9 7 brain teaser

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i am …………….. because of this thing that i considered you as my everything father! everything! but now i have nothing…… just a presence is left! but if you try to do anything forcefully; then i will end my presence as well! Shehla! Shafi what happened? are you ok? father??? safoora bring the medicine of sir … fast! safoora do it fast! where the hell are you? bring the medicine! you lie behind… take this… Shahmir! son try to understand! if you are just refusing this proposal because of studies then its better you should agree to dear mother! how could i agree? before starting my career how could i take the responsibility of marriage?marriage is not a responsibility son, it’s a relation! its a bonding that completes a human, why are you considering it as a burden?where am i considering it as a burden! but now i just want to focus my studies! so who has stopped you? do focus on your studies… Heer is also studying!then its alright let both of us study! what is the need of destroying two lives for just a little wish? Shahmir, are you happy with this proposal son? the dignity of your dear mother is attached with this proposal, and you know that she love her dignity and her words more than her life! that’s why i am saying that now please let me study! after some time my exams are going to start! before them dont put me in any other exam! please! yes i will come in few days! no no dear mother is ill now!Shahmir! Shahmir! listen i will talk to you later… yah! bye! what you have talked to mother now? i want to study now! so? will the university expel you after hearing about your marriage? its not like that! then what is the matter say it clearly! i cant take away my focus from my studies now by mingling in other affairs! and you know that how much i have struggled to reach here! you also know that very well, how much father loved shafi uncle! yes! so i am not refusing from anything! do you have guts to refuse? for the sake of your degree, i cant put on stake the dignity of the family! your fiancee is adult now! and i think so you have also become so sensible that you can take care of house’s dignity! brother you….. enough! you’ll not go back without doing this marriage! enough! no brother! you cant agree me for this decision forcefully! what did you said? …. you are definitely my elder brother….. but you cant do every decision of my life without asking me! i can do!…. every decision of your life…. and i will do! then it is alright! i will kill myself but i will not say yes for this marriage without completing my studies! then what? qaiser! mother’s health is again becoming critical! let it be! instead i think its better if she dies! brother! dont call me brother! you have neither any relation with this home, nor with any member of this house! qaiser speak slowly, mother is listening to everything… its good let her listen…. she wasnt lucky enough to see any of his happiness! then why she has stopped her breath for a lie solace! go… tell her that i am evicting Shahmir from the property! qaiser…. go!… do as i said! but qaiser…..are you going to tell or i am going?i am going qaiser! sister in law! good morning! how are you now? fine! Heer was sitting by your side the whole night; i just send her back to her room to do some rest but no! she is also sitting like that there…. what are you doing shafi? shafi dont go…. you will again argue and….. you are already not well! shafi are you listening to me? the daughter who sat whole night by my bedside and prayed for my life; now dont want to see my face? heer! look at father! dont you see my powerlessness? my helplessness, my weakness; isn’t visible? heer you used to talk to my heartbeats by putting your head on my chest! heer! now i dont want to escape from reality…. i want you to see my teared heart! heer i have nothing except you! and now when i see you going away from me then i am dying without any reason! Surreptitiously suffocating! daughter try to understand my helplessness! a person can see everything going away but cant let the honor go away! you are my honor! my daughter…. you are daughter of such a man who has entrusted his daughter to his foster mother for her one wish! on the wish of a father who sacrifices all his breath for you, cant you forget your small desire? now i cant retreat… i cant….. who is with this patient? there is no one! he is derelict! he is the one, about whom i told you… father! write the names on it, of all guests whom you have to invite on the wedding! but first of all write the names of my guests! what are you looking at like this? take it! write it…. Muhammad jamal uddin! i want that you should give the first card of my wedding to Jamal! yes sir? no sir we know that where we have to hit and where we dont have to! and by the way we have had a very normal behavior towards him! he walked away from here well and sound; absolutely fine! you dont worry sir we will find him from any of the corner of the country! i have sent his picture in all the police stations… in sha Allah he will be found soon! i am unable to understand the logic of rich people… if they have to find him later then why did they fought him earlier? the spoiled kids of these people pressurizes them anyway and anyhow! but i am feeling enviable for that boy’s fortune! by marrying a rich girl, he became a millionaire by just sitting and watching! why your mouth is watering? he will become a millionaire, you’ll not! and find that guy… where is he! be quick well done! ok sir! are you gone mad! i dont know mishal! but i think now its the only way!

9 7 brain teaserbe quick well done! ok sir! are you gone mad! i dont know mishal! but i think now its the only way! through which i can reach jamal! i am feeling kuch wonderment for you! dont you feel mercy? i feel regret i also feel so regretful! i am feeling very regretful on my every emotional decision mishal! i shouldn’t be doing like this to father! heer! you are saying this? mishal father is really not like that as i was perceiving him! but you are absolutely the same as i am perceiving! mad!you thought of your life as a humor? firstly you did nikkah with that double minded and double standard guy in anger… and now after becoming confused you have agreed to marry a person belonging to a backward family? and i am unable to understand that all of a sudden if you wish to become a bride then why you want to find out jamal? to become free from that commitment which i did with him! no mother! till then i ask for apology from him, i cant do this marriage! why? what loss you have done to him? zubaida get up, cast off evil eye from your son! gulsher! go and give them to everyone… how can he gave them.. your tailor has made your dress very well! he has tailored it very well! mother you gave him so much instructions that he had gone mad!at last it was my shahmir’s dress; not a dress of a common man! if he had made a little mistake; i would have beheaded him!grand father has gone but he has left his sword behind! now if dear mother has to decide about any quarrel or a marriage; she holds a sword in her mouth!the scissor that you keep in your mouth is more dangerous than my sword! dear mother! scissor reminded me that will you sew the dress of your daughter in law by yourself or should i send it to a tailor? if i die then change the customs! now i am alive! i will sew the dress of the princess by myself! why shahmir? yes dear mother! let me come back after changing.. cunning! his heart is overwhelmed with love… he does not let it know by his face! girls you sing songs! what has happened to you? heer! rabia has again called! they are demanding measurements for wedding dress!i had put forward a condition for wedding! yes… your father is trying is best for finding jamal!till then i met jamal i will not do this marriage! what kind of condition is this heer? and why you want to meet him? i want to apologize! i want to apologize him for the loss that has occurred to him because of me! that you can also ask for after wedding? no mother….. till then i seek apology from him, i cant do this marriage!why? what sort of loss you have done to him? i cant tell you… now you want to consider it as my helplessness or whatever… but just tell father that at any cost find out jamal! hello good boy! how are you? i feel like your health is much better than before! did you try to remember your name? alright no issue.. relax and try to remember…. no one among them! lets go and see next! i have even ordered agencies to chase him! if he is unable to find what can i do! dont know at which place he has hidden himself that despite of so many resources he is not found! Allah knows! but one thing is upsetting me, if he is not found before marriage…..then how will heer treat me? my heart is also scared from this thing! if heer had made a wish then it was something else… but she made it a condition!i am trying my best to fulfill her condition! but if disgrace is in my fate then what shall i do? a little… what happened? why are you looking at me like this? i am looking that isnt your attachment is going more with that patient? even you dont care that much for your self as you are caring for him! dont do senseless talk!poor guy is unable to remind anything! neither there is any information regarding his family members…. i am just taking care about him because of his condition! alright! my sweet heart marium! there are other three patients in this ward as well who are also derelict! you treat them all as same as other normal patients are treated… but yo have more attention towards this deep eyed man! let me do my work! ohh i remember… his face is absolutely…..please! i dont want to remember! but the thing is that!no… its not like that! dont agree but do remember! people with such eyes are all the same… the way that man left you, he will also leave you…. why are you comparing that man with him? i loved him! and i have only sympathy for him! sympathy? sympathy is also kind of love of a woman! i dont want you to get in any trouble again! you dont over think! i am just doing only that needs to be done with a helpless and destitute person!but with lot of love! you go to hell! shafi eat something at least! by getting upset like this and leaving meals, will all of our troubles get solved? seems like troubles will get solve only with my death! why are you saying like this?so what should i say? wedding is near! and there is no information regarding that boy jamal! heer have not had to put this condition! she is my daughter… she cant start a new life by having a secret in her heart! whatever now is only within the heart of heer! but if jamal wont be found then with the reaction of heer, dont know what else would come in the hearts of the people! by thinking about this again and again; my hunger, thirst, sleep, tranquility-everything ended! shehla! i can see the whole struggle of my life getting out of my hands! since the time you have left eating food; your father didnt even have a single bite of food! even though, he started living when you came to his life; when you smile he smiles, when you cry then he cries deep down in his heart! how can you do this with such a man! did you remember when you used to give school or college or university exams, he used wake up at nights! he used to dance with happiness when your results come! you are his daughter! his love! struggle of whole life!

9 7 brain teaserhe used to dance with happiness when your results come! you are his daughter! his love! struggle of whole life! he has the right to see his struggle successful! i beseech you! i beseech in front of you that dont put his struggle and love into soil! elder sister! how did you come to know every time? even my hand are not the same as before! why? do your in laws ask you to uplift dung now? you are getting married now, you’ll come to know what the in laws will ask you to do! i just uplift dung… you’ll have to uplift the shoes, bag, and shopping bags of your wife!is shehnaz here? yes! walaikm asalam! BISMILLAH….. you have reached at the end of your brother’s wedding! you said that dont even blink your eye without the permission of in laws! i came when they gave the permission! alright!…. i was joking! go now… girls are waiting for you at the dholki (pre-wedding ceremony)shahmir son you also go dear mother….. come on why are you feeling shame? mr. groom!you people go inside i am just coming! come come welcome! asalam o alaikm! how are you? this is the gift for my younger sister in law! dear mother has sewed by her hands! from this you can guesstimate that how much our heer is lucky!mashALLAH! you people come inside… heer! heer control yourself! if somebody will see it wont be good!mashal what can be more worse than that? there is no information about jamal… and wedding gifts have come from shahmir’s house!thats why i was saying that you didnt have to say yes for this marriage! i had no option for saying ‘no’ mashal! in the whole situation i committed only one mistake that i have done nikkah with jamal! and till then if that nikkah will not end, how will i do the next one?heer! those daughters are so lucky for whom the in laws send wedding gifts…. they have send the gifts with so much love! dress for mehndi (ceremony), wedding day, and valima (reception)… what is the matter? you people come and have a look at least! mother stop all this! what do you mean? i cant do this marriage! look heer try to understand….. your father tried every possible thing to fulfill your condition but that guy jamal….no mother its not about the condition…… its about shariat! i have done nikkah with jamal! and till then if i wont meet him and get a divorce, how can i do second nikkah? stop making fake excuses heer! this is not a play of a dolls! i am saying the truth to you! alright? so show me where is nikkah naama! (nikkah book)… that is with jamal…and where is jamal? he did nikkah with you and ran away after laving you? dear aunt…. you testify mashal, when i demand a testify from you! right now she is lying! of which i cant see any justification for that! why would i lie to you? because if you have to tell the truth, then you had told me at that time! when you were sitting with your father and was preparing for the list of guests!only this mistake has been committed by me! i thought that if i would meet jamal, then i would have….make any other excuse for stopping this marriage? yes? no mother! i dont want to shun away from this marriage now! i want ot do this marriage for the happiness of father! but jamal… jamal’s love is interrupting! you are not forgetting that jamal anyway? mother i agree that i love jamal a lot but not more than father! that is why i have decided to forget him! if you have decided then stick to it! go and wash your face! now rabia is coming to meet you! believe me mother…. i am not lying! he has hide himself some where that he is unable to find out after so much searching… how would i believe? aunt shall we go? where? we have to tie heer imam zamin (religious thread for protection) no… she is not free from beautician yet! give it to me, i will tie it! yes… but aunt please tie it today… dear mother specially gave instructions today! yes….alright aunt, give us permission to leave! so quickly? what can we do now aunt, you didnt let s meet younger sister in law…. what we will do after staying here! i am so sorry! …. aunt i am joking! alright! you know that the distance of returning back is too long… its better if we reach till evening…. yes… but you didnt eat anything yet! there is no need for that aunt… i am not a guest here!no but the people with you are not guests… we have to provide hospitality to them! safoora! come here quick! aunt no ifs and buts…. the daughter in law who came here, i cant let her go with a dry mouth, let’s sit down…. sit sit… safoora! make arrangements for food, quick! yes….rabia i’ll be back in a while! mother believe me, i am not lying….i have really done nikkah with jamal! he day when qaiser bhai forcefully took me to the village, at that day me and jamal were coming to you people to tell you this thing! alright! so where is nikkah nama? and where is jamal? and if you are in his nikkah (mean in marriage) then why he didnt come to take you? taking you with him seems like something impossible; he has escaped and hide himself some where that he is unable to find out after so much efforts! how can i trust you? mother you have to believe! on a precarious story? never!mother this is not a precarious story! you will not trust me in this way, i will take you to friends of jamal, they will tell you either i am lying or saying truth! will you go with me? mother! mother what happened? look at your father! from last many weeks he didnt blink his eyes! because of tension he left eating food! sometimes i feel like he is not even breathing properly… still he is trying to make your life and to safeguard his honor he is doing every possible efforts! and you! you are trying to take his life for an ordinary guy; for his little friendship…. no mother!all the arrangements of wedding have been done! wedding gifts have come…. refusing at this time means instead of your wedding, your father’s funeral will take place! mother…… then why dont you accept that you didnt do any nikkah and you are just making lame excuses! why dont you believe me mother? yes because i cant expect that from you heer! mistake has been committed from me! mother please support me in retouching this mistake! support? yes mother… please help me in finding out jamal! i will find jamal then i will take divorce from him… then whatever you will say, i am ready to accept your instructions! i dont want to give any grief to my father! you please make any excuse and delay the date of wedding for a while! alright! but your father must not get a single piece of information regarding this! shafi! yes sir! write their names and note their address and from you people when that guy will contact you; you people will inform in the police station immediately! no sir… no information is gathered from here about that boy… we have talked to hotel management as well, these people really dont know about him…..

9 7 brain teaser no sir… no information is gathered from here about that boy… we have talked to hotel management as well, these people really dont know about him…..

9 7 brain teaserno sir… no information is gathered from here about that boy… we have talked to hotel management as well, these people really dont know about him….. sir i think that we have only one way now… we have to check every hospital of this city… yes sir…. i think so there is no need to let him stay in hospital anymore…you make his discharge slip and discharge him till evening…. sir but he didnt remember his name yet….how can we discharge him like this? where will he go?for how many years you have been working in this hospital? from 7 years… and you have been looking after patient related to neuro… yes sir!then you must also know that such patients take how long in recovering? yes sir! then make his discharge sheet and let him free! sir but……. i told you before there is no need get involved in him too much! you do your work!hey i didnt said that your romeo should leave from here! marium! think of yourself, for how long will he stay here? the clot in his brain will take long time to get dissolved! and you know this very well!and i also know this that he needs proper medications to get well…. he cant take care of himself, how will he take his medicines? where will he go?we can talk to any people running a trust! if you want you can look after him by getting around! try to understand marium! there is still time, brother in law… talk on phone! should i dial number? you know talk everything about customs etc now; otherwise the wedding night will pass on in telling names only! move away from here! every person is not shameless like you! my shahmir is shy…. leave him like this!dear mother let me ward off money… its good that you didnt keep in her company otherwise she would also have turned you like her!did you remember how she was watching her groom coming from the rooftop at her wedding? shameless lady! look at this, your discharge card! you must have got bored while lying on the bed of hospital? now you are getting rid of it! jamal! jamal is my name! lets get up now… no jamal!i’ve heard it! its a very good name jamal! now can we go? lets get up! you didnt talk to that person belonging to trust, then where are you taking him now? home! what?? yes i am taking him home! are you gone mad? already people talk many things about us for living alone! now you will bring a healthy man with you at home, then what will everyone think? let whatever anyone has to think! but i cant leave him alone! marium that house belongs to both of us! you cant take a decision alone that he will or will not stay at our house! if you have any issue then i will find any other house! you are doing very bad for your self! i am just trying to save one life! how can you do this? if you cant take care of me, at least take care of jamal; isnt he your friend? when did we refuse to that ma’am? madam neither we know her, nor we know anything about the nikkah of jamal and her! no mother they all are lying! these all people were witness in my and jamal’s nikkah! believe me i am telling you! these all people are lying! show pity on us madam! we poor people are hustling here for livelihood of our children! whatever relatio you and jamal have, keep it to yourself! dont drag us in it! look i crouch in front of you….. i beg you… tell the truth to my mother that you people were there when my and jamal’s nikkah was happening! otherwise they will do my marriage with someone else and nikkah with someone! and then you all will be included in this………… i crouch in front of you! heer stop it! no!! why are you making a show of you and me in front of everyone? no mother they are lying! lets go from here! no mother you listen to me…. jamal i am going hospital…. i have made food and put it in the kitchen… eat it when you’ll feel hungry! i am also putting your medicine out, after eating food, take that also… and listen if there is a knock at the door then dont open the door from inside! me and dazzy have keys! we will open it by ourselves.. and get inside! is it ok jamal? and listen dont go anywhere outside! heer! who? heer! her name is heer…. whom? whose name is heer jamal? what relation she has with you? mother give me two seconds only…. i know its here… what are you doing? mother i know its here! heer!! what am i saying listen to me! heer listen to me! heer how much more will you lie to prove your lie as a truth? no mother i am lying you come with me… get out of here! mother why aren’t you listening to me? i dont want to listen you… listen to me mother i am telling you the truth, he was among them….i listened more than enough… lets go! mother we can search for once! at least try once mother with me! jamal’s friend even didnt recognize you and you were trying to find the place in the chamber where your nikkah took place; since such a long time? whom you are trying to make fool heer? love has made you out of your mind that is why you have become crazy…no no! mother you have to trust me, i am saying the truth at that time i was that much nervous that i didnt pay attention that which chamber is this….not being attentive? that where your nikkah was being carried out? who is advocate? who is the man doing wedding ritual? in which chamber you are standing? mother even listen to me! come on her! if it could be any villager, illiterate, or a harassed girl escaped from village; then i could even accept it but you! a confident and educated girl like you can do all of this in inattentiveness? i cant believe this! in fact not only me, any person will not be ready to accept it! but you have to accept it!! you have to believe this because this is the truth! at that time i was only thinking about you and father! alright still you did the nikkah? i knew that these are all fictitious stories…. now i have got the proof as well!mother you listen to me…. you listen to me!!! now if you tried to create even a little drama, then first i will shoot your father then me! where did you go? and why you were not receiving the phone?i took heer with me to the boutique! at least inform me before going? and why you were not attending the phone? i am really sorry shafi my phone was on silent! and heer’s phone? we forgot to took that with us…. you are unbelievable! alright just relax shafi… we have reached! heer’s henna has come from his in laws!i told you that we have got late… be quick! madam neither we know her, nor we know about her and jamal’s nikkah! we poor destitute people are hustling here for earning the livelihood of our children! whatever relation you and jamal have, keep it to yourself! dont drag us into it! now if you try to create a little drama even then first i will shoot your father then me!

9 7 brain teasernow if you try to create a little drama even then first i will shoot your father then me! take it jamal! i have made soup for you! in the morning you mentioned the name of any heer? did you remember something who was she?its ok if you dont remember… you remind it later comfortably! no need to put pressure on your mind for reminding anything! when you’ll remember…… why you left soup? you drink it! jamal!! alright you sit here i am bringing medicine for you! safoora!!! aunt! mashal if you came here to convince me for heer’s stupidity then its better you should go back! but aunt she is not lying! she is saying the truth…. did you went to her nikkah? no! then how can you convince me? what proof do you have?heer informed me on phone… even she asked me to pack some luggage as well! if you want, you can ask my mother; she saw the bag which i had to give heer! alright you are trying to tell me that you were helping heer in escaping from house? and your mom knew that? no aunt! no… mama dont know anything about it!you also dont know anything about it mashal! i am heer’s mother! i know very well that she cant take such a bold step! she is lying to you, us and all of us such that she can get rid of this marriage; but, if she’ll get rid of this marriage; then me and her father will not be alive then… and heer also wont be able to live! because her in laws will not let her alive for anyone else!if this is a matter of dignity for us then for them it is a matter of honor! heer had no other option! there is one option! i will directly talk to father!are you gone mad? i am not gone mad i was mad that i have been wasting my time for such a long time! i should have directly talked to father before… maybe you are saying right! if you have told that thing on the very first day, then things must not have reached at this point! it should have ended completely before! the man who is already a heart patient, how much time would it take to stop his heartbeats?heer keep it to at least anyone! first uncle did wrong to you, then you got attached to jamal, then jamal did wrong then you got attached to uncle.. now if you have attached yourself then why aren’t you steadfast? why are you toppling? because keeping with father;mashal i have to stood by one nikkah and will have to do the second nikkah! which second nikkah heer? if you consider a paper signed by a desperate and coward person like jamal; as nikkah… then dont think of it! because the people who do nikkah dont do like this; like he has done to you… when that coward doesn’t clung to his relation then why are you suffering agony? i am not suffering agony! i am afraid of the torment of God… i am afraid of that sin which these circumstances are compelling me to do! dont mind heer! but the biggest sin is disobeying the parents!when you didnt get frightened of doing that sin… then dont be afraid of this also! what are you saying mashal? yes because now i have got bored of your stupid decisions! you got bored? then what are you doing here? go from here… the door is that way! i said leave!!! what has happened to father? you people stay quiet for a minute.. but what has happened? he was doing arrangements for wedding, and fell down while standing! you do this thing that leave the room! please! heer! i beg you! pardon the life of your father! kill your love, your wishes and your emotions and safeguard your father! for God sake! mother you are not trying to understand my point, which i am trying to admonish you… i beseech you… i beseech you! save your father! i beseech you … save your father!!!!! now he is a guest for few days dazzy.. like he has remembered his name and name of some heer… then he’ll also remember that who is he and where he lives… then he will go away! but you and i have a relation of life dazzy? please dont behave like this! and by the way… what people think, if we start to think about that then what people will think? you are very obstinate! copycat! that’s why i die for you! are you less obstinate than me? really? get lost from room and bring something for me to eat!i am not your servant… i will put out on the table, eat it yourself! really? eat a little heer! in this way you will also become ill! poor aunt is already upset because of uncle… if anything will happen to you then of whom she’ll take care of? ok well done… eat a little! look i have given injection right now but you people do every possible effort that now mr. shafi might not take any stress! otherwise next time any miracle will also not save him… heer stop crying.. now i also feel that you should quietly marry shahmir! because you have no other way left! like eating forbidden is permissible to eat for saving a life, similarly you also consider this marriage as permissible upon you! i also got married! what? what did you say? i also had a marriage! heer…. heer… heer is my wife! yes then where is heer? i mean to say your wife! where she lives? i bring tea for you! safoora! take this and put it in my room! shafi i told you to take rest! you got up and came outside! i will manage everything… dont be upset!you will manage all of work though….. but i have to face that flood by myself alone! he will be coming today! dont know what it will outflow and take with it from my life! but… heer is your daughter…. that is why i am frightened! i know that she will not move away from her stance!you are taking tension without any reason! she doesn’t remember that ordinary condition… shehla if today in front of all fraternity, she refused to do nikkah then? then? you also went there to return back the silver ring in love of your daughter….. but in front of a foster mother you cant refuse! we are her real parents! she will not refuse for the sake of childhood love! she is disobeying but not selfish! all guests have come, go and check if heer is ready or not… ok aunt i just check it…. heer! heer! heer! where did heer go? believe me heer, whatever has been occurred was just a fraud!