 399 belucky last week oh that’s cool My Little Ponies are cool you got a spot justright here school cross-collectible cuz it’s John Wayne racing champion sponsorseries Sterling Marlin that’s a easy 30 bucks and it’s full of like this car sojust put down the bottle I mean you know I’m keep on pulling stuff guys but likeI can’t poke with literally every box it’s good you know so I really try toreally pull stuff right now that’s a super good until all this is cleared andthen when we priced and I’ll pull some more stuff diese all this thing you knowwhat two’s box like I usually get like 10 bucks in these last time I checkedbut I’m gonna have to check to see if they’ll just make sure that they go uponline and this is a different one showdown Darth Maul stuff is pretty coolI might actually get 15 for him actually I probably ate 15 foot here auction andit’s just the wrong time pick them up for nothing star wars tie fighter backthere won’t work to this big box down here sure yeah okay let’s go mom that’stwo ball yeah okay guys join in to our 200 daylight feat day 47 we got a rowdown look at this this is correct think a troughoh my you know this era very famous car design a big Daddy a trough he did likethem not muscle cars but hot rods that’s what everyone’s gonna look like out ofquarantine yeah just like that’s it I’m going that’s I mean he’s kind of likefaded yellow but a scan of you those answers are Rams trivia I got acustomer that loves Ram stuff hey guys one that one is like I’ll get like 15bucks for Ted yeah I can’t wait justice I’m showing you no Imperial of shadowsquadron that’s pretty cool – Black Series that’s a little bit rough too badlike these boxes right here he did have an outside environment hey go Caseycheck that one and then there’s fold light go and bunchof Star Wars Batman bunch of action figures was just transformed anotherplace cool transformer place cool rap just uptick on what is this transformeranimated but I think it’s play school so that’s how we know it’s a toy it’s a toyit’s another toy you know what the good thing is I was gonna say early andespecially if you guys have toys don’t be in a rush to sell your toys right nowbecause they’re talking about that’s gonna be toys shortage and Christmas heyCasey you know who you should sell this all to like a million dollars a millionI’ll actually somebody did offer me a good amount it wasn’t a million alsonobody even told to Santa just that you got a support letter for me yeah buthe’s else yeah but the stores get all the stuff is Lego stuff leggo leggo there you goit would be like actual progress we re on Iraq number two and we have sixtotals so we are like a third way in over here that’s not bad this looks likean old ism so like I said you know once we get to the second half it’s a lotclean and it’s more like factory cases GI Joe Mantaray battle core this couldyou not see the robot in there here’s a vintage robot it’s not that it’s 2002cool I guess so I mean there’s so much stuff I’m hard to get excited I wastrying to see what here this is but it looks like it’s a main user so 93 yeahthat’s cool is probably worth 20 bucks at leastman array looks like it actually sealed over here yeah that’s actually brand newseal but the boxes have some were hey let’s take that I’m sure that’s probablyonline fast then here’s a box we’ve got a lot of boxes oh man we have 25 so Iguess we should foam someone what minute mark beyond here we’re about a CMS so Ithink we should take a break right here we’re gonna come back and well if peopledo hit the thumbs up button a lot we see they’re like it dad we’re just gonnashoot bunch more video so we’ll shoot some more that if people like it we’llpublish what do you think matter sounds greatwhat should they do subscribe and hit the like button we don’t hit too likebutton smash we smashed it like button why cuz that’s how we roll up bargainhunters thanks for watching guys make sure to let us know if you want to seemore videos mean Tatjana have another 2399 boxes to go through yay