3d wooden puzzle brain teaser solution

3d wooden puzzle brain teaser solution, 3d, wooden, puzzle, brain, teaser, solution

You gotta get the… just take itapart and put it back together. Okay. Do you want to try it? That’s all. Yeah. Okay.Oh no. It’s hard though. It doesn’t seem like there’s a lot ofpieces and move on it. So yeah, this is, Tell me if you guys think…. Got it! you got a piece out, already? Ok do you know… I don’t want to do it all. Do it all! Do it all! I’m sure the Puzzle Mastercan put it back together, But yeah, this is, this is our newThey all come out with like the same way. That’s actually pretty cool ok. So it is like this: I lift andthen everything slides out. So Puzzle Master launched a Kickstartercampaign this week and we are kickstarting these three puzzleshere. Not these three. Not these three. I pulled the wrong one out. There yougo. Those three. Lattice, Slideways, Dirty Dozen. Have you played with these? I have. Actually we played with them a lotin the process of shooting our Kickstarter video, we had to play with these a lot. So we had like stuff where we’re shooting: slow mos and like our light box and things. So we were like opening up these puzzles. So let’s crack them open. Let’s just… this is the onlyone that I played with. Yeah. And this one’s already open. It’sfun. Don’t wreck it. Here. Got it. So puzzling is all about finesse. So on the Kickstarter campaign so far, we’ve kind of got a few options,like buying options on it. But this Lattice has been themost popular one. So this… That’s this right here. So Lattice is the blue one and it’s a, Is it eight pieces? It’s eight pieces. It’s alevel 10. So this is the hardest one. And they actually say that thisLattice is one of the hardest ones. So it’s called the… that one’s calledthe Dirty Dozen because it’s got, It’s a six by six. Twelve piece.Thatmakes sense. Yeah. And then, there is the Slideways. The Slidewaysis the easiest of them all. It’s a level six. That one’sa level nine. So that one, that was fun! I actually… I think I figured out how to get the one piece out. Or is it this side? You cando it on all sides. Okay. Yeah, you can do all four sides like that. SoI’ve, I’ve seen that. That one’s good. That one’s fun actually. I think,honestly, I think that’s my, my favorite one just because it’s likerelatively difficult, but not crazy. And you can get some of the piecesoff. And so like this is the, Slideways. I always… the Slideways you gotta find that one spot where it moves and then it just slides open or is it here? Thereit is there. Right there. So you can see, So there we go… it slides, it slidesopen, kind of like that. And it slides, closed. So it actually moves fairly easily andthen it just comes apart into three pieces. Can you get itback together? Yes, I can. So you put it in …and as I say I can do it… Come on and I’ll just… Oh, therewe go. Yeah, you got a piece out? I got one! Yeah, I like, I like thatpuzzle. That’s, honestly, I think that one’s my favorite, but for someone looking fora real big challenge, this, the Lattice is definitely theway to go. This one, Aaron is one of the guysshooting our solution videos. Aaron’s really good at puzzles. He triedthis one and could make no headway. It’s a ridiculously hard puzzle. This is designed byJerry Loo. As is that one. And so there are plasticversions of these, too. That was, his original design was plastic, soPuzzle Master took them and made, made them these metalaluminum, puzzles. So that, and then this one’sdesigned by an American guy. I forget his name right now,but he had designed this one.

3d wooden puzzle brain teaser solutionI forget his name right now,but he had designed this one. I cannot get this back together. Isthere a hole in that one piece? Yeah, there is. There’s a littlehole in the side here. We think it’s like a manufacturing hole. Like they… just something that they didlike in the process of manufacturing it. So it has nothing to do with thesolution. Mind you, it kind of does, could look like it… it has somethingto do with the solution. Okay. Yeah. So that’s, that’s those three. Given up on that, eh? Yeah I don’t know. I’mhaving trouble getting it together. I had, I had a method… see it’s allabout the method on these to get the… like the right method to get it back together. I like that…they move really well.I like like even just like this, this one like itseparates out into… it kind of, you can play with it and movesa whole bunch and it feels, it feels like this one should fallapart fairly easy. Like honestly, you get in there and this pieceis literally held in by just one hook hooked on there. It feelslike it should be fairly simple, but it’s very different and it’sactually quite a bit different. I thought these are the Lattice and Dirty dozen would have asimilar… similar solution, but the um… it’s definitely differentbecause this one solves. I know… I don’t know the solution tothis, but I know some of the, the moves to get it right. I giveup on this one too. Yeah. Yeah. It’s got a… It seems a loteasier when you do it, but it’s, yeah, it can be tricky too. Soyeah, check out the Kickstarter. We have an awesome campaign going. Lots of people getting in there and yeah, It’s only up for… tillthe end of…. the middle of… Mid August it’ll be doneor mid… Early August it’ll be done because… we did it30 days on the campaign. So we’ll put a link down below in thedescription on this. And that’s… Yeah, that’s the three Kickstarterpuzzles that we’re doing. Let’s move on to move onto the Tavern puzzles.And some Tucker Jones puzzles, Yeah Tucker Jones is a company. This is the Tavern… Tavern’s puzzle collection. There is a piece of lint there… yeah cat hair. Take that knife out… Yeah. Oh yeah, you have cats, eh? We do. How many cats do you have? Two cats. There’s hair everywhere all thetime. Bad life choices. I love cats. My wife got me sold on cats. UhhaSure, sure. Zero Loyalty. But all right… So here’s the Captive Hearts. So TuckerJones essentially does it’s wire puzzles, they all have a little bit of a twist…Dude! What? That’s cool, hey. It’s a Fish. So this one looks very muchlike the Handcuffs puzzle, and I wonder if it’s solves… Oh, I see. I bet you it’s different thoughbecause of this heart shaped piece. So maybe it’s like some sort ofcombination of like Handcuffs and Heart? These things are crazy… Like… Is this cast iron? Yeah. Andthey’re heavy like crazy heavy ones. I like that, this stuff… So Captive Heart’s a level six andyou’ve got to obviously remove this heart piece. This is, the Long Island Catch. Iimagine you’re trying to remove this fish, right? No you’re movingthe ring on that one. Okay. So the ring… like this ring? And that’sa level 10, so that’s a hard one. Ohh geez. Yeah. Crazy heavylittle cast iron stuff. This is The Big Shot.I like some of these, they have like a lot at likepretty complex looking… wire puzzles or metal puzzles. So The Big Shot is a level eightand you got to remove this ring. This ring at the top comes off. So you obviously are moving it downkind of through these levels, I bet. And that was even more complex.So that’s the… That’s great!

3d wooden puzzle brain teaser solutionAnd that was even more complex.So that’s the… That’s great! So that’s the… Captive shot? That would be the handle that goes on this one and a, this handle, right? Yeah. That onewould be the Genuine Article. That’s a level nine. So yeah, youremove the handle on that one. He’s got his engravings: Tucker Jones 2013. Oh really! there’s adate… I didn’t even notice that. Yeah, they’re right at the top here. Like so there’s a little likepunch kind of engraving there. So those are like 2005, so it shows you the year the puzzle was made. That’s actually pretty neat. Iwonder what it says on this one? This one was made in 1995! Cool, that’s That’s a neat little bit of…bit of history on these then. Captive Heart…It’s been around thenhey? This one does not have it. No. Not that I can see. Can you solve that one? You try it. I’ll try it. It should be, it shouldn’t be likethe handcuffs, right? You would think… But if… my thought is that it’s like… it’s like a copy of theHandcuffs and the Heart puzzle Heartbreaker. Heartbreaker yeah. So it could be some combinationof those two solutions because…Hahaha! Cool. Level sixon that one. I don’t, even want to attempt these cause thisone looks significantly harder. Back on! No problem! Smooth! And Tucker Joneshas a ton of these, right? Like you just grabbed four? Yeah, I think there’s like 20 or 30 of themall together. They have a ton of stuff. Really cool. I mean obviously withthe name Tavern Puzzles, the idea is that you havethis like sitting in a barand as someone kind of sits there eating peanuts and drinking,they can play with the puzzle. And the thing I like, haveyou ever heard about the guy? There’s a guy who contacted Puzzle Mastera while back and he said would take our puzzles out on like a Friday nightwhen he’s going to drink at the bar and he’d like drink for free that whole nightbecause he challenged people and say, if you can solve it, I’llbuy you a beer if you can’t, you buy me a beer. And so he’d like, he’d like go in and drink all night and like not pay for anything. And He, I imagine he had people lined up. So like these are ones, I mean, any of our puzzles, youcould do that with, man. Try it and go, go drink for a night and see if youcan get… how many free drinks you can get. Yeah! Could work in reversetoo, if he hit, hit some bad, bad ones where people just solvedeverything. Yeah, that’s, that’s our Tucker Jones stuff. Like yousaid, there’s a ton of these and this is just four of the, theTucker Jones Tavern Puzzles And Tony wanted to shoot… SoTony’s been shooting review videos and he wanted to shoot a livereview. Show you how it’s done. Yeah. All right. New from Hanyama! New from Hanayama! Slide. It’s called a The Slider. Yeah. Course for the 2019 series.It looks a lot like a razor, like a razor blade. Like, do you know? Idon’t know. Yeah, I don’t know. It’s a, it’s kind of made up of these threepieces here. They slide apart, right? You got this little piece inside… That’s only three? Yeah. Oh, it is too, look at that! So there’s this little S shaped piecein the center here with a post and that post is kind of what stops me. I’ve been playing withthis one for a little bit, so I’ve been trying to figure outhow it’s done. Not Close, not close. It’s a level seven. Notclose to finishing this one. Umm engraving on the front. Hanayamaand Slider of course. Same as the back. And so then what’s theobjective on this one? So the objective is to get thesethree pieces apart. Okay. Yeah. And so I guess it’s kind of cool causewhen you pull it apart it feels like it

3d wooden puzzle brain teaser solution And so I guess it’s kind of cool causewhen you pull it apart it feels like it

3d wooden puzzle brain teaser solutionAnd so I guess it’s kind of cool causewhen you pull it apart it feels like it should just, come apart, but it doesn’t, I’ve noticed that on a fewdifferent Hanayama puzzles. Hey, where it feels like it gets really looseand like floppy and it feels like it should fall apart pretty easy. Yeah.Yeah. I don’t know.Do you know who designed this one? I did. I did. I don’t remember. Oh it’s Vesa Timonendesigned it. Oh, my favorite from Finland! Yeah he hasa lot of really good puzzles… yeah…I like his stuff. Is it Visa? Vesa? Vasa? Vesa? Vesa, Vesa Timonen. He’s from Finland. He also designed the Keyhole, which isa super cool puzzle to work through. Yeah, that ones good.Yeah.Thekey hole is… what was the one we did just the other day? It’s thekey… KeyII right? Key II. Yeah. Yeah. I think a dude in France did that.So there’s this…we had this, we had a… he did a… Hegrabbed a couple of our puzzles, I think KeyII or key, thefirst key puzzle. Yup. Key number one, was the one he did and his name’s Squeezie. I never heard of him before. The guy has a massive following onYoutube and he shot a bunch of our puzzles and that Key or KeyIIwas one of the ones he did. And the interesting thing is he alsodid a wood puzzle called Eureka. And so it’s like a wood one, with like a ball on there and there’s like a rope. It’s kind of a biggerpuzzle. So he shot that. And the way we found outabout him doing this video, is like a whole bunch ofpeople came onto our, like, this video we shot… thesolution we shot of um, of Eureka like probably, I don’t know, nine years ago. And also in a whole bunch of peoplecommented and it was all in French, so I couldn’t understand a word of it, butit all… I…there was like something, something Squeezie, something somethingSqueezie and like it was like Squeezie, Squeezie, Squeezie. So like they had found the PuzzleMaster page just from like a search on Youtube, probably searching thatEureka puzzle. And it came up in a… This is a French guy? A French guy named Squeezie. He just does a whole bunch of stuffI can’t understand a lot of it, I don’t speak French. So, and thenhe just sold a bunch of puzzles. He did a few different… a couple, two or three ones from Puzzle Masterand then some other stuff. He had, he actually showed a bunch of MisterPuzzle’s solves on the video. Yeah. So check it out. We put it onto our Facebook page and youcan like search “Squeezie”. You’ll see, it’s one of the, one of the mostrecent videos he did. But yeah, lots and lots of people liked it. Soit seemed like it was a pretty cool, pretty cool video. The guy getsjacked when he solves it, man, like he’s like running around theroom and really excited. I liked that. Maybe we could do that and getsuper excited when we solve a puzzle. I never solve puzzles, so yeah. Yeah,yeah. That’s why we have Aaron, right. So we’re gonna try,with our next video here, maybe try get Aaron shootingsome, some solves maybe, or some of the guys… how to solve… ifthey’ll do like a live solve on a puzzle. Cause that’s definitely not our forte. But maybe one day, you know, workour way up. Man, there’s too many! There’s tricks that you’ll learnalong the way that you just, like, here’s your five tricks. Try them on thepuzzle. If those don’t work, give up. Yeah. I always like when Chris does his,solves too, he, he’ll have like, he’ll spin the puzzle, he’ll do likeflips, like shake it. Like you have to, you have like, yeah, your things thatyou do and like you know like… Oh, this puzzle is solved that way. So youtry it on that like whatever new one. A different way ofthinking about it. Yeah. We also need some ideasfor different things.

3d wooden puzzle brain teaser solutionWe also need some ideasfor different things. Like what do you guyswant to see in our videos? We’re trying to like brainstormlittle segments we can do. We’re gonna do some Puzzle Master On The Street with Tony where he’s gonna go out and like maybe to his gym. He works… If you didn’t know. Tony’s a personal trainer. Not a personal trainer. Nofitness. Not Nothing. No, no, no. I would be a FascialStretch Therapist. Okay. So he’s… he works at the gym though. We’regoing to head out to the gym. Maybe shoot some, some video of peopleat the gym solving puzzles or trying to, yeah. Yup. Cool. We’ll see, yeah.So let us know though, if there’s other like, ideas like that stuff that youguys would like to see in here. You let us know in thecomments and we’ll, we’ll try to incorporate some of thatin with the Puzzle Time with Tony and Tyler. Yeah. So is that the end of our video?Do we have anything else to shoot? Oh, we do have one other one here.That’s right. We have this puzzle. So this is another one that you can see. It’s obviously very similarto the Kickstarter stuffas far as the design of the box and things. This is not inthat Kickstarter campaign though. It’s called the Victory Puzzle andit’s, it’s kind of Puzzle Master’s, new line of metal puzzles.So there it is Victory. It’s a level seven so not super hard. And so it’s a, yeah, it’s, I don’tknow what you call this actually. What do you call these?Kind of similar to those other ones. I don’t know. But it comes apart and make this shape. It’s like a little cross shape and thenI think there’s three pieces in here. This is what it is, right? four? One, two,three. Yeah, you’re right. Four there’s four because it’stwo, two. So it’s four pieces. You got to get the, just take itapart and put it back together. Okay. Do you want to try it? That’s all. Yeah. Okay. No, it’s hard though. I’d say it doesn’t seem like there’s alot of pieces that move on it. So yeah, this is… tell me what you guys think… Got it! Oh you got a piece out already? Ok do you know… I don’t want to do it all. Do it all! Do it all! I’m sure the Puzzle Master canput it back together. But, yeah, this is, this is ournew…. all come out like the same way. That’s actually pretty cool, okay. So it is like this: I lift andthen everything slides out. That’s how you did the firstone? Yeah. Here put, uh, put the first one… Can you put the firstone back in? I don’t know. Uh, yeah. So from holding like this, right? Wegot this one up, this one down, this one up, this onedown. Slide them right in there. Okay. So… Boom! do the whole thing. Let’s… I don’t want to. Take it apart. We can do it. Oh Man, I won’t get it back together.You will. You will. I believe in you. I’m gonna put this one like this. Yeah. See that’s the key, man. Taking it apart and rememberingwhich direction the pieces were in. Four pieces. There you go. Now let’sget it back together. Look at that! And he said weweren’t going to do a live solve! Level seven! How we do it! The Victory Puzzle! So there it is. You know the solution if you guysliked them… That’s a cool puzzle. Yeah that’s cool. So yeah, not crazy hard, but that’s reallygood. So this is our new boxes, the new design of our packaging.I really like on these, now, I don’t know if it’sgoing to come on camera, but there’s like a little like crosshatch pattern on this and the black. I really like these. There slick. Comes in this like foamcutout piece where the puzzle sits inside there and just the new,It’s got all those on the back, too, eh. Yeah. It’s got all the differentones. So this is, this is the new design for thepackaging. It’s really good stuff. I, I really like them. They’re, they’rewell made and uh, the packaging is cool. So yeah, Victory Puzzlethat was solved by Tony. Yeah. So that’s the end of ourepisode, I guess. We did a, we did a live solve and maybe we coulddo some more live solves, eh? We’ll see. About a level seven. Yeah. Cool. Well thank you guys very much forwatching. Check us out on Youtube, on Facebook and on… Kickstarter…and on Kickstarter now, right? So there’s four placesguys. Check us out there. Um, yeah, click the like on Facebook, the subscribe on Youtube, andthen click the little bell to, to get the notifications when we get anew video out. Tony’s got lots of reviews. There’s lots of solutions coming out byAaron and a whole bunch of other guys, Ross, stuff like that. Sosome great videos coming out, lots of content for you guys. Andlots of new puzzles. This is the, this is the place to go to find new stuffthat you’ve never seen anywhere else. Let us know what you want to see.Yeah. Cool. Thanks. Peace. See you later. I like that.