3d wooden puzzle brain teaser

3d wooden puzzle brain teaser, 3d, wooden, puzzle, brain, teaser

Today on Puzzle Time with Tony and Tyler, we are shooting Free theMarble and the Robot Cube, both from Philos. Now back instock on puzzlemaster.ca. B roll. Puzzle Time with Tony andTyler. He’s Tony. I’m Tyler. Today we are doing these Philospuzzles. We got Free the Marble. Okay. So you’ve got to get.. You gotta what? You gotta get the marble out of themiddle of these three boxes, right? Yeah. You can see it there. Yeah. So I mean this doesn’t seemlike it should be that hard. Dude, there’s a little slot for it in there.What do you mean? Like it sits in a hole. Oh, I see. In a little slot.Yeah. Okay. So, so these three This is an interesting puzzle.I’m glad we got this one. Cause I think this is a reallyunique looking puzzle and design. It’s like… Look at this man.It feels like the marble should fall out, right? It’s all loose andflimsy and… doesn’t quite, Yeah, the cool partabout doing the shipping and receiving is you don’tactually know what’s all in the warehouse until something gets ordered.Yeah. And all of a sudden you’re noticing Like, hey man, a whole bunch ofpeople are ordering this. What is it? I don’t know. So yeah, there’s, Idon’t know if you can see it. It’s hard to see it on camera.Whoa. The marble just fell out. I don’t know. Dude, mine isstill stuck in there. Okay. Look at you! You level nine puzzler. No, it is interesting. Like it’s…Mine’s still stuck in the small box. Ah, I got it! Yours fell out. Ithink I got it out this corner. Yeah, that’s kind of what mine did too.It like angled. See now, the thing is though, there’s cut outs onhere. So like what are the cutouts for? Like I feel like the cutouts shoulddo something. I think… I don’t know, But I feel like the cutoutsshould be part of the solution, but it didn’t feel like… it didn’tfeel like it was. A marble! Free the Marble. Interesting. Interesting puzzle. Ithought it was cool. Yeah, it’s cool. I like the design. It feels neat. I just… The solution is kinda… The solution is a little hokey if you ask me. But yeah, you don’t all it allwell-made. Let’s move on. Didn’t even know that existed tillthis morning. Yeah. Interesting. So Robot Cube. This is, thisis a neat looking one. Yeah, I guess these used to be popularlike six or seven years ago. That’s what we were told. I’ve never heard of these before. I’ve never heard of it either. Andthis looks interesting. So you… So have you played with thesebefore yet? No, but I saw, I saw that there’s likea… it what it say here? you gotta arrange the shapesinto a robot configuration. Like that’s what you’re trying to make.Yeah, the little robot blue… the little robot guy. Yeah. So, and then there’s a string thatkeeps everything attached on these. Kinda slips…. Kinda just start to… I feel like as a kidI played with toys like this. Yeah. But I mean maybe the puzzle, hopefully the puzzle’s a little harder. Thisis what? A level eight? does it mean, Hey, Where’s his feet supposed to go? Well, let’ssee here. Hold on, let’s do this. Let’s get this configuration here rightin the middle. Dude, I got this. Woo hoo! There you go. You did… Is thathow it’s supposed to look? And then his feet go sideways,not the circles. There you go. Yeah. K man, you got toget back into the cutesy. I think this is one that’s gonna be easyto solve. That is to put back together. I think that putting it back together,it’s going to be harder and harder. There you go. Like this. There you go. Ha. No,

3d wooden puzzle brain teaserHa. No, literally. Yeah, I can let you go. There you go. Got it.And the hands are up. See, I don’t think you have itexactly like this, but you’re getting, you’re going to get it. I can see. Ican see it already there. You’ve got it. It’s not the exact configuration ofthis. You’ve got it back in the cube. Robot head up.Robot head up. There you go. That’s pretty cool. Thatis. That’s a fun one. Not like crazy hard when we didit here, so can’t be that hard. That’s fun to play with. Yeah. Sothat’s the Robot Cube, level eight from Philos. Philos. Now newly back instock on puzzlemaster.ca. Now we’ve got our Pavel stuff that we’re running throughand we’re getting down…Pavel series number three. down here a bit. We got afew left. So I’m going to, I’m going to… Didn’t we do that Octamaze last time? This? No? No. We did something similar. I’m going to do Ana-Links. I will do”What is the Name of This Puzzle?” Okay. Put the rest of these aside.So these are Pavel’s puzzles. New stuff from Pavel’s puzzles that justcame in. So we did a whole bunch. We’re going to go through twoevery week and we’ve been doing, I think this our third week doing thisright there. Third video. So, uh, yeah, we’ve got Ana-Links here.Which one do you want to do first? Let’s do yours. This is just a card game. Okay. Yours is,no, no, this, yours is interesting now I, so it’s a level, what is it? What is it? Level eight. It’s called, “Whatis the Name of This Puzzle?” It’s got an advertisement for Ana-Links.Good timing. Okay, so it’s called, “What is the Name of This Puzzle?”.Literally you got these cards. There’s some sort of pattern in here andyou’ve got to figure out what the name of this puzzle is. That’s thepuzzle. What? You… this is the puzzle. “What is the Name of This Puzzle?”That’s the name of this puzzle. And you’ve got to just figure out,there’s some sort of pattern in this, in these cards. And you just got to figure out what thepattern is and figure out what the name of the puzzle is. What do you think? So here, now here’sthe interesting thing. This is I, there’s a little R in thecorner. There’s letters.. Oh yeah S and G… that are different… right? So like what if we took likethe X? Where’s the G? Is there a G? So there’s a G here, I’ve gotanother G. But the bigger G I’m saying. Maybe there’s something. Are allof the, or do you just think that, are these the only… Ok,so we got one M, two A’s, three A’s, three A’s and a G. R and G. Maarg… Hmm. I think there’s words nowin these, how they’re separated. Now here’s the other thing, Okay. Ilook at this. So this is like the, the different shapes in here. So let’ssort it… sort it by shape, almost here. then too. Is there? Oh,but it doesn’t line up. See I was thinking there’s a squarein like a square, but there’s not in each of these. Is there any other, maybethere’s hints on here. 48 cards and no instructionsin the puzzle with no name. Can you master the letter patterns anddiscover the puzzle’s secret identity? There’s letter patterns, eh.Yeah. I don’t know. Yeah. I’m not sure how into this we want to get. I don’t know. I don’t want to solve this. but this is interesting.So there’s a start.

3d wooden puzzle brain teaserbut this is interesting.So there’s a start. You give the people a a feelfor what this puzzle is. Let’s, let’s put it away. I’m notgood at word games, man. No, I like, I feel like I’m decent atthem, but that’s fun. That’s fun. It’s trying to… something unique, right? I feel like this is very differentfrom some of the other puzzles. Maybe not as physical as some of the otherlike take this apart and get this out type thing, but… Work your brain in adifferent way. Yeah, absolutely. So that’s a, “What is the Name ofThis Puzzle?” from Pavel’s puzzles. Let’s move on to Ana-Links, Series A. Ana-Links. Complete all seven puzzlesplus Meta Puzzle. Oh. Oh. Look at that. Okay. I’ll take one. You grab one. I’ll grab one. Welcome to the Ana-Links puzzle. Ana-Links are a new kind of puzzle invented by designer Pavel Curtis.That’s the dudes, last name, Pavel Curtis. So then first notice that each puzzlepiece has a large letter etched into it for the first, for your first clue, you must arrange thoseletters to make a single word. We call this the anagram clue. Second, assemble the pieces into a singlecomplete loop as described earlier. When you’ve done that, the edges of the pieces on the insideof the loop will form the outline of a picture, a silhouette, somefamiliar shape. Oh cool. Okay. We call this the pictureclue. Cool man.Ok. So put put yours back. We’ll work on this one cause I’m notreal good at spelling. We’re doing separate ones, come on. We’re not good with words. You do that one, I’ll do this. I’m going to go with… Ok, this iswhere I don’t get the… hold on. Should we assemble these little onesand we take them all apart and put a big, do a big one. Is that what it’s saying? No I don’t think it’s goingto spell like in order, “money” but I can see that that”money” is there and also it’s one of the things we have to figure out. I think this is all going to go togetherdifferently and not in an order that spells money whenyou look at it. Oh, okay. Well these pieces they fit.We’ll just keep going along with that idea. Wow. Okay. Never mind.I got mine. There it is. So, there’s “money” in there. So, okay,let’s move on to the next one here Dude and then see there’s a shape in themiddle. I don’t know what that is. Looks like some sort of beans orpeanuts, maybe. Maybe peanuts. I don’t know. Ooh,look at this. See this. This shape has a design on it. Is that supposed to be there? I don’t know, looks weird. If you look on some of these… hear now… look at this. This one here. So I putthis piece here. It doesn’t quite line up. Maybe it doesn’t actually, I wasthinking maybe that lined up better. It actually does. I think I got another one. I thinkI got another one. There it is. What the heck shape is this? What is that?It looks like a, one of… a cash register. It’s acash register from the side. See all the buttons sticking out. Okay.Yeah, I was thinking one of those, uh, like a compass or like adegree. Maybe like a square. I think cash register on that. Maybethis is some sort of like peanuts, cash register, some sort oflike grocery store thing. It’s the T I dunno. Trade me. Yeah, let’s go there

3d wooden puzzle brain teaser Yeah, let’s go there

3d wooden puzzle brain teaserYeah, let’s go there Okay. I got a weird shaped one on this. Yeah, there’s some little, it’s kind ofodd. There’s like a lot of ???? parts. [inaudible] parts kind of on that. I feel like mine is literallyjust making a puzzle piece. See, kind of thing. It does. It actually looks like it’s making ita puzzle piece. That’s funny. Okay. Ho ho. Look at this. Look it…got two feet, a little tail. It’s coming together here. Isee it. I see it. There it is. It is a pig. It is a pig. It is a pig. I’m telling you, man, grocery store and we’re getting, we’re getting somewhere here. Dude, what is this then? Peasor beans or something? Maybe peanuts. I don’t know.What if I turn it like this? Okay. Hold on. Hold on. Look at this. These ones have funky like edges on them. Give me the funky edgy one. Okay,fine. I’ll do the boring. …these ones. I can’t do these. This one is terrible.I tried this and it’s just does not Turkey. Turkey. There it is. Okay. Let’skeep rolling. This is fun. This is fun. I’m liking this. Okay. Screw thatone. Let’s leave that one to the side. Okay. Yeah. Turkey. Let’s see. The one to the little bit of likestuff in the inside is almost easier. Yeah, I can see some…like see again, fish man. It’s like some sort of food thing.There’s a, there’s a food theme here. Oh. Oh. Oh. Hold up. there it is,a gun. We’ve got a gun. Okay, so gun, turkey, pig,whatever the heck that is. Beans or… Cash register. Cash register. Some of them gotthis down arrow on them too. So we’ve got two left, two left.We’ve got the pig, the turkey, beans, a gun. A cash register. Hmm. This one’s weird. Idon’t know. This one’s weird. This is a really hard one. This,this one right here that you had before. Dude. A leg! A leg? A disembodied leg. Okay, let’s do that. We got onemore. We can do this. We can do this. What do you think here? Thisone’s really weird. I think if we pay attention to maybelike where… no, it can’t be that. This is something. Let’sseparate these two. Okay. Let’s put this one. Oh. Oh man. I like that. Try it in there. Uh…close…what does it almost looklike it’s making? It looks like it’s a puzzle piece, man.It does look like it’s a puzzle or a turkey. Is it like some sort of weird turkey… We already got a turkey. …like turkey uncooked? Where are you looking? You know, likea turkey with, the feathers all cut off and stuff. There you go. Try that one.Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. It is a puzzle piece! It is a puzzlepiece! Okay. Okay. Okay. So what do we have donenow on this? We’ve got first blah, blah, blah. I clearlyarrange… Should we start with the letters now? You must arrange thoseletters to form a single word. There’s a lot of stuff onhere. It keeps going. There is a lot of different things. We’ve gotthe whole back of this. So you know, I’m happy with where we got this. Thatwas awesome. There’s more to it. But that gives like, you know, the firststep. Cool. Whatever. These are cool. This is, this is a well thoughtout puzzle. I like this. Yeah. That was actually really good.Yeah. Fun, fun design. Well done. I think this, I think actuallythis is my favorite one so far. That’s been my favorite Pavel’s puzzle,so far. That’s our puzzles for today.

3d wooden puzzle brain teaserThat’s been my favorite Pavel’s puzzle,so far. That’s our puzzles for today. That’s our puzzles. I like that. I like that Pavel’s puzzle. It was really cool. Some fun ones by Philos…Philos.However you want to say them. So now YouTube. We always talkabout what’s happening on YouTube. Uh, one of the, one of my favorite videos I watched wasfrom Puzzle Guy earlier this week. He released one on the Vinco puzzle, Blesk. Ithink we’ve done… Have we done that one? Played with it? I played with thatone. Yeah. It’s like that one, like, it comes apart and you have to putit all together. Six pieces. No, it’s not that similar. It’ssimilar to that though. It’s got like six pieces and they allkind of like go together. Oh yeah. It’s the piece of likejust the wooden logs. Yeah. So there’s that and then he showsus some new Pelikan stuff. There’s some new Pelikan things that arecoming out in the next week here. So he kind of does a bit of that. Chris Ramsey talks about the Hip Flask,so he does a whole video on that. He has a sweet intro, with like whiskeyand he’s pouring it in and, and it’s good though. That HipFlask. When I saw the solution on Chris’svideo… It’s good. Pretty cool. It’s good. It’s good. You’re onthe right. Like, I mean, obviously it’s that mazein the middle. Yeah. Sequential thing. It’s just a kind of sequential discovery.Really cool. Chris loved it actually. I think it looked like… he had a,he had a good, uh, a good, um, good vibe for that one. Sothat was good. Mr Puzzle does Jigsaw 29. I thought he haddone it already. I guess he hadn’t. So Jigsaw 29 that YUu Asaka puzzle. Ifyou want to see Mr Puzzle’s take on it, he does a video on that. And thensomething fun that we did this week. So, last week actually, Aaron,Aaron shoots our solutions. He did a puzzle ASMR video, I didn’t know what that was until he did it. Automated something, some… So essentially essentially like whisper like this, play with sounds and like you clink the puzzle together. So it’dbe like that, right? So Aaron shot a video like that anASMR, we’re gonna play around with it. You know, he kinda does this wholething, but you have to check it out. ASMR puzzlereview, kind of, from Aaron. But there is legit guys thatdo this. So there is, uh, a guy came across called Ephemerol Rift. Now he doesn’t do any real great puzzles, but he does some differentstuff and he has a whole thing. If you find ASMR relaxingand helps put you to sleep, checkout Ephemeral Rift. He does ASMRpuzzle videos a bit. Who knows, maybe it’ll become a thing.Check it out. I don’t know. Okay. Not so much me, but I can see, I can seethe benefits of it being relaxing. You can watch him. That’s kindof soothing. Okay. Take away the stress of theday. Here’s some like, you know, puzzles are pretty likenoise noise related. Right? No? It doesn’t do it for you? Does it relax you? It’s soothing, you know, theytalk in a nice voice, but yeah. So thanks for watching. Thatwas a all we got for today. Check us out on Instagram,YouTube and Facebook. Always new stuff comingout there and um, yeah, solutions on the YouTube.Lots of solutions. Tony’s getting back todoing some reviews, after thecraziness of Christmas is passed. Even January, oh man,was nuts. People love puzzles. So yup. Yup. So keep watching. Check out more reviews by Tony.Thank you for watching Puzzle Time with Tony and Tyler. We really appreciate yourviewership.. all… however many of you there are. There isn’t a lot now.Couple hundred now. Yeah. Enjoy. I hope you enjoy it. Do you have moresuggestions of stuff we could shoot? Stuff you’d like to see. Give us ashout. Let us know. We’ve got the inside take on some of the Puzzle Master”sstuff that you won’t get anywhere else. So thank you for watchingand we’ll see you later.